Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Elite Force - Early Years (Remixes)


Elite Force - The Early Years (Remixes) [Heavy Feet, Autophase, Gella & Core Overload Mixes]

OUT NOW :: Exclusively at Beatport


The end is nigh for the Re:Vision series, and it's been a pleasure to showcase a whole bunch of classy talent this year, from Miles Dyson to Bearweasel & from Riva Starr to Broombeck, there's been something for everyone in these packages.

On this final installment, we feature mixes from a myriad of up & coming talent. First up are Heavy Feet who have broken through in the the big-league fidgsters this year with some high performing remixes. Favouring a twisted, roughneck approach to the world of JACK, these guys will knock you sideways with their bumping re-work of 8-year old classic 'Here Come The Flow'. We then serve up a driving technoid missive from Northern newcomers Autophase, who have already set numerous DJ charts & dancefloor alight this year with their serious, heads down, bubbling techno. Here they stare down the 6-year old epic, 'Krushyn 4', the original of which was licensed by James Zabiela & played by DJs all over the world.

Next up is Gella who ventures down the kind of dark alleys favoured by recent Bassbin Twins works, and he nails 'Here Come the Flow' perfectly with a snaking, imaginative breakbeat re-take, the kind of which the scene has been crying out for. Last but by no means least we also serve up a raucous, techy remake of 'Reclaim the Airwaves' from the twisted mind of 'Core Overload', whose recent output has found favour with the likes of Marine Parade amongst others, and you can see why with this pHat, chunky and compulsive mix.

Much more to come in the New Year with fresh trax, new productions & much more.

Have a great Xmas y'all,


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Feed Your Head : DO IT NOW

More sonic appetisers for you as today we serve up a sneaky preview of the forthcoming Elite Force remix of Rektchordz's 'Feed Your Head', due to drop on U&A in January. A savage slab of techno-breaks, this one has been decimating dancefloors over the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Stakker & Worthy Vandalise Lot49!

A flurry of pre-Xmas promos have been jamming up the mailbox this week, and when three of my favourite producers come together on one package, you know you're in for something special. Alongside Vandal's own more breaksy offerings are these blinding remixes from Worthy and my personal fave, Rudi Stakker who serves up a blinding percussive technoid workout with LOADS of gratuitous swearing.


Friday, 12 December 2008

Death Kit - Echoes in My Head (Zodiac Cartel Mix)

They've only gone & done it again ... another t.a.s.t.y. preview of some forthcoming Zodiac Cartel shiz for you - set to drop early next year on Lot49.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Bao's New Bombz


1. Mistah Fab - That Thang - Up All Nite Music
2. King Tutt & The Chavy Boys - George’s Groove - Unruly
3. Baobinga - State Of Ghetto Jackin (Dave Nada RMX) - Trouble & Bass
4. The Body Snatchers - I Like What I See (HiJack RMX) - Passenger DUB
5. Madox - Duckalicious (Baobinga’s Thugalicious RMX) - Mantra DUB
6. The Body Snatchers - Club Beat International - Passenger DUB
7. Gella ft. MC Spyda - Twinkle (Baobinga & I.D. RMX) - Fat! DUB
8. King Tutt & The Chavy Boys - Sets Up - Unruly
9. Stanton Warriors - Blaze (Baobinga & I.D. RMX) - Punks
10. The Count & Sinden ft. Rye Rye - Hardcore Girls (Heavy Feet’s Unreleased RMX) - DUB
11. Rob Le Pitch - Sticky Fingers (Baobinga & I.D. RMX) - 777
12. Baobinga - Make It Drop - DUB
13. Drop The Lime - I Love NY (Baobinga’s Fuck Up Like Woah RMX) - Trouble & Bass
14. Baobinga & I.D. - What I Need - Vertical Sound
15. Reso & I.D. - Shifty - C.I.V.I.L. Music DUB
16. Baobinga - State Of Ghetto Jackin (TRG RMX) - Trouble & Bass
17. DJ Absurd vs Mavado - Weh Dem A Do (DJ Absurd Niche 4 Life RMX) - Boot & Leg
18. The Body Snatchers - I Like What I See (Joker RMX)- Passenger DUB
19. Buraka Som Sistema & Diplo - Um Milhao - Hollertronix / Mad Decent
20. 2nd II None - Custard Pie - Heavy Artillery DUB
21. Baobinga & I.D. - South Manchester Weather (I.D. RMX) - Fat!

Monday, 8 December 2008

An Audience with ... Pablo Decoder

TFM and Adan recently caught up with the quickly rising and already prolific tech funk producer, Pablo Decoder. Even after a long day in the studio, in the late hours of the a.m. Pablo was kind enough to answer a few questions and allow a closer look at the inner workings of what clearly seems set to be a future trendsetter in the electronic community at large. Pablo’s also offering one of his mashups gratis – the link is available beneath the interview.

Q - Ok, let’s get the obligatory question out of the way first - what are some of your influences, or what sound has been influencing you recently?

I have always been influenced by alternative and psychedelic music. Artists that influenced me in the past could be Iggy Pop and The Stooges, The Beatles and The Doors. Now I listen to dirty and bangin electro and techno since I started producing electro music about 3years ago. Still liking some Alt music but there aren’t enough good acts out there anymore. Maybe that’s why I am doing THE DEATH KIT - it’s my Alternative take on electro and pop music.

I ‘m very into all the LOT49 artists, the label I’m also signed to…

Top producers: Dylan Rhymes, The Rogue Element, Zodiac Cartel, Alex Metric and Blende (who’s also my THE DEATH KIT partner).

Q - What would you consider your main motivation, or initial inspiration for producing tracks?

My parents used to play me all sorts of records when I was a child…even before I was born, apparently. My dad used to play me tunes he loved and I think that got me into music - and I can’t ever stop thinking of melodies, beats or lyrics. They were musicians and had bands when they were younger. They were also in the music biz when I was born and I used to make some cash working for my dad as a sound engineer since the age of 12 as he taught me a bit on how to use a mixer, compressors, etc…

I was listening to Kraftwerk, The Beatles and The Cure when I was 5...then discovered grunge and indie music…and at the age of 16 started liking house and all sorts of electro.

Q - Would you describe for us the recording / production setup you're currently using?

I use Logic 8 and a bunch of plugins…loving the ROB PAPEN Predator soft synth and Kontakt 3.

Q - Recent favourite or most used piece of hardware/software?

Waves Gold Bundle plugins.

Q - Any personal favourite or standout original or remix track you've worked on to date?

I have just done an awesome mix of a classic tune called 'R U SLEEPING ' by INDO...it’s getting released again in FEBRUARY on AZULI RECORDS. It'll be available on vinyl and digitally. You can preview it on my MySpace: WWW.MYSPACE.COM/PABLODECODER

Also a mix I’ve done as THE DEATH KIT of latest THE WHIP single called 'FIRE'. Hopefully be out on SOUTHERN FRIED soon.

Q - If you could collaborate on a project with any one producer, who would it be?

It would def be either DAFT PUNK or DEADMAU5.

Q - Can you give us the lowdown on upcoming releases, remixes, any dj'ing schedule?

I am releasing a few singles and 2 EPs soon. They’ll all be available on BEATPORT.com. These are the dates and labels:













And a few more remixes and singles...And currently working on a THE DEATH KIT album and working on THE DEATH KIT future live performances with a drummer and a great synth player/producer from MELBOURNE named GLOBAL WARNING.

Q - Favourite adult beverage?

Any British ale, preferably HARVEYS (Lewes' finest).

Q - It's five a.m. and you're en route to the afterhours...what song is playing in your head or through the speakers?

Def my MASH UP!! Bangin record I’ll be playing a lot and hopefully loads of other djs will too. Also could be any BASSEMENT JAXX or Chemical Brothers record.

DISCOTECH by PABLO DECODER mash up: http://www.sendspace.com/file/d9larz

Tim Healey Ft TC - Out of Control

Artist: Tim Healey Ft TC
Release: Out Of Control w/Rmxs
Label: Big & Dirty
Release Date: 12.23.08

The Out Of Control release is a robust one for sure, chock full of slightly differing variations to suit any number of tastes. The Original is a cheekily sounding vocal – TC turns a sick verse and hook over an electro breaks tune that oozes cool at every sleazy turn. Ladies and the shutter vision prone club sets are going to love this one. The Grum and Lazy Jay remixes along with the radio option are entirely capable in their own rights, and serve up renditions that will tickle others’ fancies nicely. And the entire package is impressively produced considering the diversity of the sounds. But it’s the Dub and the Pablo Decoder Superior Mix that are more suited towards my floors, and as such, capture my attention the most.

The Dub strips the vocals and lets the filth shine through - wait, can filth actually shine? In any case, this is the one completely suited for floors that shy away from vocals. Or for the jocks who enjoy the option of dropping any number of acapellas atop tracks. The bass is big and indeterminately effected and mistreated. Tim ably takes Garage elements and distorts them into an up to the minute Ghetto Electro sound.

The Pablo Decoder mix is a storming four banger that takes the latent sexiness of the Original into darker territory, twisting the melody and stuttering the vocals into an electro tech houser that’s well suited for the 6am devoted. Totally up my alley, tipping refuse bins and exuding a slight aura of stank and bravado. Between the front and center bassline and the huge breakdown, there’s little room for rest while this one is playing.

The Original has been sampled instead of the Dub as it’s easier to imagine a dub of a vocal track rather than vice versa. And the Original is completely deserving of a listen as well.

Out Of Control - Pablo Decoder Superior Mix



Friday, 5 December 2008

Santiago Mix 4 November

Track List

01 Kandei - Die Graue Herrin [diskomafia]
02 Bingo Players - Get Up [Secure]
03 Hatiras - SpeakerHumper [Hatrax]
04 Dave Spoon - Gas Face (Lee Mortimer Remix) [Toolroom]
05 John Starlight - Road Rage (Popof Remix) [Cocoon]
06 D Ramirez - Shield (Ramirez B Movie Remix) [Azuli]
07 DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta - Elektriko [Funkatronic]
08 Kelevra & Nathan Boon Ft Ackshon - Like To Freak [Potty Mouth]
09 Armand van Helden - Shake That Ass (Mowgli Remix) [Southern Fried]
10 The Bulgarian - Air Bounce [Potty Mouth]
11 Frew - I Got Something (Adam Bozzetto Rmx) [Vacation]
12 Nick Supply & NFA - She Rock n Roll (Frew Remix) [Vacation]
13 Twocker - Stitch (Bass Kleph Remix) [Vacation]
14 Beep - Pastafari (Kelevra Remix) [Promo Records]
15 Breakdown - Team Axel (Will Bailey Remix) [Promo Records]
16 Tittsworth - WTF (Nadastrom On Drugs Remix) [Plant Music]
17 Crookers - Embrace the Martian (Round Table Knights Rmx) [Southern Fried]


Thursday, 4 December 2008

An interview with Elite Force

Firstly thanks for taking the time out to answer some of our questions.

Mon plaisir.

As someone who's widely regarded as being one of the pioneers of the tech-funk sound, what music do you think influenced you growing up and what inspired you to begin DJing/Producing?

A whole wealth of musical styles really - I've always been a magpie when it comes to music, and that's probably influenced my complete reluctance to be too purist about what I now do. So many different styles offer differing things at different moments, whether it be an air of complete suspension & serenity in a piece by Arvo Part, a monged out slice of tracky dancefloor bliss like Beltram's Energy Flash, a vigorous & challenging musical interplay like Miles Davis, an infectious slice of low-fi nursery rhyme simplicity from someone like Pavement, political polemic with a gritty sonic backfrop from Consolidated or Public Enemy, the visceral thrill of stage-diving to Metallica's 'Whiplash' .... and so the list goes on!

How would you describe your sound to someone who's never heard it before and how would you make it clear to them that it's blatantly one of the best forms of dance music?

Ha. Well, in my experience it's always difficult to explain one medium's qualities through another, but from a DJ perspective, the main 'ethos' or philosophy behind tech-funk is that it is a loose amalgamation of the very best components of electro, house, techno and breaks, thrown together with intense enthusiasm and joie de vivre :)

The genre of Breaks has moved from the original "nu skool" of the late 90's, to the massive plethora of sub genres that we see today. In terms of creativity and musical development, where do you see it moving in the next few years?

Well I hope that it will continue to move forward if nothing else. In the past couple of years I think it's suffered a little from an overly analytical approach to it's own shortcomings, and many producers seem to have moved away into throwing cheap breaks under classic house tracks as a shortcut to the floor. I've always like the eclecticism that 'breaks' brought to the floor, and particularly the open-mindedness of the audiences in a way that couldnt' always be attributed to the 'house set' or whoever, and it seems odd that a lot of the more purist-minded amongst the scene, seem intent on removing that great asset.

Tayo recently debuted 'Dark & Deep', a brand-new, and particularly kick-ass, collaborative effort between yourself and Meat Katie on Radio 1 - can we expect a release any time soon and are there any more collaborations in the works that we can look forward to?

Yep, this is coming out on U&A (my label) in January, with a proper belter of a remix from Hyperion, a shit-hot up & coming duo from Brisbane, Australia.

Now that consumers have a number of viable options for purchasing and downloading music legally from the internet (through channels such as iTunes etc), how do you feel about the state of the (less mainstream) music industry at the moment? Are things getting better or is a combination of Torrents and the Credit Crunch going to bring things crashing down?

I can't pretend it's not been a massive issue. Record sales used to be a significant chunk of one's annual income, and that's rapidly been eroded over the past couple of years. The industry only has itself to blame though to be honest - they were far too slow & reactive when it came to the digital domain, and they've been paying the price as a result. Part of the problem we have now is that when people start perceiving it as their right to own something for nothing, it's very hard to then win the argument as to why they should pay for it - and ultimately it comes down to a matter of conscience really. I'd like to see a model whereby ISP's are much more involved in tracking individual file movements and automatically billing people a small amount per download - that way file sharing would overnight become the artist's best friend.

As the battle of CD vs Vinyl vs MP3 rages on (often to the point of boredom, these days) and as someone who's renowned for his technical mastery of the art of DJing, where do you stand on incorporating different mediums into your sets?

I'm not sure it does rage on any more to be honest. I know you'll see the odd tired old thread trotted out on a forum here & there, but what most people want when they go clubbing is a some passion from their DJ, regardless of what medium they're using. I'd rather not use a laptop in any way because I find it interferes too much with what's going on in the booth - the other day I had a guy spend the last 25 minutes of my set elbowing me out of the way and plugging things in & out of the mixer to get himself set up, and I think that looks amateurish and is a massive nuisance ... just start with a CD & then sort yourselves out if you have to use a laptop!

You've been responsible for some fantastic remixes over the years, your re-rub of "Dopamine - Ah Baby" being a personal favourite of mine. How do you approach a remix project such as this?

Well with that one, I had very very little to work with so I spent a lot of time creating new parts from the few things I was given and then working them into my own rhythmic framework for the mix. Normally I listen to the original once when I'm agreeing the mix, and after that, I tend not to listen to it at all so I can be completely focused on the raw materials and hopefully come up with something that's very much got my own hallmark sound to it.

Finally, what does 2009 hold for Elite Force?

2008's been a great year for me .... insanely busy running my label and doing all sorts of other side projects as well as DJaying all over the place, and I suspect next year will be no different!

Thanks for your time...

Questions posed by Phil Buckland. Elite Force plays Plug & Play in Reading 12/Dec with 30Hz & others.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Zodiac Cartel : December '08 Mix

It's been a while coming, but worth the wait I'm sure you'll agree. Manifesto faves the Zodiac Cartel have finally delivered a cracking DJ mix to us (after months of pestering), and it's a little belter. A few exclusives in there, you can download from the following sources....



Zodiac Cartel DJ Mix (Dec '08)

01 Zodiac Cartel - Klappyn
02 FCB Vs Hijack - Modern Party People Mashup
03 DJ Fame - For The People (Santiago & Bushido Mix)
04 Christian Hoff - Jive Bomb
05 Death Kit - Echoes In My Head (Zodiac Cartel Mix)
06 Rainer Weichold - Bamboo (Format B Mix) /
Foamo - Moving It Over Here (Stupid Fresh Mix)
07 Christian Smith & John Selway - Updraft
08 Idiotproof - Gorilla
09 Troyden - Flowers (Santiago & Bushido Mix)
10 Uberzone & Lee Coombs - Right Now
11 Fukk Off - Rave is King (Zodiac Cartel Mix)
12 Various - The Magik Blood Mashup
13 Zodiac Cartel - Mojo Filter
14 Groove Allegiance - Ramp It Up (Hijack Mix)
15 Moston & Malente - Fucked Up (Stupid Fresh Mix)