Monday, 31 January 2011

Looking Back - Going Forward : ACID

It goes without saying, that unmistakable sound is making a massive resurgence! ACID is back and sounding fresher than ever! Personally, I cant say it's ever been gone, but of late there's been a glut of massive Roland generated sickness. And there's no denying it's been of the highest quality, with some of the big names taking to their dusty 303's. Lets go back though to start...

My first recollection of acid was via a dusty 12" that nestled in my uncle's collection, being a rave enthusiast at the tender age of 13 in the early 90's (Nice one Unc'!), I never tired of scrolling through his gathered wax. I still have a mix tape with this taking pride of place on it, must dig it out and share, it contains acid of the highest calibre, just like this....

There are many praised acid champions out there, with the likes of Dexter...

DJ Pierre and Green Velvet...

And collaborations made in Roland heaven! Like Jesper Dahlback & Jori Hulkkonen!! Jack that @$&*$!!

But none, in my opinion, come close to the true kings of acid... Hardfloor. Having had the utmost satisfaction of witnessing sets from these guys over the years, not once have they disappointed. To do what they do was unfathomable to me, having sat with a 303 some years ago and giving up relatively quickly like a kid who'd been beaten by a rubix cube... much to my friends amusement. I must try it again now I'm more ofe with production tools, if I can find one that doesn't cost the earth!

They've made countless classics over the years, whether it be their original productions like Acperience, Murano, and my personal favourite...

... or they're remix duties, taking on seminal tracks like New Order's Blue Monday, Mory Kante's 'Yeke Yeke', Meat Katie's and the manifesto's Elite Force's 'Divine', which I cant find a video for to display the sheer class of it (Damn it!) I'll guess I'll have to flip the lid then and allow Elite Force to take us out with his tasteful and typically enigmatic revamp of their most notable classic, Acperience!


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

3 years of AUX - Remix competition

2010 was a big year for AUX, as they fully established themselves as a force to be reckoned with - in my top 3 labels of 2010 anyway!

Formed in April 2008 by Jonny Gough with an open minded view of music without boundaries, they always look to artists that push the limits of genre boundaries along with top notch production. The label also continually supports new artists which has earned them well deserved respect around the world, and long may they continue.

Releases lined up for 2011 include those from label stalwarts Jeroen Van Aken, Rektchordz and Hironimus Bosch as well as 2 huge releases for up and coming US producer Hunter Vaughan and Russian producer Bullione.

To Kick off AUX's 3rd birthday celebrations this year, they've decided to run their 1st ever remix competition. This is the perfect opportunity for all you ambitious producers out there, to get your work heard and maybe even released on AUX. It was important that to give everyone top quality parts to work with, so they sifted through their bulging back catalogue and pulled out Jeroen Van Aken's monster bass breaks thumper 'Switch The Flip'.
They are looking for at least 3 remixes of 'Switch The Flip' to go on the release, although if the quality of entries is high enough, then they reserve the right to release as many of them as we see fit!

The deadline for the competition is midnight on the 28th February which gives you approximately 5 weeks. There are no restrictions on style (within reason) and all genres will be considered, so long as they're aimed directly at the dance floor. They're looking for cutting edge, cross-over, original sounds with high production quality

The winning entries will of course have their remixes featured on the release and the top entry will also receive their pick of 3 titles from the AUX back catalogue. (Its all about the 3s this year!)

Entry Instructions:

1) Check out the original (if you haven't already heard it):

2) Download the Remix parts in WAV format:

3) Make an amazing remix in any dancefloor style

4) Create a 320Kbps MP3 of your finished remix, labeled: [Remix Comp]_Switch The Flip_[Artist Name remix]

5) Upload to our soundcloud dropbox:
no later than midnight on the 28th Feb 2011.

IMPORTANT INFO: Please do not post free downloads, previews or share links of your finished remixes before the competition is over. Either on Soundcloud or anywhere publicly on the web. Doing so could result in your remix being disqualified from the competition. All entries will be listened to and the winning entires will be included on the Remix release pack. We will inform the winners within a week of the deadline via email, so please do not send enquiries. If you don't hear back from us, then you have not been successful. We are happy to accept both mastered and un-mastered tracks. Entries will not be penalised if they're un-mastered and/or lower in volume compared to other entries. Quality of style and production can be heard regardless of mastering or volume maximisation processes.
Best of luck and we look forward to hearing your beats!

Here's a free (and very awesome) exclusive mix from new AUX signing Hunter Vaughan to enjoy in the meantime.

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Monday, 24 January 2011

Peo de Pitte - Mixtape & Single Jan 2011

Peo de Pitte is the man. Right now he is hotfire. In fact, he's Burning Up. See what we did there? 

Well this week sees the long-awaited release of his debut EP on U&A, featuring the sonic excellence of the boombastic 'Burning Up' and the sleazy electroid noodlings of 'Berlusconi'. With support coming in thick & fast from the likes of Crookers, Stantons, Orbital, Herve, Crystal Method, Lee Mortimer, Utah Saints, Plump DJs, Annie Nightingale, Eddy Temple-Morris & many more this is one to grab with both hands (as Berlusconi himself might say). Both of these drop today and are available for you to consume with desire from purveyors of the finest ear candy, BEATPORT.

To mark this auspicious release, Peo has been busy on the mixtape front & has put together a magnificent, genre-defying mish-mash of warehouse faves and bowel-shaking wobbles. Get some of this in yer ears ....

Congorock - Babylon [Peo de Pitte feat Chronz RD Remix]
Luisa Maita - Lero-Lero [Seiji Remix]
Daft Punk - Derezzed [Breakdown Remix]
Bart B More & Harvard Bass - Listen to this
Cantor & Peo de Pitte - Mo Fire
Will Bailey & Mikey Hook - Turn out the intro
Birdee - Shake it
Coldcut & Hexstatic - Timber [Seiji Remix]
DJ Jazzy Jeff - House of tribe [Kenny Dope Beats]
Arveene & Misk - Love & Lust [Tag Team Terror Remix]
Phantoms Revenge [Peo de Pitte Mashup Edit]
Zap! Pow! Die! - Bounce [Fuck this mix]
Peo de Pitte - Berlusconi
Tony Senghore - If you came here [Peo de Pitte Remix]
Haggstrom feat. Terri Walker - Be my baby [Peo de Pitte 2010 Remix Edit]
Sonic C - Stickin'
Heavyfeet ft. Kovas - We came to party [Tom Stephan Remix]
Ciara - Deuces [NGUZUNGUZU Remix]
Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Death suite [DJ Mehdi Simple Acid Edit]
Deadmau5 - Cthulhu Sleeps
Peo de Pitte - Burning up
James Yuill - This sweet love [Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit]

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Loops Of Fury Set @ Blah Blah Blah Festival

Blah blah blahdy hell!! This set is heavy! Proof that the boys can carry themselves behind the desk as well as the studio gear. Get it in your ears!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hedflux - January Mix 2011

Hedflux (aka Steve Young) really flew last year. With remixes for U&A and Lot49 and massive selling 'Mindcell' single for Broken Robot, he has grabbed the tech-breaks sound and thrust it into a new era. His productions are detailed, precise, hi-tek but always groove-infused and cheese-free ... all hugely virtuous factors that give the breaks movement many reasons to be cheerful in 2011.

As he heads out to Australia for a major tour this month, he's just dropped a fine one-hour promo mix that features a handful of upcoming gems. He also has a brand new single out on Broken Robot & it hits Beatport today RIGHT HERE. Get it now!

1. BSD - Elektro Life [Mental Machine Musik]
2. Triple Agent - Explorer (Bad Tango remix) [Logariddim]
3. Hedflux - Rhythm Prism [Broken Robot]
4. Mike Hulme - Set the Controls (Hedflux Remix) [U&A]
5. Neurodriver - Snake Charmer (LuQas remix) [Broken Robot]
6. Hedflux - Revolve [Broken Robot]
7. Neurodriver - Battledroid [Broken Robot]
8. Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes - Rollplayer (Hedflux remix) [Lot49]
9. Big Mistake - Paradigma (Bad Tango remix) [Exogenic]
10. Monk3ylogic - Basseffex (Hedflux remix) [Liquid Records]

Monday, 10 January 2011

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Darth & Vader

It's great to come across an up and coming group, that feeling of discovery. Today I've found it in the form of the superbly titled Darth & Vader. Electro is a little on the stale side nowadays and whilst still somewhat popul. It's not the beast it used to be. However - it's so pleasing to see some producers working overtime to keep it alive with some fresh dirt. Darth & Vader are some of these producers.

They've just released their remix of Freefire's Dataloss on Plasmapool and I tell you what, it's a banger. Just check their Soundcloud; but that's not all!

Having seen A-Trak live a few days ago at Summafieldayze, he dropped his popular Duck Sauce track Barbra Streisand and it went off but these guys have thrown up a remix that is bigger than the original. Sorry Helden and A-Trak, you guys did have a catchy tune but the dark side of the force has smashed the original. 320 is below. Happy New Year!

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Darth & Vader Remix) by Darth & Vader

Download Link: Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Darth & Vader Remix) [320k]

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Label - Death Proof Recordings & Free Download

What started as idle talk amongst friends, quickly turned into a promising collaboration. With the broadest of mind sets, encompassing many genres, a new label's been born in Death Proof Recordings.

Home to the ever-present tech maestro Benjamin Vial, Basement-dwelling, techno fiends The Omega Men & Machine Electrique and new wonky kids on the block Creatures Of Habit, they'll also be bringing you fresh-off-the-plate producers and stalwarts of the Techno, Electro & Breaks scenes and beyond.

To celebrate the launch of Death Proof Recordings, Benjamin Vial has been kind enough to put his party-fuelled production skills to a cheeky bootleg of the highest order. Taking Beastie Boys' nutty 1986 release, 'Girls'. He's placed a rolling, bouncy, tech-laden beat underneath and chomped those famous vocals and samples to pieces. And if that aint enough, it's free! Please help yourselves and show some love. MAKE IT DEATH PROOF!