Thursday, 14 January 2010

Zodiac Cartel - Sweet Control VIP Mix (MASSIVE!)

So the Zodmeister strikes again with what's quite possibly his biggest track to date. This reworking of 'Sweet Control' had dancefloors across Australia in a right old state over the Xmas period, and it's now being served up for your own digital delight in WAV, FLAC or MP3 quality from the General's Brand New Webspace.

From the site you can also get the full Remix parts for Sweet Control, as well as the parts for previous singles 'We Don't Play That' and 'Beyond The Dancefloor. There is a load more content to come soon, but for the meantime check out that VIP mix, and if you're out in California, be sure to check the dollowing Zodiac Cartel shows this weekend.

Fri 15 Jan Zodiac Cartel, Will Bailey, Circuit Freq @ Avalon, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Sat 16 Jan Zodiac Cartel @ Voyeur, San Diego

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