Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Butter Party - Revolver DJ Set (Nov '09)

Here we have a Butter Party mix, which is actually a re-recording of a 2-hour Butter Party set from a late 09 Revolver gig (w/Loops of Fury & Wongo) which in Butters' own words "includes some of the more... "honest" mixes". It may not be completely, er...'like butta" the entire way through, but nonetheless, a massive toast from TFM to Butter Party for the mix.

01. Deadmau5 - Dr. Funkenstein (Zoltan Kontes & Jerome Robins Remix)
02. Butter Party - Mischief (KALVA&CL!K Remix)
03. Dj Denise, Drc - Hearsay (Stupid Fresh Dub)
04. The Doxis, Plumo - Nordlicht (Jelo Mix)
05. Lazy Jay - Float my Boat (Moguai Remix)
06. Tim Healey, Felguk - Rio (Original Mix)
07. Francis Preve, Wolfgang Gartner - Yin (Original Mix)
08. Mike Hulme - 100mg (Stupid Fresh Remix)
09. Tocadisco - Dr Moog (Original Mix)
10. Loco & Jam - Medusa (Original Mix)
11. Spektre - Vertigo (Original Mix)
12. Bryan Jones - Space Cake (Lee Mortimer Remix)
13. Kid Blue - The Drop (Kid Blue Remix)
14. Stupid Fresh - Grip Yourself (Original Mix)
15. Magik Johnson - The Boy Blew (Calvertron Remix)
16. Indo - R U Sleeping (Pablo Decoder Remix)
17. Dirty Funker - Cyanide (Pablo Decoder Remix)
18. Redux - Acid Bomb (Original Mix)
19. Benjamin Vial - Never Look Back (HiPopulation Remix)
20. Edu K - Raver Lovin feat. MC Gaff E (Nadastrom Remix)
21. Klaus Hill - Dirt Diver (Original Mix)
22. Doogie Houser - Schnazzty Junk (Stupid Fresh Remix)
23. Klaus Hill - Slickestrated (Original Mix)
24. Eargasm - Everybody Dance (Original Mix)
25. Sharooz - Get Off (Original Mix)

Butter Party - Revolver DJ Set

Lee Coombs - Light & Dark Remix Album & July Promo Mix

After lighting up the techfunk scene once more with an awe-inspiring album, being 'Light & Dark' Lot49 & Lee have decided to collate the amazing remixes that were involved throughout the single releases into one amazing package.

With the elite of the production circles and the neoteric that are making quick in-roads to their respective scenes involved. Including Zodiac Cartel, Meat Katie, Maelstrom, Rogue Element, The Dolphins, 10 Rapid, Dopamine, Atomic Drop, Neurodriver, Trent Cantrelle, Access Denied, The Omega Men, Burufunk, Les Architects, this wasn't a package to be sniffed at. Encompassing the varied sounds that Lot49 are famed for.


Typically though, Lee doesn't do things by half and has kindly put together a mix of all his dancefloor destroyer's that have been following him around lately, check it....


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Santiago & Bushido – All That I Can Say (FREE 320)

Disco Of Doom - Close Your Eyes Refix [Free 320]

Heavy hittin duo, Disco Of Doom, have churned out a refix of the classic Acen cut 'Close Your Eyes' and it's already gettin' some major plays. Their 'Got More Bass' rub is electro wobble for the new age of rave and is here for the download.


Acen - Close Your Eyes - Disco Of Doom Got More Bass Refix

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Neurodriver - Live DJ Set in Croatia (May '10)

In the summer of 2009, an unnamed scientist working in a dark lab in Southern England stumbled upon a new sonic protocol. Unlike any protocol before, it possessed the ability to transcend the barrier between man and machine, quickly infecting all who were exposed to it. Thus, it was named Neurodriver. Early attempts to isolate Neurodriver failed, and it quickly spread through the consciousness of human beings, aided by the world wide web. It is believed that the protocol contains neural code akin to a computer virus, although its purpose is unknown at this time.


Neurodriver - live dj set - Pistolero - AKC Medika Zagreb 14-05-2010 by pistolerobreaks


Monday, 19 July 2010

Loops of Fury - Rules Don't Stop Me [FREE 320]

With a brand new single 'Rack Em' about to drop on U&A, our Brisbane brethren The Loops of Fury have found time to put together the second in their 'Re-Fix' series having smashed Kasabian into next week on the first. This hi-spec mashup features a wealth of bits & pieces that you may or may not recognize and goes under the name 'Rules Don't Stop Me'.

You can grab the FREE 320 right here, upfront, from the Manifesto :)

Bitrok - 'Technology Lies' DJ Mix & Mike Snow Vs Crookers Bootleg (320)

Aussie duo Bitrok have made some great tech-funk noises over the past few years, and have recently and voluntarily been locked away in the studio for a well over a year, writing their first studio album 'Smoke&Mirrors'. To get an upfront sample of what to expect, check out the album on their website >

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Elite Force - Law of Life (Nom De Strip Mix) [VIDEO]

Just put this video together from footage taken on a recent trip out to China & Hong Kong. As ever, good times were had out in the Far East with special BIG THANK YOU to my China Stylus crew for the grand hospitality (as ever!). The soundtrack is the Nom De Strip remix of 'Law of Life' which is out now exclusively at BEATPORT.

Remixes also come from the twisted minds of The Loops of Fury and Access Denied, both of which I'd urge you to check out on Soundcloud if you have the slightest doubt about adding them to your sonic weaponary :)

Law Of Life (Loops Of Fury Remix) TASTER by Elite Force

Law Of Life (Access Denied remix) TASTER by Elite Force


Monday, 5 July 2010

Ian Brown & Dirty Goods - The Omega Men remixes

After taking Lot49 by storm with their first releases, 'Gus's Pickles' and their remix of Lee Coombs' 'Punji'. The lads hit the remix tip once again on a grand scale, taking on Ian Brown's seminal F.E.A.R. and a band from their locality making big names for themselves at the moment, Dirty Goods. And an added bonus, both are downloadable. Bingo!



Friday, 2 July 2010

Elite Force - Pantheon / Afterlife Promo DJ Mix (July 2010)

I have two XXL shows coming up next weekend in the US. On Friday 9th July there is a HUGE party being held in San Francisco as a benefit for the 2010 Burning Man Temple :: The Temple of Flux (CHECK THE DESIGN HERE - going to be incredible!)