Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Elite Force Live @ Rock Bottom, Burning Man 2009

I haven't had a chance to listen to this yet and I'd be surprised if it wasn't a little bit 'special needs' given the rate we were switching out both CDJs & brain cells, but here's an afternoon session for u from Burning Man.

Many thanks to Zach Moore, the whole Rock Bottom crew & the
Gough Street Sessions for the archiving and excellent hospitality.


I.D. - Tweaking (Free 320)

Really nice slice of genre-hopping dubsteppin' pie from I.D. And it's a freebie too :) Fill yer boots.

I.D. Tweaking LTD 320 by I.D.


Monday, 28 September 2009

Thursday, 24 September 2009

DJ Zinc : Crack House Mix (Sept 2009)

DJ Zinc just sent me a promo of a forthcoming 'EP' that he's doing under the 'crack-house' banner, a fitting one under which to place his unique gnarl. Mind you, when I say EP, I mean a 9 track collection of crackerjack house (yes, that's NINE tracks - how the fuck is that ever an EP??). Anyway, he has also put together an excellent hour-long mix of said 'CrackHouse'


ZincSeptCrackHouseMix by zinc

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

[Article] The art of the warm up DJ....

An excellent article from Resident Advisor. One every bedroom DJ and a number of quite established DJs should read!


Saturday, 19 September 2009

Worthy Live @ Rock Bottom, Burning Man 2009

Another fine live set from the Rock Bottom day parties at Burning Man 2009. This time, Worthy steps up to the dusty 1s & 2s.


Friday, 18 September 2009

Meat Katie Live @ Rock Bottom, Burning Man 2009

Meat Katie Live @ Rock Bottom, Burning Man 2009

Enjoy ... thanks to Zach & Gough Street Sessions for the recording.

The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows (Leftside Wobble Edit)

Came across this on Soundcloud. Shades of the Chems I believe ... in fact the Beatles lawyers tried to nail them for ripping it off on 'Setting Sun'. Which of course they never did. Ha!

The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows (Leftside Wobble Edit)-320K by Leftside Wobble

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Audiojack : On The Mix : Sept '09

Perennial TFM favourites, Audiojack, have another new DJ mix to share. Don't sleep on the ear candy :)

1. Adam Ant Project – Kick Trump (Original Mix)
2. Markus Homm, Mihai Popoviciu & Jay Bliss – Bis Co (Original Mix)
3. Mauro Picotto – Diamond (Hugo & Papini Mix)
4. Fog – Congamusement
5. London FM – Drummin (Manu L Remix)
6. The Glitz – Phasing (Daniel Steinberg Mix)
7. Katoline – La Mas Guapa (Original Mix)
8. Minicoolboyz – Welcome to my House (NDKj Mix)
9. Joris Voorn – Sweep the Floor (Original Mix)
10. NDKj – Andy’s Boutique (Original Mix)
11. Coyu – Raw Sweat (Original Mix)
12. Audiojack – In the Hills (Original Mix)
13. Teruel – 20,000 Leguas (Balcazar Remix)


(Quality photo from Rob Boal)

Eclectic Selector : September '09 Edition

The second installment of my Eclectic Selector Column on Beatportal. This one's a special from Burning Man featuring Bassnectar, Dopamine, Kraddy, Underworld, Moguai & loads more. Please share the link & spread the word :)


Monday, 14 September 2009

BROADCAST: Weekend Warmer w/ Hi!-Population

Hi!-Population is a French producer and DJ for over 10 years. He's got a sharp taste for anything in groove and breaks, with strong kick and bass.

He's the founder of "Frenchbreaks.org", the main breakbeat hub in France.

Since the release of his widely acclaimed official remix of "Yo! Majesty - Club Action" on Labrok Records in 2007, he has been producing several tracks from nubreaks to funkybreaks.
His latest breaks remix for Basement Freaks' "That's Right" was released in July 2009 on Goodgroove Records, one of the major funkybreaks label.

After lots of gigs, radioshows and djing, he's back in the studio and now focusing on producing fresh and definitely baddest sounds as defined as fidget or filthy house (with a breakbeat taste!).
It all started (again) with a remix for Black Peter's Band's "It's Fucked Up" signed on Andrew Friendly's imprint "Gulp Communication" in April 2009.

After having produced a dozen of tracks this year, he was signed on several labels. His next releases will be out in a few weeks on Chicago-based Sick Recordings, UK's Filthy Bitch and Greek Erase Records.

**Benjamin Vial live mix**

Superpolitik - Waking The Dead [CDR/Trickery Collective]
Benjamin Vial - My House Is Burning [Plasma.Digital]
Dada Life - Rubber Band Boogie [Pickadoll]
Rampage - Loving U Is Easy [Nightshifters]
Pig & Dan - Costa Rica [Pickadoll]
Harvard Bass - 81 (Renaissance Man Remix) [Sound Pellegrino]
Mowgli - Nu Skool (Camel Remix) [CDR/Dead Fish]
Machine Electrique - Projet: Nexus [CDR]
The Loops of Fury - Flick A Switch [U&A]
Ben & Lex - Tha Bizniz (Benjamin Vial Remix) [Ape]
Gregor Tresher - 95 Days [Ovum]
Benjamin Vial - Midnights (Echotech Remix) [Plasma.Digital]

**Hi!-Population guest mix**

Andrew Friendly - It's the Weekend (Melt Mash 12") [Gulp Communications]
Spanglet Ballet - Destruction Friday (Stupid Fresh Remix) [Venga Digital]
Foamo - Rockerman (Lee Mortimer Remix) [Wearhouse Music]
Alex Kidd - I Feel It (Dirty Mix) [Dynamik Musik]
Hi!-Population - This Way [CDR/Sick Recordings]
Kelevra - Love You So feat. Kop Out [Venga Digital]
Alex Kidd - Baddest DJ [Dynamik Musik]
Hi!-Population - Bring That B! [CDR/Erase Records]
Bass Weazal - Break The Bomb (Respect To Kenny Dope) [CDR]
Spin Laden - Whip That (Rampage Remix) [Content]
Will Bailey - Hit The Club (Sydney Samson Remix) [Simma Records]
Danny Soundz & Ruel Quiroz - Rock The House (Hirshee Remix) [Sick Recordings]
Benjamin Vial - Never Look Back (Hi!-Population Remix) [CDR/Plasmapool]
Torvill & Deen - D Minor [Filthy Bitch]
Boy 8-bit - Baltic Pine [This Is Music Ltd.]

Benjamin vial w/ Hi!-Population - Brap FM - 11/09/09 by benjaminvial

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Burning Man @ Nightfall 2009

This is pretty much a personal timeline based around a few crazy hours on the Friday night (although sadly I didn't film any of my own set on the Robot Heart bus ... too busy digging the Playa dust out of multiple CDJs :).


Thursday, 3 September 2009


Big big thanks to Caroline for an amazing guest mix, more twists and turns than Alton Tower's rollercoasters! Great to hear the sound is thriving in her native Brazil and safe to say her adoring masses are always in for a treat when she graces the ones & two's! If you missed out on the show or want another helping, please get on the download in the archives below...


Zuul 1st Hour:

1. Shades Of Gray - Audio Chip (Hirtenfellner Remix)
2. Wacker & Zittrich - Rough Collies
3. Extrawelt - Trummerfield (Oliver Huntemann Remix)
4. Marco Bailey & Tom Hades - Spektral
5. Spartaque - Inclination
6. Filthy Rich - Natay (Rudi Stakker Remix)
7. Hollen - Beat Active (Piatto Remix)
8. Loco & Jam - Medusa
9. Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Spektre Remix)
10. Zuul - Kaneda!
11. Quince - Wires

Carol Campos Guest Mix:

1. D-Nox & Beckers - Cala a Boca (Meat Katie remix) [Sprout]
2. Kamuki - Beers & Berlin feat. Casio (Workidz Air-Cooled remix) [Spin Out Records]
3. Matt Correa - The DJ Dead (Dopamine remix) [Vacation Records]
4. Dylan Rhymes - I am Sweet feat. Pablo Decoder (Tom Real Remix) [Lot 49]
5. Circuit Freq - ZonderZug (Randolph & Mortimer remix) [Circuit Freq Records]
6. Blatta & Inesha - Punching [Hell Yeah]
7. Meat Katie - Lucia [CDR]
8. Zodiac Cartel - We Don't Play That (Mike Hulme remix) [U&A]
9. Keemerah - Metrobasement (Myagi remix) [Big Fish Recordings]
10. Toy Robots - Computer Games (Jono Fernandez remix) [Vinyl Pusher Records]
11. Meat Katie - Tension [CDR]
12. Jinx - Big Fat Ass feat. Brainz (Rektchordz remix) [YellowFinger]
13. General MIDI - Audio Assault [Distinct'ive Records]


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

BROADCAST: Weekend Warmer w/ Ecarat

Here is the first post here concerning my radio show called Weekend Warmer: 2 hours of underground dance music twice a month on a Brighton-based web-radio called Brap FM.
For this episode, I had the privilege to host a guest mix by French DJ Ecarat.

It's been 12 years that DJ Ecarat has been generous with the crowds, giving them a fresh, groovy and eclectic selection. Always curious and never stuck in a single style, he's been from fidget to electro, minimal to trance or crazy breakbeat (or the other way round), and he knows exactly how to make you jump!
He is a member of the Rewind and Electric Diamond crews with which he is hosting the "Are You Fidget?" parties in Paris.
For this show, he has prepared exactly what your body needs on a friday night! Get ready to shake it!!!

**Benjamin Vial live mix**

Tony Senghore
- Knife [Anonym]
Boy 8-Bit - Fogbank (Tommie Sunshine Relax Edit) [Trouble & Bass/CDR]
Sabb - I Can Do It [Galaktika]
Jerome Sydenham - My Pet Gorilla [Apotek]
Samuel L Session - Big Bad Drum [Be As One]
DJ Yellow Pres. Mindz Kontrol Ultra - Space Soon To Vanish [Ovum]
Ben & Lex - Tha Bizniz (Metro Boy Remix) [APe]
Itamar Sagi - Fiona [Ovum]
Hermanez Jaxx - Fly Life On The Gold Coast (Jamie McHugh Cheeky Mashup) [CDR]
Lee Mortimer & Foamo - It’s Going Down [Wearhouse]
The Loops Of Fury - Flick A Switch (DJ Dan & Mike Balance Mix) [U&A]
Will Bailey & Wongo - The Cannock Wobble (Hot Mouth Remix) [Simma]
2 Live Crew - Party (2 Bit Thugs ‘Badboy Bmore 2×2′ ReRub) [CDR]

**Ecarat guest mix**

Yacek & Hot Mouth - T.E.A.S.E. [PBR]
Rhythm Rockerz - Funky Beats [Tasty Trax]
Aquilaganja - Rok Da Dance (Defunct!’s Jackin Remix) [Operating System]
Defunct! - Snap Phooey feat. Loc E (Vocal Mix) [PBR]
Leko & Bag Lady - Decoder Ring (Charles Feelgood Remix) [Tharsis]
DSL - If You Like It ft. MC Spanish Fly (Will Bailey Remix) [Missspelt]
Ruud Mover Feat Miss Amberlie - Love Shock (Escobar and Vito Remix) [Deep Blue]
Project Cyborg - Hey Ladies [Monkey See Monkey Do]
DJ Shaolin - Right Here [2R]
Kid Komas - Raving Buck [CDR]
Aniki - Hip Hop Thrilla [Sick]
Fred Worx - Check It (Thomas Hoff Remix) [CDR]
Audius - Body Body (Calvertron Remix) [Velcro City]
Idiot Boyz - Old Sleemy Cream [CDR]
Cold Blank - Your Love Is Electric (Alex Kidd Dirty Remix) [Burn The Fire]
Kick-Oh - Hold Me (Calvertron Remix) [Jack Knife]
2-Robots - Tyme 2 Ryme (Electro Mix) [Blue Beam]
Omni - Danger (Alice And The Serial Numbers Remix) [Tasty Bytes]
Alex Kidd - Baddest DJ (Original Mix) [Dynamic]

Listen and download down there!

Benjamin Vial w/ Ecarat - Brap FM - 28/08/09 by benjaminvial