Friday, 26 September 2008

Remix Radiohead's Reckoner

After the insane response they got from the Nude remix stems and the site that was dedicated to the remixes...
[Unique visitors: 6,193,776, Page Views: 29,090,134, Hits: 58,340,512, Bandwidth: 10.666 Terabytes, Number of mixes: 2,252, Number of votes: 461,090, Number of track listens: 1,745,304] ... Radiohead thought it only fair to do the same with a tune that at least is in 4/4 - and thus was born the Reckoner Remix project. You can get the stems (the different instruments/elements) from here (itunes)

Sample, cut, take the sounds, whatever. Play it in a club. Or your room. Then if you want you can upload your finished mixes to and be judged by everyone else.

To start things off they asked unknowns
James Holden and Diplo to do their versions.

So, if remixing be your ting, look no further & get cracking!

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