Thursday, 21 October 2010

Looking Back > Going Forward #5 Remixes

It goes without saying, for every release there seems to follow the remixes, often on more than one occasion. Ok, if the track has taken a great initial reception, it only seems justifiable that a burgeoning package of remixes should follow.

But, as it is with all remixes, whilst some are momentous (often better than the original) there will be others that are the filler that haven't taken the amount of effort the original so rightly deserved.

But this column isn't to pick away at those remixes I regard as donkey-trough fodder, but to look at the pedigrees of the more professional stables. Some of those remixes are never made 'official', but are purely completed for the satisfaction of making their own stamp on it and playing out to the baying masses on the dancefloor, even handing them out as free downloads at times, (to whom I doff my cap!!).

Being the techno fiend that I am, it's safe to say I've trawled many an online record store and artist web page looking for that track that will blow the next party apart. And none more so than the following tune. As if the original of Deepgroove's 'Annihilate' wasn't good enough, Joseph Capriati takes the twitchy, driving beast by the horns and throws it about the place like a rag doll! Front of the wallet fodder for the next few months I'm sure.

It would be rude not to show some love to one of the finest Bristolian exports, Deepgroove. Proving their at the top of their game with endless amounts of quality over the past few years they've kindly given away a remix of theirs via their soundcloud. Take a listen to their remix of Sei A's 'Lazers', undoubtedly a fine effort and all the more better when it's free!

Sei A - Lazers (Deepgroove Remix) (TURBO RECORDINGS) by

Unbelievably, this next track was given away by Boy 8-Bit, his take on Burial's 'Archangel' was widely welcomed, not only because they knew the quality that was to follow but the fact he took what was a moody, dark, sweeping dubstep tune and allowed a lot of 4/4 dj's to put it into their sets and give it a much more club-friendly feel. There's no doubting this is still being played today, why wouldn't you?! It's phenomenal!

It goes without saying, Boy 8-Bit really know how to make a track, but also definitely knows how to make a mixset too! Yes, it's full of his works, but when it's of the quality you come to expect from him... who the hell would begrudge him for doing so? I certainly wouldn't, as this next helping has been on full rotation since May!

Boy 8-Bit Promo Mix May 2010 by boy8bit

As said above there are producers out there who know how to take an already acclaimed masterpiece and make it his own. With this one there's no denying, I started listening with a bit of scepticism, having approached one of mine, and many others favourite classics. Little did I know Ant Brook's had taken Lil Louis's 'French Kiss' and made it an all new fresh track that will overcome any party. A truly amazing effort! Oh, and he's kept 'that' breakdown, which always leaves a room blushing! Ha!

Lil' Louis - French Kiss (Ant Brooks XXL Rerub) by antbrooksmusic

I'm gonna finish up with what you could call, ol' reliable. This proudly sits on vinyl tucked away as a prized possession that I will never let go of, even if the missus keep's saying we need room! I'll let my digital copy take the brunt of the work now, as there's no denying it takes a fair beating.

Being a pretty big fan of New Order's work already, holding that indie-kid heritage dear. When I found out Lee Coombs was taking on their 'Crystal', the excitement was overwhelming!
He took what was already a fine effort from New Order and made it into one those momentous tunes that gets every party moving. One of those tracks that allows you to crossover from many a genre and can sit perfectly at the start of a night or finishing it off. Techfunker's, listen, learn.... but no doubt you have already.

[A Column by Paul Blandford]


Bobby Kessler said...

Coombs's 'Crystal' remix is absolutely EPIC! Still spin it regularly.

Blandf said...

Glad you feel the same way Bobby. Nice one.