Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Forecast :: Tech-Funk-Trax (002)

The Forecast #002
compiled by Adan

Early last month I posted a few tracks from producers in the Soundcloud group Tech-Funk-Trax. Erick Cooper, Ro551, Jurassik, and Go Diva started us out with a varied introduction to the sounds being produced in the group, and we continue that here with a few more tunes, quality for one reason or another.

Groovy, loopy and late night house track from Resoluto to kick it off. Slightly repetitive, but effective nonetheless. Reminds me of the Werk label circa 98.

Back in the Days (SC Edit)

Sine Language recently got a proper release for this minimal techy track.

My Addiction

Dirty and distorted - this cut by Nemaier is well suited for breakbeat, electro, and indie clash sets, or any floor that enjoys big beats and a dark synth.

Game Over

That's it for tonight. I'll soon start sorting through the lot that've been added the last coupla weeks. The beginning of the new year, respite from the holidays, the freezing temps and the inevitable ramp up to the looming music conferences always seems to stoke the creative fires, and we're all the better for it. I, and TFM in general, are always interested to hear the sound of the new year. So if ya still have yet to do so, get on with the gang already.


tellurian said...

Awesome pic of storm clouds is that one of yours Aden?

Adan said...

hey man, i wish i could say i snapped that. very foreboding huh. reminds me of life on the water, watching fronts move in.