Friday, 28 May 2010

The Forecast :: Tech-Funk-Trax (003)

The Forecast #003
compiled by Adan

2500 tracks and counting, and overwhelming is an apt description of trying to sort through the pile. The true tech funk gems are a little further between than they should be, as it seems that the broad definition is sometimes being stretched far too thin. I mean, come on, new wave ambient hip hop hardstyle? Between that and the ever widening disparity of mix to track ratio, finding the tracks that hit the right notes is a nice surprise. Obviously this is just a handful of the abundance of quality that can still be heard in the group, and these are only a few of the tunes that pique my ear at three a.m., with the coffee and nicotine largely in control of the pace. As always, contribution to the group and getting in touch with new tunes is highly encouraged.

The Juno Dream gets listed as Electro Minimal, which may be valid, and it does take a couple of minutes to pass the minimal portion, but when it does it’s stripped down crazy shit that I’d definitely drop in heavier sets. Nice one Amartins.

The juno dream by amartins

Echowelt – Schachteltanz is a somewhat rough cut but the fundamentals of a solid tune are all there and the percussion and loops are quite engaging.

Echowelt - Schachteltanz by Decksharks

Keutar Style is exactly the kind of tech dunked groove that locks a crowd in. Funky techno breaks just trippy enough for the liftoff.

Keutar Style by PIT aka MartOpetEr

Bizarre Tribute is full on party madness coming from the techno trench.

Bizarre Tribute by Integral Bread

Loopy electro remix of Prozac In The Perrier. There's nothing wrong with the 'scripts.

The Incredible Melting Man - Prozac In The Perrier (Hunter Vaughan's Drugged Up Mix) by Hunter Vaughan

Keep 'em comin.

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