Sunday, 30 May 2010

Looking Back > Going Forward #4 - Moderat

A column by Paul Blandford.

Apologies for the tardiness, it would seem that I haven't done a column in quite a while, due to the fact another little bundle of joy has entered my life... meaning 3 women in my house now!

Having been a fan of both these next artists for a long time I thought the next instalment of the column would be an ode to 2 (3 if you include their recent collaboration!) of the most pioneering acts in electronic music at the moment. Modeselektor & Apparat.. otherwise known as Moderat.

I remember my first introduction to Modeselektor. T'was Elite Force's maiden visit to my club night SUMO in Cardiff, and with it he brought a true behemoth of a tune, so much so that I discreetly pestered him for what was then to be one of my most played tracks to date. Followers of the Manifesto, I give you 'Kill Bill Vol.4'... brace yourselves.

Their basslines are second to none and every track oozes dancefloor fodder, generating techno, dubstep, electro and even more leftfield textures, their sound is unsurpassable yet always immediately known to the ear once you hear something new from them... simply because no one else makes music quite like them. I...M...O.

Apparat's arrival however, was a tad late for me. Which I didn't mind because the amount of music that was to follow was nothing short of mesmerising. The soundscapes and melodies this man generates are quite spectacular, think of him as the bastard child of a menage et trois with Sigur Ros, Royksopp and Bjork.

Having collaborated with one of the true techno femme fatale's, Ellen Allien, I soon learn't that this man has so much to offer, always holding that superbly constructed sound. Which was recognised by none other than John Peel. But by far and away, the main highlight of these 2 acts, is their exquisite collaboration, in the shape of Moderat. You only have to take a listen to the 1st track on the album, 'A New Error' to appreciate where your about to be taken, a moody trip through some of the most awe-inspiring electronic music you are likely to hear.

It's quite hard to put them up against another act as what you are likely to hear is so original, this is only confirmed when they take this live, it quite simply takes your breath away, well mine anyway.
So many acollades have followed their amalgamation, and none more so than recently receiving an award from the Beatport Music Awards for their track 'Porc 2'... you can understand why.

Now with a busy summer ahead of them with another European tour, things are certainly looking up for what I believe are the next big name to come out of the underground scene... but who's to say they haven't already... I certainly wouldn't.


'til next time. x

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Karton :: Free 320 & pHat fresh DJ Mix

Karton have just released their first single off their new album 'For All Seasons' (Sound Of Habib), titled 'We Bleed'. And they gotta be feeling pretty good about it because they're just giving away the Original mix. Being the generous sort, they've even linked us a mix with a dizzying number of tracks, including a few TFM favourites.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Underworld - Alphabet [VIDEO]

The Forecast :: Tech-Funk-Trax (003)

The Forecast #003
compiled by Adan

2500 tracks and counting, and overwhelming is an apt description of trying to sort through the pile. The true tech funk gems are a little further between than they should be, as it seems that the broad definition is sometimes being stretched far too thin. I mean, come on, new wave ambient hip hop hardstyle? Between that and the ever widening disparity of mix to track ratio, finding the tracks that hit the right notes is a nice surprise. Obviously this is just a handful of the abundance of quality that can still be heard in the group, and these are only a few of the tunes that pique my ear at three a.m., with the coffee and nicotine largely in control of the pace. As always, contribution to the group and getting in touch with new tunes is highly encouraged.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Bulgarian - Noisia Alpha Cetauri Free Download.

To celebrate the launch of The Bulgarian's new website he has decided to give away a free 320 bootleg of his dance floor fix of Noisia's filthy anthem, Alfa Centurai. He's also got a new dj mix for download here

10 Rapid 'Not Everything Sounds The Same'

10 Rapid has just released 'Not Everything Sounds The Same' on Exceptional, listed under the broad Indie Dance/Nu Disco genre lumping, but sounding more like tough and somewhat experimental breakbeat. This is good stuff, with a generous dose of acid and disco to fit nicely between a number of stylings. To help promote the release, 10 Rapid has mixed up a new DJ set, which we have here for ya.

1. Les petits Pilous - Bielle (Boys Noize Records)
2. Two Door Cinema Club - Something good can work (Beataucue remix) (CDR)
3. Tommie Sunshine - 5am (A girl i like you) (Audiofun remix) (CDR)
4. Boys Noize - Sweet Light (Boris Dlugosch Remix) (Boys Noize Records)
5. 10 Rapid - Not everything Sounds The same (Exceptional Records)
6. Futureheads - Heartbeat (Black Noise Remix) (CDR)
7. Herve - Hot Drum Attack (Cheap Thrills)
8. Mom & Dad - Judas (Dem Slackers remix)
9. Crookers feat Soulwax & Mixhell - We Love Animals (Keith & Superbeatz remix) (Southern Fried)
10. Robbie Williams - Difficult for weirdos (Crookers Remix) (CDR)
11. Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - Lemonade (Phantasy)
12. 10 Rapid - Help will come (Exceptional records)
13.Hey Today - Talk to me (Turbo)
14. Moby - Wait For me - (Laidback Luke remix) (CDR)
15. Motorpitch Beware - Pororoca (Zombies for cash remix) (CDR)
16 . Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity (Virgin)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

[VIDEO - HD] Elite Force @ Nouveau Casino, Paris [22/05-10]

[UP & COMING] Bacich :: DJ Mix

Bacich (Basitch) is an up-n-comer tech-funker from Perth, Australia (home of the infamous Breakfest). The main attraction that drew him into the tech-funk scene was the forward thinking attitude that encourages an eclectic approach towards dance music, adding another dimension of creativity that the DJ can use to his/her advantage in the quest for a sound that is somewhat unique in the never-ending sea of DJs.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Kasabian Vs The Loops of Fury [FREE 320]

Blog faves The Loops of Fury are back on the Manifesto just upfront of their forthcoming summer in the UK, and they're dropping a wicked FREE 320 on yo ass. This complete re-make of Kasabian's 'Underdog' has been a red-hot live track from the Brisbane pair since they first penned it for their live sets ... and now we're cutting it loose for your own use :)

We've also had a tweak of the widget technology too which now offers up the download with a try-before-you-(er-)get-something-for-nothing or preview pane for you to check out first (which should stop the bleating curmudgens from whining for another week or two). Banging track, & another surefire winner from the Loops of Fury.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Vandal :: Thrasher EP & DJ Mix

Vandal brings the goods again on Lot49 with a three track EP aptly titled Thrasher. As tough and genre hopping as one would expect, and the twists are dark and distorted for maximum damage. Check the release and make sure to grab the new DJ mix from the link below.

Chemical Brothers - Swoon