Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Daft Punk win.

Guess who is BACK!? Indeed it's me. Having taken quite a lengthy vacation, Bleek is back at the Manifesto. A quick return post from me.

If you've been following me anywhere on the internet lately, you would have seen me raving about the return of the robots, Daft Punk. Anticipation is building around their scoring of Tron: Legacy and holy hell am I excited; I'm the same level of excited as I was when The Chemical Brothers announced Further, probably more actually.

What makes this more interesting? The rumours around their return to the live shows. Nothing has been announced, but instead the french duo decided to pop at a Phoenix concert. Completely unannounced.

Holy. Crap.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Looking Back > Going Forward #5 Remixes

It goes without saying, for every release there seems to follow the remixes, often on more than one occasion. Ok, if the track has taken a great initial reception, it only seems justifiable that a burgeoning package of remixes should follow.

But, as it is with all remixes, whilst some are momentous (often better than the original) there will be others that are the filler that haven't taken the amount of effort the original so rightly deserved.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Tech-Funk Hit Parade (11/Oct-10)

A lovely new feature here on TFM ... we decided it was high time we featured a handful of the latest Beatport charts from various movers & shakers from within the scene. We'd encourage anyone with current (or VERY recent) charts on Beatport that you think might be interesting to our readership to EMAIL US us the direct link for inclusion in the next Hit Parade :)

ELITE FORCE 'Burnt Out & Blown Away' CHART

VANDAL 'Tonight We're Gonna Riot' CHART



PIG & DAN 'Rolling Tunes' CHART




Underworld - 'Bird 1' Remix Competition

Underworld are one of the most iconic groups in electronic music, from their star turn on the Trainspotting soundtrack (which helped kick off the electronica boom in the U.S.) to their groundbreaking albums and live performances.

Now, you can be a part of that legacy. Underworld are offering you the chance to remix “Bird 1,” co-produced by Dubfire, from their new album, Barking. Contestants will have a shot at thousands of dollars worth of prizes provided by Beatport, KRK Systems, Native Instruments, SHURE, JanSport, and Underworldlive.com.

Hit the link below for further details.


Monday, 11 October 2010

Electric Soulside - Mixtape October 2010

Electric Soulside are a Belgian duo based in Brussels. Brothers, Patrick and Steve Hoody, have established themselves in the recent years due to their unpredictable tendency to merge styles such as: electro, techno, house and breakbeat.

Direct Download

Monday, 4 October 2010

Lee Coombs - Techfunk Podcast Episode #7

Heavily involved in the process of putting tracks together for his next album, tech-funk legend Lee Coombs is still finding the time to throw out the stellar mixes via his podcasts.

Seeing as everyone jumped at the old skool breaks he threw down on the last one, he's kept that broken flavour going with some heavy nuskool samplings.

With fresh stuff on the podcast from Uberzone, Vandal, the man himself and some pretty heavy electro & techno efforts from Miles Dyson & Popof, this one's proved to be yet another set for full rotation for the month ahead!

Download Here