Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Elite Force - Early Years (Remixes)


Elite Force - The Early Years (Remixes) [Heavy Feet, Autophase, Gella & Core Overload Mixes]

OUT NOW :: Exclusively at Beatport


The end is nigh for the Re:Vision series, and it's been a pleasure to showcase a whole bunch of classy talent this year, from Miles Dyson to Bearweasel & from Riva Starr to Broombeck, there's been something for everyone in these packages.

On this final installment, we feature mixes from a myriad of up & coming talent. First up are Heavy Feet who have broken through in the the big-league fidgsters this year with some high performing remixes. Favouring a twisted, roughneck approach to the world of JACK, these guys will knock you sideways with their bumping re-work of 8-year old classic 'Here Come The Flow'. We then serve up a driving technoid missive from Northern newcomers Autophase, who have already set numerous DJ charts & dancefloor alight this year with their serious, heads down, bubbling techno. Here they stare down the 6-year old epic, 'Krushyn 4', the original of which was licensed by James Zabiela & played by DJs all over the world.

Next up is Gella who ventures down the kind of dark alleys favoured by recent Bassbin Twins works, and he nails 'Here Come the Flow' perfectly with a snaking, imaginative breakbeat re-take, the kind of which the scene has been crying out for. Last but by no means least we also serve up a raucous, techy remake of 'Reclaim the Airwaves' from the twisted mind of 'Core Overload', whose recent output has found favour with the likes of Marine Parade amongst others, and you can see why with this pHat, chunky and compulsive mix.

Much more to come in the New Year with fresh trax, new productions & much more.

Have a great Xmas y'all,


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Feed Your Head : DO IT NOW

More sonic appetisers for you as today we serve up a sneaky preview of the forthcoming Elite Force remix of Rektchordz's 'Feed Your Head', due to drop on U&A in January. A savage slab of techno-breaks, this one has been decimating dancefloors over the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Stakker & Worthy Vandalise Lot49!

A flurry of pre-Xmas promos have been jamming up the mailbox this week, and when three of my favourite producers come together on one package, you know you're in for something special. Alongside Vandal's own more breaksy offerings are these blinding remixes from Worthy and my personal fave, Rudi Stakker who serves up a blinding percussive technoid workout with LOADS of gratuitous swearing.


Friday, 12 December 2008

Death Kit - Echoes in My Head (Zodiac Cartel Mix)

They've only gone & done it again ... another t.a.s.t.y. preview of some forthcoming Zodiac Cartel shiz for you - set to drop early next year on Lot49.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Bao's New Bombz


1. Mistah Fab - That Thang - Up All Nite Music
2. King Tutt & The Chavy Boys - George’s Groove - Unruly
3. Baobinga - State Of Ghetto Jackin (Dave Nada RMX) - Trouble & Bass
4. The Body Snatchers - I Like What I See (HiJack RMX) - Passenger DUB
5. Madox - Duckalicious (Baobinga’s Thugalicious RMX) - Mantra DUB
6. The Body Snatchers - Club Beat International - Passenger DUB
7. Gella ft. MC Spyda - Twinkle (Baobinga & I.D. RMX) - Fat! DUB
8. King Tutt & The Chavy Boys - Sets Up - Unruly
9. Stanton Warriors - Blaze (Baobinga & I.D. RMX) - Punks
10. The Count & Sinden ft. Rye Rye - Hardcore Girls (Heavy Feet’s Unreleased RMX) - DUB
11. Rob Le Pitch - Sticky Fingers (Baobinga & I.D. RMX) - 777
12. Baobinga - Make It Drop - DUB
13. Drop The Lime - I Love NY (Baobinga’s Fuck Up Like Woah RMX) - Trouble & Bass
14. Baobinga & I.D. - What I Need - Vertical Sound
15. Reso & I.D. - Shifty - C.I.V.I.L. Music DUB
16. Baobinga - State Of Ghetto Jackin (TRG RMX) - Trouble & Bass
17. DJ Absurd vs Mavado - Weh Dem A Do (DJ Absurd Niche 4 Life RMX) - Boot & Leg
18. The Body Snatchers - I Like What I See (Joker RMX)- Passenger DUB
19. Buraka Som Sistema & Diplo - Um Milhao - Hollertronix / Mad Decent
20. 2nd II None - Custard Pie - Heavy Artillery DUB
21. Baobinga & I.D. - South Manchester Weather (I.D. RMX) - Fat!

Monday, 8 December 2008

An Audience with ... Pablo Decoder

TFM and Adan recently caught up with the quickly rising and already prolific tech funk producer, Pablo Decoder. Even after a long day in the studio, in the late hours of the a.m. Pablo was kind enough to answer a few questions and allow a closer look at the inner workings of what clearly seems set to be a future trendsetter in the electronic community at large. Pablo’s also offering one of his mashups gratis – the link is available beneath the interview.

Q - Ok, let’s get the obligatory question out of the way first - what are some of your influences, or what sound has been influencing you recently?

I have always been influenced by alternative and psychedelic music. Artists that influenced me in the past could be Iggy Pop and The Stooges, The Beatles and The Doors. Now I listen to dirty and bangin electro and techno since I started producing electro music about 3years ago. Still liking some Alt music but there aren’t enough good acts out there anymore. Maybe that’s why I am doing THE DEATH KIT - it’s my Alternative take on electro and pop music.

I ‘m very into all the LOT49 artists, the label I’m also signed to…

Top producers: Dylan Rhymes, The Rogue Element, Zodiac Cartel, Alex Metric and Blende (who’s also my THE DEATH KIT partner).

Q - What would you consider your main motivation, or initial inspiration for producing tracks?

My parents used to play me all sorts of records when I was a child…even before I was born, apparently. My dad used to play me tunes he loved and I think that got me into music - and I can’t ever stop thinking of melodies, beats or lyrics. They were musicians and had bands when they were younger. They were also in the music biz when I was born and I used to make some cash working for my dad as a sound engineer since the age of 12 as he taught me a bit on how to use a mixer, compressors, etc…

I was listening to Kraftwerk, The Beatles and The Cure when I was 5...then discovered grunge and indie music…and at the age of 16 started liking house and all sorts of electro.

Q - Would you describe for us the recording / production setup you're currently using?

I use Logic 8 and a bunch of plugins…loving the ROB PAPEN Predator soft synth and Kontakt 3.

Q - Recent favourite or most used piece of hardware/software?

Waves Gold Bundle plugins.

Q - Any personal favourite or standout original or remix track you've worked on to date?

I have just done an awesome mix of a classic tune called 'R U SLEEPING ' by INDO...it’s getting released again in FEBRUARY on AZULI RECORDS. It'll be available on vinyl and digitally. You can preview it on my MySpace: WWW.MYSPACE.COM/PABLODECODER

Also a mix I’ve done as THE DEATH KIT of latest THE WHIP single called 'FIRE'. Hopefully be out on SOUTHERN FRIED soon.

Q - If you could collaborate on a project with any one producer, who would it be?

It would def be either DAFT PUNK or DEADMAU5.

Q - Can you give us the lowdown on upcoming releases, remixes, any dj'ing schedule?

I am releasing a few singles and 2 EPs soon. They’ll all be available on BEATPORT.com. These are the dates and labels:













And a few more remixes and singles...And currently working on a THE DEATH KIT album and working on THE DEATH KIT future live performances with a drummer and a great synth player/producer from MELBOURNE named GLOBAL WARNING.

Q - Favourite adult beverage?

Any British ale, preferably HARVEYS (Lewes' finest).

Q - It's five a.m. and you're en route to the afterhours...what song is playing in your head or through the speakers?

Def my MASH UP!! Bangin record I’ll be playing a lot and hopefully loads of other djs will too. Also could be any BASSEMENT JAXX or Chemical Brothers record.

DISCOTECH by PABLO DECODER mash up: http://www.sendspace.com/file/d9larz

Tim Healey Ft TC - Out of Control

Artist: Tim Healey Ft TC
Release: Out Of Control w/Rmxs
Label: Big & Dirty
Release Date: 12.23.08

The Out Of Control release is a robust one for sure, chock full of slightly differing variations to suit any number of tastes. The Original is a cheekily sounding vocal – TC turns a sick verse and hook over an electro breaks tune that oozes cool at every sleazy turn. Ladies and the shutter vision prone club sets are going to love this one. The Grum and Lazy Jay remixes along with the radio option are entirely capable in their own rights, and serve up renditions that will tickle others’ fancies nicely. And the entire package is impressively produced considering the diversity of the sounds. But it’s the Dub and the Pablo Decoder Superior Mix that are more suited towards my floors, and as such, capture my attention the most.

The Dub strips the vocals and lets the filth shine through - wait, can filth actually shine? In any case, this is the one completely suited for floors that shy away from vocals. Or for the jocks who enjoy the option of dropping any number of acapellas atop tracks. The bass is big and indeterminately effected and mistreated. Tim ably takes Garage elements and distorts them into an up to the minute Ghetto Electro sound.

The Pablo Decoder mix is a storming four banger that takes the latent sexiness of the Original into darker territory, twisting the melody and stuttering the vocals into an electro tech houser that’s well suited for the 6am devoted. Totally up my alley, tipping refuse bins and exuding a slight aura of stank and bravado. Between the front and center bassline and the huge breakdown, there’s little room for rest while this one is playing.

The Original has been sampled instead of the Dub as it’s easier to imagine a dub of a vocal track rather than vice versa. And the Original is completely deserving of a listen as well.

Out Of Control - Pablo Decoder Superior Mix



Friday, 5 December 2008

Santiago Mix 4 November

Track List

01 Kandei - Die Graue Herrin [diskomafia]
02 Bingo Players - Get Up [Secure]
03 Hatiras - SpeakerHumper [Hatrax]
04 Dave Spoon - Gas Face (Lee Mortimer Remix) [Toolroom]
05 John Starlight - Road Rage (Popof Remix) [Cocoon]
06 D Ramirez - Shield (Ramirez B Movie Remix) [Azuli]
07 DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta - Elektriko [Funkatronic]
08 Kelevra & Nathan Boon Ft Ackshon - Like To Freak [Potty Mouth]
09 Armand van Helden - Shake That Ass (Mowgli Remix) [Southern Fried]
10 The Bulgarian - Air Bounce [Potty Mouth]
11 Frew - I Got Something (Adam Bozzetto Rmx) [Vacation]
12 Nick Supply & NFA - She Rock n Roll (Frew Remix) [Vacation]
13 Twocker - Stitch (Bass Kleph Remix) [Vacation]
14 Beep - Pastafari (Kelevra Remix) [Promo Records]
15 Breakdown - Team Axel (Will Bailey Remix) [Promo Records]
16 Tittsworth - WTF (Nadastrom On Drugs Remix) [Plant Music]
17 Crookers - Embrace the Martian (Round Table Knights Rmx) [Southern Fried]


Thursday, 4 December 2008

An interview with Elite Force

Firstly thanks for taking the time out to answer some of our questions.

Mon plaisir.

As someone who's widely regarded as being one of the pioneers of the tech-funk sound, what music do you think influenced you growing up and what inspired you to begin DJing/Producing?

A whole wealth of musical styles really - I've always been a magpie when it comes to music, and that's probably influenced my complete reluctance to be too purist about what I now do. So many different styles offer differing things at different moments, whether it be an air of complete suspension & serenity in a piece by Arvo Part, a monged out slice of tracky dancefloor bliss like Beltram's Energy Flash, a vigorous & challenging musical interplay like Miles Davis, an infectious slice of low-fi nursery rhyme simplicity from someone like Pavement, political polemic with a gritty sonic backfrop from Consolidated or Public Enemy, the visceral thrill of stage-diving to Metallica's 'Whiplash' .... and so the list goes on!

How would you describe your sound to someone who's never heard it before and how would you make it clear to them that it's blatantly one of the best forms of dance music?

Ha. Well, in my experience it's always difficult to explain one medium's qualities through another, but from a DJ perspective, the main 'ethos' or philosophy behind tech-funk is that it is a loose amalgamation of the very best components of electro, house, techno and breaks, thrown together with intense enthusiasm and joie de vivre :)

The genre of Breaks has moved from the original "nu skool" of the late 90's, to the massive plethora of sub genres that we see today. In terms of creativity and musical development, where do you see it moving in the next few years?

Well I hope that it will continue to move forward if nothing else. In the past couple of years I think it's suffered a little from an overly analytical approach to it's own shortcomings, and many producers seem to have moved away into throwing cheap breaks under classic house tracks as a shortcut to the floor. I've always like the eclecticism that 'breaks' brought to the floor, and particularly the open-mindedness of the audiences in a way that couldnt' always be attributed to the 'house set' or whoever, and it seems odd that a lot of the more purist-minded amongst the scene, seem intent on removing that great asset.

Tayo recently debuted 'Dark & Deep', a brand-new, and particularly kick-ass, collaborative effort between yourself and Meat Katie on Radio 1 - can we expect a release any time soon and are there any more collaborations in the works that we can look forward to?

Yep, this is coming out on U&A (my label) in January, with a proper belter of a remix from Hyperion, a shit-hot up & coming duo from Brisbane, Australia.

Now that consumers have a number of viable options for purchasing and downloading music legally from the internet (through channels such as iTunes etc), how do you feel about the state of the (less mainstream) music industry at the moment? Are things getting better or is a combination of Torrents and the Credit Crunch going to bring things crashing down?

I can't pretend it's not been a massive issue. Record sales used to be a significant chunk of one's annual income, and that's rapidly been eroded over the past couple of years. The industry only has itself to blame though to be honest - they were far too slow & reactive when it came to the digital domain, and they've been paying the price as a result. Part of the problem we have now is that when people start perceiving it as their right to own something for nothing, it's very hard to then win the argument as to why they should pay for it - and ultimately it comes down to a matter of conscience really. I'd like to see a model whereby ISP's are much more involved in tracking individual file movements and automatically billing people a small amount per download - that way file sharing would overnight become the artist's best friend.

As the battle of CD vs Vinyl vs MP3 rages on (often to the point of boredom, these days) and as someone who's renowned for his technical mastery of the art of DJing, where do you stand on incorporating different mediums into your sets?

I'm not sure it does rage on any more to be honest. I know you'll see the odd tired old thread trotted out on a forum here & there, but what most people want when they go clubbing is a some passion from their DJ, regardless of what medium they're using. I'd rather not use a laptop in any way because I find it interferes too much with what's going on in the booth - the other day I had a guy spend the last 25 minutes of my set elbowing me out of the way and plugging things in & out of the mixer to get himself set up, and I think that looks amateurish and is a massive nuisance ... just start with a CD & then sort yourselves out if you have to use a laptop!

You've been responsible for some fantastic remixes over the years, your re-rub of "Dopamine - Ah Baby" being a personal favourite of mine. How do you approach a remix project such as this?

Well with that one, I had very very little to work with so I spent a lot of time creating new parts from the few things I was given and then working them into my own rhythmic framework for the mix. Normally I listen to the original once when I'm agreeing the mix, and after that, I tend not to listen to it at all so I can be completely focused on the raw materials and hopefully come up with something that's very much got my own hallmark sound to it.

Finally, what does 2009 hold for Elite Force?

2008's been a great year for me .... insanely busy running my label and doing all sorts of other side projects as well as DJaying all over the place, and I suspect next year will be no different!

Thanks for your time...

Questions posed by Phil Buckland. Elite Force plays Plug & Play in Reading 12/Dec with 30Hz & others.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Zodiac Cartel : December '08 Mix

It's been a while coming, but worth the wait I'm sure you'll agree. Manifesto faves the Zodiac Cartel have finally delivered a cracking DJ mix to us (after months of pestering), and it's a little belter. A few exclusives in there, you can download from the following sources....



Zodiac Cartel DJ Mix (Dec '08)

01 Zodiac Cartel - Klappyn
02 FCB Vs Hijack - Modern Party People Mashup
03 DJ Fame - For The People (Santiago & Bushido Mix)
04 Christian Hoff - Jive Bomb
05 Death Kit - Echoes In My Head (Zodiac Cartel Mix)
06 Rainer Weichold - Bamboo (Format B Mix) /
Foamo - Moving It Over Here (Stupid Fresh Mix)
07 Christian Smith & John Selway - Updraft
08 Idiotproof - Gorilla
09 Troyden - Flowers (Santiago & Bushido Mix)
10 Uberzone & Lee Coombs - Right Now
11 Fukk Off - Rave is King (Zodiac Cartel Mix)
12 Various - The Magik Blood Mashup
13 Zodiac Cartel - Mojo Filter
14 Groove Allegiance - Ramp It Up (Hijack Mix)
15 Moston & Malente - Fucked Up (Stupid Fresh Mix)

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Koma & Bones :: Boot it Up

Over the next few weeks Koma & Bones have decided to give you the chance to download all of their bootleg back catalogue.

All the tracks will be full 320 versions - so hopefully all those who only had the vinyl will now be able to enjoy on their ipods or laptops.

Most of them appeared under the X-men name & some will no doubt sound a bit dated now - but they have gone through them themselves they found some stuff that still stands up pretty well. Enjoy!


Friday, 21 November 2008

Rave is King (Zodiac Cartel Mix)

Occasionally a massive bugger of a tune pops into the inbox, and once more we think Zodiac Cartel have come entirely CORRECT in this massive re-working of Fukk Off's 'Rave is King'. Apparently due for release in the near future on Coco Machete, we thought you'd like a preview here on the Manifesto.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

White Lightning Strikes


Elite Force - White Lightning [Broombeck / F.I.S. Remixes]
OUT NOW :: Exclusively at Beatport

With DJ support on this package coming in from the likes of A-Listers Sasha, Laurent Garnier, Orde Meikle, Stephan Bodzin, Satoshie Tomiie and D Ramirez, to name but a few, the Re:Vision series enters the final furlong in full flow. Here we serve up two fresh re-takes on Elite Force's 2004 classic, 'White Lightning', from the mighty Broombeck (who has recently topped the Beatport charts on several occasions with his techy-brilliance) and from newcomers and winners of the remix competition run earlier this year, 'Frogs in Socks' who have already made great strides remixing for Andrew Weatherall and winning iDJ's 'Raw Talent' contest.


"This is getting my FULL support" [Stephan Bodzin]

"This will work very well - Will definitely play it out" [Laurent Garnier]

"Solid, dark & has a wicked groove" [Sasha]

"This is awesome. Very rare." [David Eckenback]

"Great tune" [fRew (Vacation Records)]

"Wikid bumping growing grinder! For the darker moments in the night!!!" [Dylan Rhymes (Lot49)]

"Wow! Nice one. Will be dropping this this weekend for sure!" [Donald Glaude (Instereo)]

"Great great remix" [Richard Dinsdale]

"yep i'm into this big time. F*cking awesome!!" [Dopamine (Instereo/Title Fight)]

"Sounds great! will def use it :)" [Lee Coombs (Lot49)]

"Love Broombeck! This rocks!" [D Ramirez (Azuli/Slave)]

"Sick Remix!! Sounds Big, will bash this out for sure!" [Calvertron]

"Hot Hot Hot! Will definitely be hammering this one Thanks :D" [Habersham (Lobotomy)]

This is a huge priority for the label, so show us some love & grab a copy today,

Rektchordz - Bassbin Tactics

Artist: Rektchordz
Release: Bassbin Tactics w/ Sam Hell Rmx
Label: High Grade Recordings
Release Date: End of November

Rektchordz, one of the breakbeat scenes' up and coming luminaries delivers another solid platter for High Grade Recordings (Bombtraxx offshoot). True to form, Rektchordz delivers new school breaks of the tougher variety, but does so this time with a more reserved approach. The bassline is wobbly and large enough for the bigger rooms, but the standout elements here for me are the wickedly punchy kick and the subdermal acid line that peaks in the main sections. When the acid reappears after the break, it’s almost a flashback trigger. Again, this is a more stripped down affair, but all the required pieces are there and firing off properly.

The Sam Hell rub leans heavily towards the electro house sound, and does so with an upbeat tone that translates the Original into a playfully twisted and wholly accessible interpretation. It keeps to the somewhat minimal aesthetic of the release, which puts the focus primarily on both producers’ elevated production values and abilities to churn out dance floor groovers without the use of unnecessary elements. The bassline in the remix starts off in the filter and rises quick into a digitized groove that’s made all the more infectious by slap bass accents. Add the sliced ‘yeah’ sample and a few tweaks over the incessant four to the floor and it’s a banger for the flip.

But, Rektchordz...I gotta ask, when is that ‘Jilted’ track coming out? That is one of the catchiest and more intelligent party tunes I’ve heard all year.


Rektchordz-Bassbin_Tactics_(Sam Hell Rmx)


Dan F - The Truth Would Only Kill You

Been ages since I posted - sorry about that. Click the title above (it's an external link) to read the full meandering post on my main blog. But for Techfunk Subscribers, I'll cut to the chase and pass on a new track for your listening pleasure. Dark epic proggy goodness with the kind of breakdown sHack would chop out in a second!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Justice Busted \o/

I wonder where they put their fee .... ???


Monday, 17 November 2008

More from the Dustbowl

Another slice of sublime techy goodness for you to ease into this Monday morning with ... this will be part of a single coming up at the end of 2008 on Lot49. To check out further tracks by Dustbowl and to sign up for future previews, check them out on Soundcloud

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Calvertron : A DJ Mix for November

A brand new mix from one of our personal faves, Calvertron.
1.Lee Mortimer - Putto
2. Kidda - Under The Sun (Herve remix)

3. AC Slater - Vertigo (Nick Supply's Horizontigo remix)

4. AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats remix)

5. Calvertron - Car Theif

6. TJR - Sonic Chronic (Lee Mortimer Remix)

7. Fake Blood - Blood Splashing (Fake Blood Theme)

8. Aspin & Dispace - Low Life

9. Tim Healey - Ghetto Blaster (Calvertron Remix)

10. Lee Mortimer - Snake Pit

11. Dune - Bloodlines (Herve loves messed up remix)

12. Busy P - To Protect And Entertain (Crookers remix)

13. Guru Josh Projet - Infinity 2008 (Calvertron remix)

14. 3 Is A Crowd - Take it Back (Heavy Feet Remix)

15. Calvertron vs Signal Drivers - Attack

16. HeavyFeet ft. Peyote Mc - Rude Bwoi (Stupid Fresh Remix)

17. Calvertron & Lyndon - Dirty Biatch

The biggest Tech-Funk throwdown of the year ....


Okay, so here's the skinny. When the Lot49 massive decide to throw an Xmas Special, you know they're gonna pull out all the stops to do it in style, and this has to be the biggest line-up this year. For all the DJs I think it'll be a special night too, as it's a genuinely rare opportunity to get everyone together in one place for a night of MASSIVE proportions! So grab yer tickets upfront, because this is sure to sell out as the capacity's only around 500.

Saturday 6th December, 10pm – 4am

DJs on the night:


Advance tickets £8 available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/39322
On the door £9 B4 12/£10 After; 9pm-4am
East Village, 89 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3HX
Capacity: 500


Dumbland (pt.1)

Dumbland #1

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Meat Katie Vs Elite Force :: Live @ Urban Gorilla (2008)

Here's a complete recording the recent Urban Gorilla birthday event at DQ featuring Meat Katie & Elite Force. The start points aren't exactly right where they should be and although I haven't heard it I bet there are some properly random moments in there given we managed to down 3 bottles of JD during the course of the evening :o


Part 1 - Meat Katie: (Download)
Part 2 - Elite Force: (Download)
Part 3 - Meat Katie back to back with Elite Force (Download)

Monday, 10 November 2008

Elite Force Live @ Glade Festival, 2008

Just thought I'd let you know that I am offering up a special hour & a half download to new members of the Elite Force Mailing List as of this week.

The DJ mix in question is an excellently recorded live set I did ( thanks to the good folk at www.nuskoolbreaks.co.uk ) closing out the Glade Festival Breaksday tent on Saturday night of this year's festival, replete with crowd noise & good vibes :)

The mailing list is an opt-in / opt-out automated list that is used for occasional updates, free downloads, dj mixes (such as the Strongarm Sessions) and the odd upfront track and freebie guestlist places for most DJ shows.


Feedback is most welcome either here, or on the thread at the Tech-Funk Forum.

Hijack Mixing it up in November ...

Here's another fresh mix from the awesome Hijack crew for you.

HiJack Mix - November 08 Mix (DOWNLOAD)


01. Milton Channels - You Lose
02. Nyra - Tongue

03. House of Stank - Make U Jack (Santiago & Bushido Remix)
04. Urban Monkeys - Disfunktional Caterpillar (The Bulgarian Remix)
05. Jak Z - Untitled

06. Mighty Fools - Hey Babe

07. Lee Mortimer - No Ordinary Girl (HiJack Remix)
08. Alternative Reality - Get Away (Rene Van Munster Remix)

09. MYNC Project - Something On Your Mind (Switch Remix)

10. Yankee Zulu - Head Bob (Hipp-e Remix)

11. HiJack - Keep It Real

12. Bingo Players - Get Up (Diplo Remix)

13. Mr. Oizo - Half An Edit

14. Hatiras - Autograph

15. The BodySnatchers - I Like What I See (HiJack Remix)
16. MC Flipside - The Rubdown (Heavyfeet Remix)

17. Lee Mortimer - Putto

18. Tom EQ - I Need You

19. Jaymo - On The Grind (Jak Z Remix)

20. Laidback Luke & A-Trak - Shake It Down

21. D*Funk - Fracture (HiJack Remix)

22. Unknown - Unknown

23. Unknown - Unknown

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Red Bull Music Academy - Video Archive

Every year Red Bull run an exclusive two week event in which two groups of 30 carefully hand-picked musicians and DJs are flown to one of the world's capital cities for an intensive programme of lectures, seminars and one-to-one workshops with some of electronic music's most respected names. Fortunately for those of us who couldn't make it, some bright spark decided to record a boatload of them on a DV camera. In the archive, you will find a veritable goldmine of over 240 videos from such names as Alex Smoke, Carl Craig, Sinden, Bob Moog, Derrick May, Chuck D, Plaid, Four Tet, MIA and many (many) more. The videos cover technical talk, interviews, inside info and a lot more - so stick the kettle on and check it out...

Red Bull Music Academy - Video Archive

Friday, 31 October 2008


Halloween is a weird one in the UK. A few years ago (well, actually more like 20), it barely existed, with the Brits snobbishly looking down their noses as their US counterparts and prudishly eschewing what is essentially a bit of fun for kids at one of the darker moments in the year. Admittedly, there are sad gangs of hoodrats who will use it as an excuse to up their mug-rates and rob the elderly of their winter fuel allowances, but to be honest they would be doing that regardless of having a festival to pin their offensiveness on.

More of a bother for me (when I was a city dweller that is), was the fireworks 'season', which in recent years has expanded exponentially from a solitary weekend a year, to a 6-week long 'Tribute to War', with an almost constant barrage of explosive noise & light running throughout the night time hours around this time of year. I'm sure it's no big deal if you don't have pets, but for the more easily spooked, it can be a proper nightmare.

Since moving to the ends of the earth (remote, rural, can still see stars in the sky), fireworks have become someone else's pursuit. However, a couple of years back we found ourselves strangely seduced by 'The Big One', as sold by our local farm-machinery-repairists. Now this is a truly macho world, where engrained greasy palms and knowing grimaces meet every ignorant inquiry, so we knew they would take pride in selling their own brand fireworks.

Happy with just the single item, that night I wandered into the paddock outside the house on an inky black night, leaving my wife & our two dogs huddled inside the rear porch. With the 'bomb' angled away from me and with my arm extending beyond it's own socketry to touch the blue fuse, I ran screaming back to the porch, stumbling across the bumpy terrain and turning back just in time to see a hiroshima-style detonation and the sound of widespread panic amongst the sheep community. Ginergly I tip-toed back to peer into what I was sure would be a deep and smouldering crater, and shone the torch into the neighbouring field, where, 20 sets of accusing eyes stared back at me from the furthest corner where the sheep had fled to. This year it's a sparkler for me - and not from the local farm-machinery-repairists either.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Frogs in Socks

I first came across these guys as a result of the 'White Lightning' remix contest I ran earlier this year (their mix is scheduled for release in a couple of weeks), and since they won that contest from a pool of 200 submissions, things have been developing nicely for the boys.

They recently entered and won the Raw Talent contest for up & coming DJs in iDJ mag, and they've been good enough to let us feature their excellent mix right here on the blog.



1. John Williams - Indiana Jones Theme
2. Claude Von Stroke - Peanut Butter Jelly Time
3. Thomas Schumacher - Pink Boots
4. Underworld - Holding the Moth (Jesse Rose Remix)
5. Smash TV - Locomotive Breath
6. TG - Revox
7. Style of Eye - The Big Kazoo
8. Hot Chip - Shake a Fist
9. Style of Eye - Fick
10. Lee Jones - Aria (Tiger Stripes Remix)
11. Natural Rhythm - Mumble Mouth (Style of Eye Remix)
12. Deadset - Brazil '70
13. Daniel Steinberg - I Like To Be (Frogs in Socks Edit)
14. Worthy - Work the Walls (Frogs in Socks Edit)
15. Noze - You Have To Dance (Frogs in Socks Edit)
16. Daniel Steinberg - Cobra Limbos
17. Matt Tolfrey - Enter the Madhat
18. Buckley - Block Party
19. The Whip - Trash

Zodiac Cartel - Robots / Klappyn is *HERE*


Zodiac Cartel - Robots / Klappyn [UAA015]
OUT NOW :: Exclusively at Beatport

"Pure class from one of the underground success stories of 2008!" K1 [iDJ Magazine]
"A massive find for this year, Zodiac Cartel goes from strength to strength with their first single-proper for the excellent U&A imprint & it's a BEAST!" [DJ Magazine]
"This is up there as one of the best single releases so far this year. I’m not calling it the best, but by god, it’s close." [In The Mix Magazine]

Zodiac Cartel - Robots (MP3 SAMPLE)
Zodiac Cartel - Klappyn (MP3 SAMPLE)

"That's one nasty track boys! Full support!" [Kissy Sellout (Radio One)]
"Klappyn is great thanks dude! :)" [James Zabiela]
"I will be playin' both of these monsters!" [Will Bailey / Twockers]
"Really like the Klappyn track. Many thanks." [Crookers]
"Both these tracks are dope; really feeling Klappyn though. Cheers for that, keep em coming" [Trevor Loveys (Dubsided / Frontroom)]
"Another great release for the "Zodiac".. Klappyn is my favourite, reeeeaaally sick!" [Mowgli (Southern Fried)]
"It doesn't really get much better than this does it??!? Amazing tunes, as if that needed to be said." [Dopamine (Lot49 / Title Fight)]
"Klappyn is the sh*t for sure!" [The Bulgarian (Potty Mouth Music)]
"Liking the groove on Klappyn and it really builds nicely. Top stuff" [Lee Mortimer (Wearhouse / Dubsided)]
"Very dirty mate, the way we like it! much use to follow ... " [Lee Coombs (Lot49)]
"This is farkin' sick mate :) Big support from us on this one :)" [The Aston Shuffle]

This is a huge priority for the label, so show us & the ZC some love & grab a copy today,

Monday, 27 October 2008

TOUR DIARIES : A Festival Frenzy down under (part one)

This is the first in a new 3-part serialization on the Manifesto of the Elite Force Tour Diaries dating back to a particularly intense 13-day trip to Australia, earlier this year (2008). Hope you enjoy the ride ....

For a number of months I'd been eying my growing itinerary with a mixture of shock & awe - with each successive week the portfolio of shows grew & grew, gently pulsating with the promise of the unfathomable. When I know I have a major overseas trip coming up, I tend to go into a low-key kind of denial bourne out of a reluctance to face the reality of what's to come, and it's only in the day or two before I actually leave, when I have a paper copy of the itinerary in my hand, that the truth starts to bite. I'm also a late packer. I like to hold out on assembling any kind of luggage or clothing until there's only an hour or two to go, and then I go in hard, but this also contributes to the sense of denial that takes the edge off being away from home until the eleventh hour.

My agents in Australia invited me to join the touring Future Music Festival this March, and I had no reservations in accepting; after all, the line-up included legends like the Chemical Brothers, John Digweed & Sven Vath, and whilst I knew I'd be low down in the food chain as far as set times & stages went, these opportunities don't come around very often & I do genuinely cherish the opportunity to absorb the music from other people's worlds. In the past when I've headed down under, it's been for a series of club shows at relatively underground venues, and whilst I've enjoyed those in the past, this did present a different kind of challenge - what I hadn't expected was that I would end up effectively doing the festival _and_ the club tour over a 10 day period.

Towards the end of the trip I would rush through a hotel lobby, eyes glazed, dragging my heels, shoulders hunched, and in the background I was conscious of the constant hushed babble from people who'd heard about 'that guy with the crazy schedule'. In fact, I began to feel like a benchmark against which others were judging their own capacity to 'crack on' (if that guy's still standing ... etc .... ), but then I would argue "there's always Sven Vath".

The first weekend.
Having arrived on the Friday in Brisbane after the long haul from London to Hong Kong and to Sydney, I didn't have a show, and it gave me the one opportunity of the whole trip to meet some of the other performers. A fine evening in the company of Aesop Rock, Chicks on Speed, Marcus Schultz, Datarock & all, quickly reached bucolic heights, added & abetted by the unlimited flow of local reds & whites, but everyone had converged on Brisbane from an assortment of global locations & early nights were the order of the day.

The 36-hour smackdown began the next day as we were ferried out to the racecourse where the Festival was sited. First impressions were that it was an odd layout - the main arenas were within the central core of the track, whilst the remaining stages were scattered around the outside of the track, and in our case, most bizarrely, at the very top of the grandstand inside a room that invited comparisons to a village hall or function room for a wedding.

The festival spirit seemed way distant up there, and the spirit of disenfranchisement from the rest of the event was beyond question. I was due on after local heroes 'Vinyl Slingers' who were cooking up a storm with their noise-strewn live breakbeat 'orchestra', and for me it meant a good clean changeover would be essential to hold onto at least a core of the people gathered in the room. Unfortunately for me the sound engineer was not entirely clear on the concept of the continuum of music that club culture thrives on, and rather than focus on the incoming set being up & running first, he elects instead to start packing away drum kits & microphones, and even more bizarrely, it transpires he's put a CD of his own music on through the PA.

A bout of shouting & gesticulating follows, but it's a good 5 minutes before anything resembling a decent sound is flowing from the speakers again, by which time everyone has left the building.
After a hard fought 2 hours I do manage to win over a healthy throng of random passers-by, and no sooner have I handed over to my good friend Tom from Evil 9 that I'm spirited away to do a second set at Area 21, a vodka bar who actually have a really decent soundsystem and situate their DJs up in a precipitous crow's nest above the bar. I take the music down a notch for this one and enjoy playing a fidget-laced house set, which bumps rather than grinds.

Minutes after I leave the stage I'm rather surreally thrown into a car with Roger Sanchez & his management en route to the airport for a flight to Sydney. He's had a good mainstage set in the setting sun, and the mood is distinctly upbeat as the warm glow of suburbia whistles past the blackened windows and we make our flight with time to spare.

[ .... to be continued .... ]

Kid Blue : Autumn Promo Mix 2008

DOWNLOAD : Kid Blue's Autumn Promo Mix (2008)


1. Lee Coombs & Uberzone - Right Now – Lot49
2. The Fat Conductor – Heavy – Promo Records
3. Rene Van Munster – Phonesmack (Riva Starr Remix) – Secure Recordings
4. Hyperion – Gotta Hold It (Calvertron Remix) – U&A
5. Adam Shaw – Engage – Cr2
6. D-Unity – Shake It (D-Unity’s Shaker Mix) – Beat Therapy Records
7. Tom Neville – Dance Moves (Tom Neville’s Locked In The Garage Mix) – Love Minus Zero
8. Beckers & Hatfield – Keep On (Velkro + Ido Ophir Remix) - Sprout
9. Merka – Another Place (Kid Blue Remix) – Fat!
10. Dylan Rhymes – I Am Sweet (Hyperion’s Into The Sun Remix) – Lot49
11. Ido Ophir & Miki Litval – Shnorkel (Dousk Remix) – eVapour8
12. Lee Coombs – Control – Lot49

Friday, 24 October 2008

The Music Industry - A Beginner's Guide


This is a great site for those of us taking our first tentative steps in the music industry - it has clearly explained guides to royalties, licensing, publishing, copyright and so forth, as well as some interesting (if slightly old) articles and a useful list of FAQs. It's not aimed specifically at dance music, but it's a good starting point if you don't know your PRS from your OMG WTF.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Soundcloud vs. Bandcamp

Sick of paying 50% to Beatport? Do it yourself with Bandcamp. Perhaps. Videos at the link below.

I hope to hell Soundcloud have an answer for this as I find the domain name Band Camp just a bit ... camp and the SC guys seems very good at pushing forward.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Broombeck strikes with 'White Lightning'

We've featured a Broombeck mix on the blog before, and now it's time for a preview of the fat-ass technotic reworking of Elite Force's 'White Lightning', scheduled for release on U&A next month :)

Monday, 20 October 2008

Monkey Business in the Steel City

It's Monday morning & I feel 'familiar'. Smashed & creaky, laced with aches & bruises, but warm in the afterglow of what's gone before. Many, many times before.

If I'm honest, I've forgotten how many times I've headed up the M1 to play at Urban Gorilla. Despite never having been offically named as a 'super resident', I must have played for them as often as anyone over the years, although during this time we'd never had the opportunity to play one of our Elite Force Vs Meat Katie b2b sets. Until now.

I'm always unsure as to whether to kick these sessions off myself or defer to the might of the little guy, but the excellent Adam Connell had set things up a little deeper than normal, which allowed for more of a gradual build into the night (and it hadn't been that quick to fill up, so we wanted to pace the night). After a toss of a coin (I lost) Mark decided he'd begin, saying "I have an idea where to go with this" ... so, intrigued, I stood back & watch him light the touch paper. However, rather than the fuse ticking down over the agreed 30 minutes or so, he simply stepped up and smashed the fuck out of it straight off the bat, and within 4 tracks was playing as peaktime as it's feasible to get.

I love doing these sets with Mark to be honest - they keep you thinking on your feet and often throw strange, curved shapes into the flow of the night which take you off on ever wilder tangents, but despite this fact I think we both have a feel for when to rein it back and keeps the beats on lockdown for a while. The hours flew by, and before we knew it, the house lights were up & all around us was carnage, not least of all behind the booth where a gaggle of us had somehow seen off two bottle of Jack Daniels. Before I could holler "Oi, Pember, Behave!", he'd sequestered a third from the barman, and we polished it off during a lock-in that saw us emerge, stupified, into the cold steel morning at beyond breakfast time.

Crookers : On the Mix (Oct '08)

I have to say I haven't been the biggest fan of the Crookers - sure, a year or so ago when they were windin' up more of a baile sound, it was real fun dropping the odd track in sets, but in the past year there's been too much f*dget heading into cartoon buffoonery territory, which ultra-abrasive and groove-free productions (if you thought the Metallica album sounded bad, then try Trevor Lovey's 'Maximization Nation' for size - deliberately ironic I know, but oh dear on the ear).

Anyway, always up for hearing what the group leaders are up to, here's a new mix from the Italian duo - make up yer own minds :)

Crookers on the mix from BBC Asia.

1. Brand New - Beastie Boys
2. Jags Klimax ft. Sarbjit - mama so proud crookedit
3. Unknown - Crookers
4. Mujava - Township funk Original + C KKOMPANY -Speaker Bajae +Crookedit
5. Kids - MGMT , Soulwax rmx
6. Jah Jah Me No Born Yah - Cornell Campbell
7. The Cut - Benga
8. Moneymaker - Dj Deeon feat. Dj Funk
9. Tigerstyle+Pelao - Isa GT feat. Crookers
10. Under The Sun - Herve mix
11. GNG BNG - Flying Lotus + DES_C - NACHNA HONDA
12. Joan of Ark - Crookers Pimp My Ark mix

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Traktor Pro

Finally! Cover artwork support in the new update (or in this case of Native Instruments it's called Crate Flick, whatever) ... my last complaint about digital DJing – browsing for music – is now sorted out. Minisite with videos of the new interface here.

Although my favourite new addition ... Mulholland Drive :)