Monday, 30 March 2009

Dopamine :: DJ Mix :: March '09

Dustbowl - Tipton
Dopamine - Spunk
Minimorph - Living In America
Calvertron - Opium
Lutzenkirchen - Suck Me Empty
David West - The Hideout
York - Gun For Hire
Filth & Splendour - Severe Weather (Kieran Brindley Remix)
Vandal - Captain Magic (Rudi Stakker Remix)
Oliver Koletzki - Requiem fur die Vernunft (Lutzenkirchen Remix)
Oliver Giacamotto - Guacamoli
Deadmau5 - Bot


Friday, 27 March 2009

Kid Blue :: On The Mix : March '09

It's only TWO weeks to go until the Lot49 Easter special at East Village on Saturday 11th April. There are less than 50 £8 early bird tickets left, so if you want to take advantage head to WE GOT TICKETS & snag one early.

Here's a brand new DJ Mix from top notch resident, Kid Blue, to get u in the mood.

1 Dopamine - Spunk
2 Vandal - Captain Magic (Rudi Stakker Remix)
3 Rainer Weichold - Bamboo (Format:B Remix)
4 Worthy & Yankee Zulu - The BS Connection
5 Merka - Another Place (Kid Blue Remix)
6 Eric Etrena & D-Unity - Drugs and Stuff (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
7 Kid Blue DJ Tool 22
8 Fukkk Off - Rave Is King (Nhan Taan's Electro Boogie Remix)
9 Calvertron - Oh Ley (Kid Blue Remix)
10 Bertolini, Navas & Amo - Nervioso (Olivier Giacommotto Remix)
11 Jeroen Van Anken - Atomic Wobble (Kid Blue Remix)
12 Brian Thomas - The Drop (Kid Blue Remix)
13 Tiga & Zyntherius - Sunglasses At Night (D.I.M. Remix)
14 808 State - Pacific State (Rudi Stakker Remix)

KID BLUE :: On The Mix :: March '09

10 Rapid :: on the mix :: March '09

Plumps Dj's - Beat Myself Up
Tepr - En Direct De La Cote (Patrick Alavi Rerox)
Fukkk Offf - Rock, Paper, Scissors
Cagedbaby - Forced (10 Rapid Dub mix)
Grinderman - No Pussy Blues (Adam Freeland Remix)
Late Of The Pier - Focker (Boys Noize remix)
Zombie Nation - Forza (Fuck offf Remix)
Gooseflesh- Blow Up
10 Rapid - Start Marching
Dusty Kid - Trans No 1 (10 Rapid re-edit)
Evil Nine - Icicles

10 RAPID :: MARCH MIX 2009

Reachout to 10 RAPID on myspace

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Jesse Brooks & Ken Rangkuty - ISTF

Artist: Jesse Brooks & Ken Rangkuty
Release: ISTF w/ Rmxs by Zodiac Cartel and MO7S
Label: Monism

DJ Jesse Brooks and Ken Rangkuty have crafted a banger of a Big Room Electro House tune out now on solid newcomer label, Monism Recordings. The loop in the Original is relentless enough for the tougher tech types while still rooted in the fidget flavour for the new massive. This one is perfect for trackier sets deadset on locking a crowd into the stomp. This is the house of the present, highly focused on jackin’, yet co-opting the past and digging into the now with a need to reinvent itself and shed the current overreaching of retro trends that do little to propel genres into their next evolutionary phase. But I digress.

‘ISTF’ scores big by including a remix from up to the minute sound manipulator and man of mystery, Zodiac Cartel. This rub further showcases the breadth of the ZC palette, eschewing the over the top peak time sound for a hypnotic jaunt through the finer points of tech house. There’s a tinge of fidget to the beats that slightly connects this mix to the Original, but otherwise, it’s almost a wholly stripped reinterpretation that should simmer quite a few floors. Monism brings it back home with MO7S for the close. MO7S delves further into the tech house milieu, extracting quite a bit from the common tonal thread of the release. The half way point of this cut grabs with a twistedness to the elements and a break on the kick that’ll do a nice number on the more subjective party goers. Dig. Solid all around for Monism.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Modul - Acid Reborn (Chi Recordings)

Hungary's marvellous Chi Recordings imprint have been around for years now, quietly plugging away with a vision & freedom that has seen them pick up many plaudits for, although wider recognition has never been as forthcoming as it rightly deserves to be. Whilst most labels are driven by a single-minded puritanical streak, the Chi ethic pulls in quite opposite directions, opting instead for liberation from genre-tyrrany ... not just from release-to-release, but in the individual tracks on each EP. Their ever expanding fanbase are under no illusions though, amongst whom they can include some of the most respected names in electronica - take Laurent Garnier, James Zabiela, Dubfire & D Ramirez. And that's just for starters ....

So it's really about time that we cherished the Chi crew a little more. About time that we took note of their contemporary vision. About time we jetted off to their extensive page on BEATPORT and showed them some love, not least for this excellent new squelchy offering from wunderkid, Modul.

As an additional incentive, Mr Modul shared with us one of the tunes off the Acid Reborn vol.1. EP. Feel free to download it from here:

Modul: The Black


Monday, 16 March 2009

Insomnia? Damned right!


I've gotta tip my cap to the Insomnia crew up in Leeds. A year ago or so I played up there at Rios on what was surely one of the toughest weekends of the year to pull in a crowd, given that Plump DJs, Meat Katie, Evil Nine, Krafty Kuts and Digitalism were _all_ playing separate shows in the same city on the same weekend, but to their immense credit they managed to pull in over 600 people for what really was a smashing night! Afterwards, I sat in the Green Room and was regaled with tales of impending world domination & whilst I clearly felt a great deal of respect for them given what they had acheived that night, I didn't expect things to move forward for them quite as quickly as they have done.

Fast forward a year or so, and here I am on a THURSDAY NIGHT, no less, playing to well over 1200 people moments before the house lights come on for the 4am curfew. Where I come from, Thursday night precedes a SCHOOL DAY, so the sight of this sea of bona fide nutjobs still going batshit crazy filled me with shock. And awe. And Love, energy, Powerrrrrrr.

Earlier in the evening, I took a wander up to the balcony and checked out the Stanton Warriors, doing what they do best. Smacking it up.


Zodiac Cartel - We Don`t Play That

Brand new single from manifesto faves Zodiac Cartel is just a MASSIVE party anthem waiting in the wings. With a series of cracking remixes to be unveiled shortly, this is the first airing of the original, anywhere. And it's a B.O.M.B.

Posted via web from eliteforce's posterous

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Elite Force Live Vid @ Terminal Groove 2007

Well this is a bit of a blast from the past really & I'd totally forgotten that these guys had taken some quality video of this mini-festival out on farmland just outside of Springfield, Missouri. It wasn't the biggest crowd in the world for sure, but what you have to bear in mind was that it was SUB-ZERO DEGREES CELSIUS out there and we were all frozen to the very root of our beings. As the night developed, people were virtually setting light to themselves within the large bonfire at the back of the field in a desperate attempt to stave off imminent hypothermia. Ah bless.

Festival Organizers please note. Festivals held outdoors in winter conditions = epic lose.

ELITE FORCE @ Terminal Groove 2 - 11.2.2007

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Koma & Bones Bootlegz

We featured the first in the series a while back, but here are some updated links for you to some old booties done by Koma & Bones. These all date back to several years ago now, but the K&B name is one that's always synonymous with quality, and some of these definitely stand the test of time. Here you are on the free 320 d/l tip - and in return, show the boys some love at their myspace page!





Audiojack (on the mix) [March '09]

1. Alex Flatner - Perfect Circles (Reboot's put your arm next to it rework)
2. Noze - You have to Dance
3. Audiojack - Tha Joint
4. Matthew Dear - Free to Ask (D'Julz Remix)
5. Josh Wink - Minimum 23

6. Carlo in Action - Magic Flute
7. Unknown - ....Dubai....
8. Rene Sandoval - Rouge Rose
9. Kos.. - Hollywood Smile
10. Audiojack - Just Play
11. Audiojack - Magic Man
12. Josh Wink - Stay out All Night ....


Monday, 9 March 2009

Weekend in Budapest

Weekend in Hungary
was as predictably wicked as expected, with a show in Debrecen on Friday and an awesome night @ Corvinteto for the 6th birthday party. I have genuinely lost count of the number of times I've played out there, have many good friends out in Hungary now, and will never get tired of waxing lyrical about the passion, the fervour & the open-mindedness of the crowds out there

A couple of video snippets of the madness have been posted up & although it was very dark in there you can still feel the vibe!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Peo de Pitte Mix


Peo de Pitte Intro

Peo de Pitte - Stop! Dont Panic! - FlatOut Records

Peo de Pitte feat. Nine Lives The Cat – Funkyfingers – FlatOut Records

Pryda - Rakfunk [Peo de Pitte Rap Mashup] - CDR

Wolfgang Gartner – Flashback - Kindergarten

Farace – Madina – Kick it

Diamond Cut - Teardrops [Peo de Pitte vs Treasure Fingers Filter Disco] - CDR

Autokratz - Stay the same [Alex Metric Remix] - Kitsune

Mstrkrft feat. Nore - Bounce [A-Trak Remix] - CDR

Cut la Roc – Classic - CDR

Solid Groove - This is sick [Yeah! Woho! Remix] - CDR

Haggstrom & Caswell - Room is spinning quickly - CDR

Marcus Rombo - Bringing [Peo de Pitte Remix] - FlatOut Records

Stanton Warriors - Blaze [Baobinga & ID Remix] - Punks

Foamo - Movin it over here [Stupid Fresh Remix] - Cubism

Aaren San - Ozlow Nyzz [Blende Remix] - Lot49

Nadastrom - The way you movin - Dubsided

James Pants - KaSh [A-Trak & XXX Change VS Peo de Pitte Re-Edit] - CDR

Rex the Dog - Bubblicious [Jesper Dahlback VS Peo de Pitte Re-Edit] - CDR

Daniele Papini - Church of Nonsense / Funk Phenomena – Big In Ibiza

James Talk Remote [Deadmau5 Remix] - Spoken Recordings

Haggstrom - The Rydenizer - AudioDamage

NAPT vs Kish Mauve - Loose Control [Vocal Mix] - Funkatech Records

DJ Phunkae - Super Star Bass [Farace Remix] – CDR

Download Mix Here

Saturday, 7 March 2009

GhettoBlaster w/ Remixes

Artist: Tim Healey vs Marc Adamo
Release: Ghetto Blaster w/ Remixes
Label: In Stereo
Available: March 6th

Track 2: Hatiras Remix
Track 3: Calvertron Remix
Track 4: Krafty Kuts Remix

This tune needs no introduction by this point. It’s been high on many a jocks’ chart and heard in countless sets over the past few months. And with good reason – Healey and Adamo have a bass heavy Electro slammer on their hands, and the flips are about as enviable a list as I’ve seen in a while. This package is perfectly suited for TFM bloggos, with tough 4/4 interpretations from Hatiras and Calvertron that collectively focus more on the low end filthery and peaked out drum break madness. And if that’s not enough, breakbeat stalwart, Krafty Kuts rounds out the proceedings with a rocking remix of his own, roughed up, broken and all. Selecting a favourite mix from this release is a quandary one wishes would arise more often – each mix is solid on its own, and as a whole, this is a telling peek (or listen as it were) into the current big room business of dance music. Large. Just flat out large.


Ghettoblaster-Calvertron Rmx

Ghettoblaster-Krafty Kuts Rmx

Friday, 6 March 2009

James Amato: Live @ The End Up

The man behind Potty Mouth, the bold and bumpin Chicago label pushing house into its newest incarnation, drops a dj set brimmin with the booma.

Scott Cooper & Edu K ft Lella - Crank It (Trevor Loveys Remix) - Potty Mouth
Missmee - Are You Lookin (Dj Sneak Remix) - Unknown
HiJack - Keepin It Real (Original Mix) - Potty Mouth Music
No Assembly Firm - Beat That (Santiago & Bushido Dub) - Uniform
Kelevra - Clean Jeans (Kyle Watson Vocal Remix) - Potty Mouth Music
HiJack & Flinch - Check This (Original Mix) - Unknown
HiJack - Puttin It Down (Original Mix) - Potty Mouth Music
Johnny Fiasco - Conduction (Santiago & Bushido Remix) - Klassik Fiasco
Scott Cooper - If I Dont (Original Mix) - Potty Mouth Music
Consistent - French Fried - Unknown
HiJack - Keepin It Real (Oliver $ Remix) - Potty Mouth Music

Download Here

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Zodiac Cartel : Weapons of Choice #01 [Franz Ferdinand]

It's no secret that many of us here @ the Manifesto have been bigging up the Cartel now for months & months, and may we now thank the cloth-eared berks at Domino for electing not to use this awesome remix from Zod on their official Franz Ferdinand single release ... because, as a result, it has given rise to a brand new series for 2009, that is being labelled 'Weapons of Choice' and will be featuring no fewer than 6 mighty reworkings from ZC. There are no further details of what's to come in the series, but no doubt their SOUNDCLOUD and MYSPACE pages will be the first to leak the next in the series, which is due to hit the blogs at the beginning of May, and is rumoured to be a massive remake of 'L.E.S. Artistes' by Santogold.

Meanwhile, Zodiac Cartel have been busy working on some original tracks, and with a single to come in April on U&A ('We Don't Play That') and then a further single in late May due to drop on Lee Mortimer's Wearhouse Music as well as remixes for Jack Union, Lot49, Dirty Funker and Jackknife, expect a global takeover by the summer solstice!

DOWNLOAD : Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls (Zodiac Cartel Extended Mix) [Weapons of Choice #01]

DOWNLOAD : Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls (Zodiac Cartel Mix - Radio Edit) [Weapons of Choice #01]

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Peter Paul - The Final b/w Electrolia

Artist: Peter Paul
Release: The Final b/w Electrolia
Label: N-Mity Sound

Peter Paul delivers a pair of midtempo breaks selections for N-Mity Sound. “The Final” is a dark breakbeat tune that employs large stabs and an ominous male vocal sample over nice parameter play. And I’m a fan of anything that drops a siren to good effect. The bulk of this track trades off between the main run and the twisted treatment of the elements. The AA, “Electrolia”, follows the same moody tone as the A, showcasing the same large synthwork with a more straightfoward format for the first half. The breakdown is a capable build that leads into a wholly trippy arrangement of the parts for a nice change that should do well to switch gears in a set leading towards darker or more progressive territory.

The Final


Maelstrom Mash-Up (February 2009)

French DJ/Producer Maelstrom recently toured Australia for the first time, and managed to find time to put together this ace mix for d/l. I played at his night last month in Nantes - big 'tings 'gwan!

DOWNLOAD : Maelstrom Mash-Up (February 2009)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Dead Famous : Remix Contest

In the coming months, Dead Famous will be releasing a Remix EP, and to coincide with that release, they are hosting a remix contest for DHD's seminal slab of techfunkery, "Scene". Entries are not limited to breaks, in fact remixes from all musical styles are welcomed. Everyone is eligible unless you already work for Dead Famous (not in a release/remix aspect), at which point you already know that you can't enter.

To enter, all you have to do is download the parts from this message. Send all completed entries in either 320 kbps mp3 or Wav format to The deadline for entries is May 1st, 2009. The winners will be announced on on May 11th, as well as notified personally.

Prizes (The important part)

1st Place
- Your remix will be featured on the Dead Famous Remix EP coming out later this year.
- You are guaranteed one future original release on Dead Famous.
- You are guaranteed one additional remix on a future Dead Famous release.
- The entire Dead Famous back catalog in mp3 form.

2nd Place
- You are guaranteed one remix on a future Dead Famous release.
- The entire Dead Famous back catalog in mp3 form

3rd Place
- The entire Dead Famous back catalog in mp3 form.

Download the parts via Megaupload here!

Download the parts via ZShare here!

Download the parts via Sendspace here!