Tuesday, 26 January 2010

MSTRKRFT through the Blende(r)

It's been a while since we heard from Blende. I still hark back to those halcyon days when they were collaborating with Miles Dyson and had more of a techy slant to their productions, but for sheer noisy ruckus this is tops.... here for you in pristine 320 :)


Friday, 22 January 2010

Looking back > Going forward #3

Looking back > Going forward #3
A column by BlandF

With the christmas and new year break firmly out of the way, a much needed musical hiatus is also now finished. So straight back in, head first to the ever astounding world of underground dance music. After reintroducing myself to some of the inform producers of 2009, seeing that in 2010 they've just carried on like the runaway trains of the previous year. It seems, there are also some new head-turners in the midst. And so we go.... The amalgamation of Zuul & Benjamin Vial, two very tech biased minds, has brought a project that promises to grow some pretty fine fruits over the coming months. Machine Electrique. And to introduce there new sound, they've made a pretty tasty re-rub of one of the finest acts ever, in my honest opinion....
Portishead - Glory Box (Machine Electrique Projet) by Machine Electrique

Lot49 have started the year with a very appreciative nod to new producers. Not only are they fronting a new compilation that consists soully of new producers but they're introducing some new flavours to their releases too. Dylan Rhymes has gone toe to toe with Tom Real for his latest release with 'Godzilla' which brought a burgeoning remix package along with it, but of this package was an unknown gent (to me anyway), Fussy Boy. He kept the unrelenting bass and turned it into a heavy indie/nurave/pull-you-around-by-the-short-&-curlies track! Totally original! Also I have great pleasure in telling you, that I'm one of them lucky finalists to grace the forthcoming compilation, I introduce The Omega Men...
Godzilla (Fussy Boy Remix) by DYLANRHYMES

The Omega Men - Gus's Pickles (TASTER - Not mastered) by blandf

It doesnt stop there, fresh out of Bristol come another new act, in the shape of Sonic 3. Not content on just starting a night in the city, they aim to overthrow the listening public with their productions too. They'll be bringing you tech laden sounds with a take-no-prisoners attitude, here's a link to a forthcoming tune to show exactly their intentions...
Sonic 3 - Sonic Lab V1 [Lobe Records] by Stan Collins

Lest we forget the days of old though, especially myself at the moment. I have been listening intently to tracks for inspiration over the past few months, for that spark to bring forth another attempt at producing that future floor filler. None more so than the following two tunes, enjoy...

'til next time. x

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Meat Katie - January 2010 DJ MIx

Meat Katie very kindly got in touch today with a bangin' new mix, first posted right here on the Manifesto.

1. Pet Shop Boys 'in love with a german film star' (Gui Boratto remix) Kompakt (0.00-5.23)

2. Tiga 'Beep Beep Beep' (Its a Fine Line Remix) Turbo (5.23-11.38)

3. Beckers & Hatfield 'Excuse' (switchbox Remix) Sprout (11.38- 16.52)

4. Zodiac Cartel 'All day' U&A (16.52-21.23)

5 Ant Brooks 'That Place' (21.23- 21.56)

6. Les Gillettes 'Pompeli' (Obi Blanche remix) New Judas (21.56- 28.20)

7. Loops of Fury 'Soap' (Peo De pitte remix) U&A (28.20- 31.59)

8. Lee Coombs 'Detox' Meat katie Remix) Lot49 (31.59- 36.14)
9. Riton & Primary 1 'Whos there' (36.14- 40.00)

10 DJ Wool 'Strobelight' (Arveene & Misk Remix) Little Owl (40.00- 44.14)

11. Meat Katie 'The Tension' (Tony Senghore remix) Lot49 (44.14- 50.14)

12. Unknown 'Droplet (Auto erotic remix 1656 (50.14- 51.22)

13. Echo Vacio 'Heckle & Jde' Respekt (51.22- 55.38)

14. Omega Men 'Gus Pickles' Lot49 (55.38- 56.28)

15. Fergie 'Ragaroo' Excentric (56.28-60.10)

Meat Katie: Radio Mix: FEB 2010 (Free Download) by Meat Katie


Friday, 15 January 2010

Rektchordz :: DJ Mix Winter 2010

Rektchordz - Filthy Inspiration winter 2010 Mix

1. Kaiserdisco - Amalfino (MBF)
2. Zodiac Cartel - All Day (U&A)
3. Stripper - Stripper Theme (Giant Pussy)
4. Rektchordz - We Are Loud (CDR)
5. Samm Hell - Mothership (Rektchordz remix) (Trickery Collective)
6. Rektchordz - SpeakerBump (Loops of Fury) (U&A)
7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps (Elite Force Re-Fix)
8. Rektchordz - Lush (AUX)
9. Freerange djs - Back To The Old Jack (Rektchordz remix) (APE)
10. Tim healey, Felguk - RIO (Giant Pussy)
11. Freerange djs - Drop That Beat (IF:IM remix) (BadBowyBass)
12. Rektchordz - SpeakerBump (U&A)

Rektchordz - Filthy Inspiration DJ Mix

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Zodiac Cartel - Sweet Control VIP Mix (MASSIVE!)

So the Zodmeister strikes again with what's quite possibly his biggest track to date. This reworking of 'Sweet Control' had dancefloors across Australia in a right old state over the Xmas period, and it's now being served up for your own digital delight in WAV, FLAC or MP3 quality from the General's Brand New Webspace.

From the site you can also get the full Remix parts for Sweet Control, as well as the parts for previous singles 'We Don't Play That' and 'Beyond The Dancefloor. There is a load more content to come soon, but for the meantime check out that VIP mix, and if you're out in California, be sure to check the dollowing Zodiac Cartel shows this weekend.

Fri 15 Jan Zodiac Cartel, Will Bailey, Circuit Freq @ Avalon, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Sat 16 Jan Zodiac Cartel @ Voyeur, San Diego

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Decoder & Healey - Echoes in my Head (Zodiac Cartel Mix) [320]

This one goes back over a year now when we first gave it props here on TFM. At the time that Zodiac Cartel did this remix for Pablo Decoder & Tim Healey, they were operating under their 'Death Kit' moniker and the single was set for release on Lot49. The single has finally been readied for release and will be featuring remixes from Etienne de Crecy and Alex Gopher on Gopher's own GO4 MUSIC imprint.

The Zodiac Cartel remix has been secured for a FREE DOWLOAD release on the Cartel's own BRAND NEW WEBSPACE by clicking on the download link above.

Fat, wobbly, compulsive and Free!!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Reconstructing 'Smack My Bitch Up'

Jim Pavloff masterfully tears down a classic, sample by sample, nailing a near perfect reconstruction using Ableton Live. Not only is this tribute a humbling and highly educational tutorial to watch, but it also exemplifies how a number of tiny elements from a vast range of songs are laid together to make a wholly different sum. While it may not drive anyone to yet again consider the many questions and debates regarding sampling in electronic music, it is still a revealing examination of a classic tune at the hands of a talented producer.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps (Elite Force Re-Fix)

The Forecast :: Tech-Funk-Trax (002)

The Forecast #002
compiled by Adan

Early last month I posted a few tracks from producers in the Soundcloud group Tech-Funk-Trax. Erick Cooper, Ro551, Jurassik, and Go Diva started us out with a varied introduction to the sounds being produced in the group, and we continue that here with a few more tunes, quality for one reason or another.

Groovy, loopy and late night house track from Resoluto to kick it off. Slightly repetitive, but effective nonetheless. Reminds me of the Werk label circa 98.

Back in the Days (SC Edit)

Sine Language recently got a proper release for this minimal techy track.

My Addiction

Dirty and distorted - this cut by Nemaier is well suited for breakbeat, electro, and indie clash sets, or any floor that enjoys big beats and a dark synth.

Game Over

That's it for tonight. I'll soon start sorting through the lot that've been added the last coupla weeks. The beginning of the new year, respite from the holidays, the freezing temps and the inevitable ramp up to the looming music conferences always seems to stoke the creative fires, and we're all the better for it. I, and TFM in general, are always interested to hear the sound of the new year. So if ya still have yet to do so, get on with the gang already.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Eclectic Selector : Dec '09 Edition

New Eclectic Selector Column is up now on Beatport's 'Beatportal' site, including a whole bunch of recommendations > READ IT HERE