Monday, 1 September 2008

Snapper by AudioEase - $79

Following on my post about AudioFile Engineering Wave Editor ... here's another bit of blinding OSX software which studio types should not be without. Snapper.

Again, as with Wave Editor - cheap considering the benefits - $79 - but this time Audio Ease (makers of the absolutely f*cking awesome Speaker Phone plug-in) give you a 100 day unrestricted evaluation demo. That's 3 months, no nag, complete use. I've had Snapper onboard for a while now and am not far off buying it.

What does it do? This is going to be really mundane ... in essence Snapper is a media player & sample editor embedded into the OSX Finder. Fascinating Dan! Told you, boring as hell on paper ... but go install it now, spend a few minutes digging around your audio archives and I bet you this application will change the way you use your sample library. Forever.

Was that 'forever' to much? Over played that end sentence. Anyway, click the link, watch the information video while you download the installer.

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elite force said...

Have been trialling this too mate, but not sure I'm that impressed as yet as it seems to crash/quit rather too often ... although that's probably more to do with the way I'm a browser-thug when it comes to auditioning audio.