Monday, 8 December 2008

Tim Healey Ft TC - Out of Control

Artist: Tim Healey Ft TC
Release: Out Of Control w/Rmxs
Label: Big & Dirty
Release Date: 12.23.08

The Out Of Control release is a robust one for sure, chock full of slightly differing variations to suit any number of tastes. The Original is a cheekily sounding vocal – TC turns a sick verse and hook over an electro breaks tune that oozes cool at every sleazy turn. Ladies and the shutter vision prone club sets are going to love this one. The Grum and Lazy Jay remixes along with the radio option are entirely capable in their own rights, and serve up renditions that will tickle others’ fancies nicely. And the entire package is impressively produced considering the diversity of the sounds. But it’s the Dub and the Pablo Decoder Superior Mix that are more suited towards my floors, and as such, capture my attention the most.

The Dub strips the vocals and lets the filth shine through - wait, can filth actually shine? In any case, this is the one completely suited for floors that shy away from vocals. Or for the jocks who enjoy the option of dropping any number of acapellas atop tracks. The bass is big and indeterminately effected and mistreated. Tim ably takes Garage elements and distorts them into an up to the minute Ghetto Electro sound.

The Pablo Decoder mix is a storming four banger that takes the latent sexiness of the Original into darker territory, twisting the melody and stuttering the vocals into an electro tech houser that’s well suited for the 6am devoted. Totally up my alley, tipping refuse bins and exuding a slight aura of stank and bravado. Between the front and center bassline and the huge breakdown, there’s little room for rest while this one is playing.

The Original has been sampled instead of the Dub as it’s easier to imagine a dub of a vocal track rather than vice versa. And the Original is completely deserving of a listen as well.

Out Of Control - Pablo Decoder Superior Mix

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