Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Elite Force :: Triple J Mix :: Dec 2009

To mark the Xmas shows in Australia, I was invited to do an exclusive one-hour mix for Triple J, and here it is for your listening pleasure.


01 Intro - Lovefest [CDR]

02 Cirez D - On/Off [Mouseville]
03 The Loops of Fury - SOAP (original) [U&A Recordings]
04 The Loops of Fury - SOAP (Peo de Pitte Mix) [U&A Recordings]
05 Elite Force - The Law of Life [U&A Recordings]
06 TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Vs Elite Force Re-Fix) [CDR]
07 Benga - 26 Basslines (Elite Force Re-Fix) [CDR]
08 Max Morrell - Back Yard Riddim [Cheaper Thrills]
09 Zodiac Cartel - Stay On Top [U&A Recordings]
10 Tim Healey & Felguk - Rio [Giant Pussy Records]
11 Dashka - Klez (Matteo DiMarr Mix) [MAR186]
12 Monolythe - Siberia (JELO Mix) [Big Alliance]
13 Deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Elite Force Re-Fix) [CDR]
14 Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok [Phantasy Sound]
15 Elite Force, Daniel Papini, Harnessnoise - Harness The Nonsense [U&A Recordings]
16 Elite Force, Calvertron - Reclaim Control [U&A Recordings]

Happy Holidays,

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Forecast :: Tech-Funk-Trax

The Forecast #001
A new column by Adan

The Soundcloud group Tech-Funk-Trax now includes a few hundred members and over two hundred tracks and mixes mostly residing within the broad borders of the TechFunk super genre. I've given a listen to a large chunk of the individual tracks, and will continue to do so as often as possible to help create more exposure to contributors in the group. Some of this stuff is top drawer, production wise and all that. Other tracks linked here just have that raw groove, or a solid loop or idea that could incite a crowd at the right moment.

Deep, dark and slightly off compass to start this synopsis. Be Patient digs into the techno early and hits the rave note at the half with solid results.

Be Patient by go!diva

Crzy Btch is one of those electro bangers with a catchy lead and punchy production. And it scores a little higher for me as it could very well serve as anthem for some of the more interesting lovelies I've made familiar with.

Erick Cooper - Crzy Btch (First Preview) by Erick Cooper

The sample "in the air" while already a household sample, still works over a driving lowend crafted by the prolific Ro551. Loopy for days and generous with the download.

Ro551 - Seres De La Noche (Original Mix) by RO551

One of my personal favourites I've run across in the group. It appeals to my broken beat leanings right off and tops that with acid lines, rollin bass and a party vibe.

Jurassik - Like This by Yellowfinger

This is just a small sampling of the creativity the Tech-Funk-Trax contributors have shared. Expect at least a couple more posts in the very near future showcasing more of the Soundcloud group, and if you wanna join & go into the pot for future Forecasts, then JOIN HERE.

Monday, 7 December 2009

House Of God - Electric Soulside Rmx :: Free 320

Free 320 remix of "House Of God" by D.H.S. - given the electro treatment by Electric Soulside who've seen fit to pad the testimonial with an accompanying video. These boys have been rackin up big support as of late with a couple of new remixes out on the Promo Records and Sick Recordings labels.

D.H.S. "House Of God" (Electric Soulside Rmx)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sunday, 29 November 2009

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Circuit Freq (FREE 320 inside)

Interview by Benjamin Vial.

We've been hearing about Circuit Freq for some months now, as an anonymous duo from Los Angeles releasing dark tech funk bombs on their own Circuit Freq Records, teaming up with top rated remixers in the past like Stupid Fresh, Dopamine, Calvertron, Vandal, Pablo Decoder, Z-Listers, Electrixx, Charlie Fanclub, Joe and Will Ask?, Acid Jacks, and for their next single "The Filth" releasing in a few weeks with Zodiac Cartel and Will Bailey.

- Hello Circuit Freq, there is a kind of a mystery around you and your music. Are you really human? (Don't say "we are the robots", it's been used already!)

Yes, still human for now, but not for long if you believe Ray Kurzweil! He figures that with the exponential advances in technology the “singularity” will happen (he hopes) in his lifetime, and he’s in his 60s I think. That refers to a point in history where the exponential changes really take off, including (he hopes) transferring his consciousness to a machine. They are up to the level of a cat’s brain now in computing power so we’ll see.

- On your Myspace page, your influences are listed as machines only. What artists brought you to the kind of music you're producing now?

Ah yes, well we do have a love for machines but in fact, our friend Joel (Deadmau5) actually gave incitement to start Circuit Freq. I’ve also loved DJing and listening to Club music for many years which is why we are so active in having our projects remixed by dance producers for club use as it inspires new directions and ideas for all our groups.

- How would you describe your sound to someone who doesn't know you?

We have been told we sound very “U.S.” or “L.A.” but I hope we will move beyond that. We are still very new at this so we are continually evolving our sound and style. I think when we first started we wanted to come out with our guns blazing! So we did a few “bangers” now we are moving into more techy, funky and bouncy tracks.

- How do you start a new track? What inspires you?

Lately, something will spark an idea for the title and it just grows out of that. Our new track “the Filth” was inspired by a picture I took of a neon sign, and it was easy to imagine what that track was going to sound like! Sometimes it’s just the need for a certain kind of track in one of my DJ sets that will send us in a certain direction.

- What is your setup for production?

We both have studios at our homes with fairly close matched Protools systems which form the recording hub. We’ll do the bulk of the work together at one or the other studio and then instant message the session file with tweaks of the final mix back and forth. I’ll invoke a laptop running Logic to get certain kinds of grooves going that it does well. There is no sacred piece of gear that is always used but a Frostwave analog sequencer most often gets the bass lines started because of the unique results of a hands on way of programming. That’ll typically feed CV to an old Arp, Little Phatty, Oberheim Matrix 6 or Korg MS 20. There’s a Future Retro Revolution for a varietal of that approach. Sometimes we mangle things up through a Sherman Filterbank, or heat up the input stage of a Universal Audio 6176. We’re not analog purists either and happily grab a digital unit or softsynth. I devised a CV patchbay that will probably get its first test on the next track we do, and there’s a Moog MP-201 integrated into that as well.

- Seeing your interest in analog material, what is your favorite vintage machine?

The ones we don’t have yet! The good shit is getting rare and expensive. Damn you ebay! You used to be able to pick stuff up from little old ladies at a garage sale: “I think it’s broken, it only plays one note at a time”. Now everyone can find out what shit is worth, haha.
Arp 2600 donations would be graciously accepted. But of the stuff we have, the Matrix 6 is pretty sick. I always feel we scratch the surface of its capabilities, but now that all of its CV/gate inputs are wired to the patchbay it’s ready to go deeper.

- When can we expect the release of that new EP with Zodiac Cartel and Will Bailey remixes?

We are hoping to get it out before the end of the year!

- Tell us a bit about your label Circuit Freq Records.

The label was basically created to release our own music and our friend’s music. We’ve also had a lot of requests to release other artists on the label so we must be doing something right! We will be gradually starting to take some of them up on it and gauge whether the responsibilities of running a label are too distracting from making music.

- What is planned in 2010 for Circuit Freq?

We will continue to release original tracks every quarter and I will start DJing some selected gigs under the name Circuit Freq. In the future we want to do more of a “live” performance together as Circuit Freq but only when we have enough material to make it a full “show”.

And specially for the Tech Funk Manifesto, they're giving away their first track called Black Chrome! Thanks guys! ;)


Buy all their tracks at Beatport!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

AC Slater - Calm Down (Elite Force Re-Fix)

Coming soon as a free download, this is a preview of another installment in the (p)Revamped series as Elite Force gears up for a major album release in February 2010 on U&A. This one will be dropping, first & foremost to members of the MAILING LIST sometime in January....

AC Slater - Calm Down (Elite Force Re-Fix) 128 TASTER by Elite Force

Monday, 23 November 2009

Rogue Robots :: DJ Mix

Rogue Robots mixing it up in support of their new release, "Bass EP" on the Mode 2 label. Two of the tracks from the EP are featured in this set, including my pick, the simple yet elegant growler, "Bass". I started the day with this mix and skipped the usual cup of iced caffeine. Nice and tough.


Rogue Robots Mix

Unique 3 :: DJ Mix

Long overdue to post, but better late...Mutate Records promo DJ mix (from label head Unique 3) which supports the eclectic bunch in series, Mutations Vol. 3. The 10 track EP has generated a wide range of attention as it's a total mix of techno, electro, house and leftfield shenanigans. The same can be said for this mix, as it spans a large percentage of dance genres over the course of an hour and a half.

1. Hector Hernandez - Lounge Beat
2. Mad EP - Acid Jig
3. Koian - Drop It
4. Hector Hernandez - Soothing Wind
5. Si Begg - Come Correct
6. Unique 3 - Song For Rohan
7. ADSR - Linguality
8. Auddie - Ein Bergamotte
9. Bibhas - Something Broken
10. Unique 3 - Take This Love (Monstr Remix)
11. Momentum - On Your Way
12. Christian Woodyatt - Banjax
13. DJ Alex Graham - Fortune Teller
14. The Enemy Within - Scared
15. George Lanham - Exeter Era
16. Mark Archer - Trinity
17. Super Deejay Bobzilla - Rip Dat Shit
18. Unique 3 - Take This Love (Milanese Remix v Si Begg Remix)
19. Ki-Yota - A New Way
20. Unique 3 - If I Lose It
21. Cakeboy - Skyrider
22. Si Begg - The Bleeps (Original v Shades of Rhythm Remix)
23. Underpass - Behind Your Shoulder
24. Shinra – Edge

Unique 3 DJ Mix

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Looking Back > Going Forward #2

Looking Back > Going Forward #2

Having witnessed one of the most amazing sets in a long time at the recent Resident Advisor night at the Warehouse Project, Manchester. I thought what better way to bring in the next LB>GF instalment, than with an ode to one of the most consistent producers of recent times, Claude Vonstroke.

There's no discounting the fact this man has made a gargantuan impression on the underground dance scene over the past few years, with countless productions that have left lasting impressions on many dj's who have bought his work and the people who have got lairy to them on the dancefloors. These next 2 tracks are, in my eyes (or should I say ears?), the finest tunes from the feathered figure...

When this track was initially released there was no denying the fact I had to have it straight away, it encompassed everything I was enjoying hearing and playing at the time, quite easily my favourite remix from him. A chunky rolling drumline, elevated by some spooky synth work and a cheeky vocal sample with one of my favourite breakdowns ever, which Claude is no stranger too...


Having heard this next track prior to heading up north to check out his set at the Warehouse Project, I dont think I have ever been excited quite like I was to hear a track be played out... especially in such a venue as Manchester Picadilly Arches! The track, 'Monster Island' (Godzilla Dub Drop) leaves no prisoners, the sub bass throughout this dub techno monster melts faces, honest, I witnessed it! And the drop alone leaves a room punching the air like a ghost has just groped them! I managed to record some good footage of the tune and the response it got. Dont fgorget you'll find this on his latest album 'Bird Brain'.

'til next time. x

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Zodiac Cartel - Stay On Top

Zodiac Cartel - Stay On Top (128k TASTER) by Zodiac Cartel

I Like Skirts - Maelstrom Rmx :: Free 320

Easy all, just got this one sent over - a free (and unreleased) remix from the talented and genre flouting french producer Maelstrom. The Original is by Shilas Bedroom Fashion - release number three for the Katorza label, out soon on vinyl and mp3. The beats here are stripped to the third shift and the bass is all Mael method, with Californian rapper Ms Vybe contributing a delivery that adds a twist atop Mael’s usual sound. Party starter stuff. Check the Maelstrom and Redux remix of the Original for a more bangin interpretation.

I Like Skirts - Maelstrom Rmx

Maelstrom on Soundcloud

Deadmau5 - Ghosts & Stuff (Elite Force Re-Fix) [FREE 320]

Deadmau5 - Ghosts & Stuff (Elite Force Re-Fix) by Elite Force

In February, Elite Force releases a landmark album of re-fixes, mashups & re-edits, 'RE:VAMPED', on his U&A Recordings imprint. The album will be toured with a brand new A/V tour from February > FULL TOUR DETAILS / BOOKINGS

Initially given out to the U&A MAILING LIST (as will all of these freebies), the first of these re-rubs is now being unleashed to the blogs, and where better to start than here :)

"There were a number of reworks that couldn't be officially acquired for the album, so we decided we would do a series of free downloads under the 'PRE:VAMPED' banner, prior to it's release, starting with the Deadmau5 re-fix which has already had close to 7,000 plays on Soundcloud".

DEADMAU5 - Ghosts 'n Stuff (Elite Force Re-Fix) [320] > DOWNLOAD LINK

Friday, 20 November 2009

Cartridge Kings

The Outsider is an insider (shock horror!) : Mix inside

In the mid nineties the Junior Boys own label was at the peak of its powers, releasing music from Underworld, the Chemical Brothers and X-Press 2 and amongst this triumvirate of soon to be pop stars came some of the best underground techno & house music of the decade from the duo of Marvin Beaver and Justin Drake setting forth under the moniker Outsider. Fast forward almost a decade and a half and both Beaver and Drake look back on considerable successes under the banners of Dylan Rhymes and Peace Division respectively. However it seems for Beaver at least there is some unfinished business here, and so he has decided to take matters into his own hands, saying farewell to Justin Drake and setting out on his own under! After lying dormant through the change of millennia and beyond it’s now time for Outsider to rise from the still warm ashes of its distant past to once again set alight the dancefloors of the present.

The eponymously titled ‘Outsider EP’ has come home to roost on the Lot49 label & you can grab it at BEATPORT now.

The eager Beaver has also done a brand new promo mix ... one-hour of deep & techy goodness for your downloading pleasure :)

OUTSIDER NOV 09 MIX by Outsider



Thursday, 19 November 2009

[UP & COMING] Zach Moore : On The Mix

A native of Ohio and San Francisco resident of 15 years, Zach Moore was introduced to house music in 1999 and began DJing in 2003. Today he's known in the San Francisco dance community for his affiliations with two legendary Burning Man-based collectives, The Deep End/Rock Bottom (since 2006) and The Space Cowboys (beginning January 2010).

While it was house music that launched Zach's career, it is the combination of tech funk and breakbeat that sustain it. Among his main influences Zach counts Elite Force, Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes, The Plump DJs and The Stanton Warriors, making him the perfect candidate for our UP & COMING series.

In 2005, as a way to stimulate interest in his fledgling DJ career, Zach launched a house and breakbeat series called The Gough Street Sessions which he circulated to friends and his handful of fans through e-mail. Today The Gough Street Sessions is now a successful iTunes podcast with listeners all over the globe.

Upcoming Gigs:
November 20th - The Plump DJs at Mighty in SF with the Seismic crew
January 1st (his debut as a Space Cowboy) - Breakfast of Champions at Mission Rock in SF with Soul of Man

1. "Blow" feat. Mojo (Wrexx Remix) - Future Funk Squad
2. "Detox" (Burufunk Remix) - Lee Coombs
3. "Daily Grime" - Backbeat Soundsystem
4. "Put 'em Up" (NAPT Remix) - Beat Assassins
5. "Trouble!" (Deepcut Remix) - Soul Of Man
6. "Rude Boys" (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub) - Draax & Seavers
7. "Star 69" (Rogue Element Remix - Fatboy Slim
8. "I Am Sweet" (Ctrl Z Remix) - Dylan Rhymes feat. Pablo Decoder
9. "Back Up" (Krafty Kuts Remix) - Deekline & Wizard
10. "Insight (A Skillz Remix) - Fort Knox Five
11. "Do It" - Plaza De Funk
12. "Feelin' Kinda Strange" (Bass Kleph & Nick Thayer Remix) - Drumattic Twins
13. "Happy" (Go Home Productions Remix) - Max Sedgley

If It Ain't Broke, Fix It! (MP3 Version)
If It Ain't Broke, Fix It! (M4A Version) (with chapter markers)

Thursday, 12 November 2009

INTRODUCING ... Satori C (Colorado)

I came across Satori-C at this year's Burning Man Festival ... a result of one of those happy chance meetings that just happen when you're washed up in the desert on a sleepless diet for 5 days. Their Tone Age camp was a blast, with each & every DJ battling manfully with the crunch of the CDJ platters grinding through another dust storm. Since then, we've been in touch & I was very pleasantly surprised by some of the original tracks I heard on Soundcloud, so thought I'd share a couple with you. Rough, raw but what Soundcloud is all about IMO!

Take That_Satori.C by Satori-C

Satori-C has been diligently plugging away in the Colorado underground for a decade and a half now, amassing a modest but respectable collection of career milestones along the way. Velcro City Records, is his primary current release outlet for those wanting more than what his Soundcloud page has to offer.

MeltedChocolate_AHabit by Satori.C

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Meat Katie :: Dirty Stop Out Mix :: Nov '09

1. D-Nox & Beckers - Cala a boco (Meat Katie Remix) - Sprout
2. Matteo DiMar - Drumbotto - Mar186
3. Muzzaik - Going Underground - Stealth
4. Marco Bailey - Jungle lapse - Bedrock
5. Unknown (Noob remix)- CDR
6. Erphun - Pesadilla hermosa - (Pig & Dan Arpism remix) Audio Theropy
7. Christian smith & John Selway - 'Swingworld'
8. Maps- I Dream Of Crystal (Steve Lawler remix)- Mute
9. Zero z - Medicine Man (Noob remix) Chopshop
10. Outsider 'Tech App 1' Lot49
11. Infusion - Dogtown (Infusion Remix)- Ominis Recordings
12. Moby - I love to Move in Here - (Style of eye remix- MK re-Edit) Mute
13. Meat Katie - 'Lucia' - Lot49
14. Mark Trophy - 'Ripper' (Koen Groeneveld Remix) - Toolroom
15. Dustin- Zahn - 'Stranger to Stability' (Len faki Podium mix) - Rekids

Meat Katie's 'Dirty Stop Out Mix' (Nov 2009) FREE DOWNLOAD! by Meat Katie


Monday, 9 November 2009

Strongarm Sessions : Special Edition #03


Strongarm Sessions return for another 'Special Edition', mixed as ever, by Elite Force. This is a free download, but your comments are always appreciated on any of the links below. Enjoy the mix, and look out for a brand new mix CD entitled Re:Vamped from Elite Force in early 2010, featuring many of the mashups and re-edits that have graced the shows and DJ sets over the past 18 months or so.

Members of the U&A / EF mailing list will also be receiving a MONTHLY free download of one of Elite Force's legendary mashups, beginning on 16th November with the re-fix of Deadmau5's 'Ghosts N Stuff'. You can join here to get them upfront & straight to your inbox > SIGN UP


01 Nick Muir & John Digweed - Tangent (Timo Maas Mutantech Mix) [Bedrock] BUY
02 Pirupa, Pigi - Rough N Raw (Alan Fitzpatrick Mix) [Size Records] BUY
03 Monolythe - Siberia (JELO Mix) [Big Alliance] BUY
04 Loco & Jam - Medusa [Rekluse] BUY
05 Vandal - They're Here [Benefit] UNRELEASED
06 Elite Force, Harnessnoise, Daniele Papini - Harness the Nonsense [U&A] PROMO > BUY U&A
07 Mini Mode - Process (Marshall Mix) [303 Lovers] BUY
08 Spektre - Typhon [Yoshitoshi] BUY
09 Maelstrom - Vox Populi [CDR] UNRELEASED
10 The Loops of Fury - Soap [U&A] PROMO > BUY U&A
11 Elite Force - The Law of Life [U&A] PROMO > BUY U&A
12 TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Vs Elite Force Re-Fix) [CDR] FREE DOWNLOAD SOON
13 Benga - 26 Basslines (Elite Force Re-Fix) [CDR] FREE DOWNLOAD SOON
14 AC Slater - Calm Down (Elite Force Re-Fix) [CDR] FREE DOWNLOAD SOON
15 Skream - Rumble Inna Station [Dub Technic / Expresillion] BUY

DOWNLOAD LINK (zippyshare)
DOWNLOAD LINK (rapidshare)



Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Boxroom Show w/ Zuul & Schadenfreude


1st Hour - Zuul

1. Alexi Delano - Molar One [Clink]
2. Jerome Sydenham - Asama Rising [Ibadan]
3. Adam Beyer & Par Grindvik - Seq 2 - Turn [Drumcode]
4. SQL & Tom Real - Dark Matter [SK Supreme]
5. Benjamin Vial - Midnights [Plasma]
6. Adam K - Wrong Guru [Secret Weapons]
7. Mr Copy & Simon Stokes - Flume [Rekluse]
8. Abe Duque & Blake Baxter - Lets Take It Back (Joey Beltram Remix) [Process]
9. Savas Pascalidis - Deep Inside Your Eyes [Sweatshop]
10. Jesper Dahlback - Roret [AFU Limited]
11. Phil Kieran - RESP [Cocoon]
12. Guy J - Dust [Sudbeat]

2nd Hour - Schadenfreude Guest Mix

1. Dark is The Night For All (Original Mix) - Daniel Portman
2. As The Record Spins (Schadenfreude Remix) - Richard Dinsdale
3. Voiceover (Kiko Remix) - Joy Kitikonti
4. Rio Bravo Del Norte (Adam Shaw Remix) - Schadenfreude
5. On Off (Original Mix) - Cirez D
6. Organyc (Schadenfreude Remix) - Adam Shaw
7. Sibir (Original Mix) - Schadenfreude
8. To Cool 4 Skool (Adam K & Addy Remix) - Olivier Giacomotto
9. Billiess Mascotte (Nihad & Nima Remix) - Marco Brugattu
10. Norrec's 24hr Street Carnival (Original Mix) - Schadenfreude
11. Serenity (Original Mix) - Popof

Keep it BRAP! www.brap.fm w

Bassweazel :: On the mix :: November 2009

01 Bounce Camp ft. Jesty Beatz - Good Beat (Breakdown Remix)
02 Crookers - Put Your Hands On Me (Jesse Rose Remix)
03 Nick Ostertag - Get Hyped (Original Mix) CD-R
04 TLGB - Incredibly Soft (Shooting Horses Remix)
05 Sub Focus - Move Higher (Original Mix)
06 DJ Dan & Hatiras - Drop Hits (Santiago & Bushido Remix)
07 Mightyfools - Unknown (CD-R)
08 Bass Weazal ft. MC Majestic - 8 Million Ways To Rave (Original Mix) CD-R
09 Hirshee - The Rinse Out (Luvstuff Remix)
10 The Potbelleez - Nightmare (Original Mix)
11 The Wideboys - Sambuca (Will Bailey & Mikey Hook Remix) CD-R
12 Tommie Sunshine ft. Oh Shap - 5am (Black Noise Remix) CD-R
13 Benjamin Vial - Temporize (Aniki Remix) CD-R
14 Tom Deluxx Reactivate (Original Mix) CD-R
15 Mightyfools - Hoo Hah (Original Mix) CD-R
16 Subfocus - Could This Be Real (Original Mix)


Monday, 2 November 2009

Looking Back > Going Forward #01

Realising I have an enviable position here on the Techfunk Manifesto with being able to push sounds, I feel I haven't taken the advantage of which a lot of you readers would. So, let's get started, good n proper!

I'll be bringing you music of old, new and the future, all containing that irrepresible techfunk sound.

In the summer of 2004 I took to my first residency at a night called SUMO, 5 long years have passed and safe to say the party atmos of the early years still lives on, irrespective of the change in sounds that now quench our hearkening thirst. I remember having the satisfaction of spending my hard earned wage on lots of amazing vinyl, not having children or a mortgage would allow this at the time! One I truly couldn't wait to let rip on the Sumo masses, was a production courtesy of JDS & Mihell, going by the oddly named 'Purple Funk Monkey'. This low-slung, bass-hungry track took no prisoners and still to this day leaves people wincing from the sub bass damaging their organs... as the past weekend's crowd found out.

The past summer has been inundated with latin/tribal/jazz enfused tunes with almost to many to choose from. But there was one that didn't leave the front of my wallet the whole way through. This rolling, tribal, tech house number, 'Asi Baba' by Signore Dito (better known as Broombeck) & the Molisans Bros. always brought amazing responses, whether it be an already throbbing dancefloor or one just kicking off. Chant along, it's addictive!

Harvey Mckay has always been under my scope with his productions, and it's hard to find any flaws with his sound at all. Throbbing melodic techno seems to be his forte, with the odd lean to tech house tendencies. This forthcoming release steeps of what I truly like about him though, deep, dark, post-3am techno. The stuff to really get your head down and elbows out too.

Nightwalker / harvey demo by harvey mckay

'til next time. x

REMIX CONTEST : Rogue Element

Fancy a stab at remixing the Rogue Element?

Here's a huge remix contest for you : To mark the release of the new Rogue Element single Lumina (released end of Nov), Exceptional are giving you a chance to get your grubby mits on the stem audio files from the track. Feel free to kick them about, splice them with your own noises, throw them at the wall, paint them green, do whatever you like but bring us something to get excited about. The winners will be judged by Exceptional Records and Mr. Element himself.

The winner gets full promotion through Exceptional Records, including announcements on various web pages as well as mailing lists to thousands of media partners. Furthermore, the winning producer will get a stack of CDs from Exceptional Records - and if your remix is really, really good, it will be released on iTunes and Beatport.

So, head over to MYSPACE and listen to the original

You can get yourself the stems HERE

Once you're content with the result, go email it to info@exceptionalrecords.co.uk before November 13, including name and email address in the ID3-tags of your mp3. Please don't flood our inbox by sending files larger than 10MB.

Please note by entering the competition you agree to all the terms and conditions determined by Exceptional Records Ltd in relation to this competition.


Friday, 30 October 2009

Zodiac Cartel :: The Return!!

It's been a while since we've heard from Zod
, but the massive 'Sweet Control' will be dropping on U&A as part of the Loops of Fury mix album 'Tech:Funk (U&A Recordings Vol.1)' in November.

Here's a preview.

Sweet Control (128k TASTER) by Zodiac Cartel

Also out shortly is the massive remix of DJ Dan's reworking of the Mr Fingers classic 'Can U Feel It?' which has been a staple in many of the big guns' techfunk sets over the summer months.

DJ Dan & Mr. Fingers - Can U Feel It (Zodiac Cartel Remix) TASTER by Zodiac Cartel

You can keep up to date with all things Zodiac Cartel at the FACEBOOK PAGE and can grab both of these as soon as they are released from BEATPORT. Look out for more new Zodiac Cartel coming soon, including remixes for Hatrias, Lee Coombs and Rektchordz.

Monday, 26 October 2009

[FRESH BLOOD] DJ Deckard (Space Cowboys) on the mix

Deckard has become a fixture in the San Francisco scene after previously calling Seattle his home playing alongside the likes of Lee Coombs, Meat Katie, Plump DJs and a host of others. He commemorated his 4th Burning Man by becoming a member of the Space Cowboys and releasing this mix of dirty, driving, electro-fied mix of 4/4 and breakbeat tracks straight from the desert.

Check out his podcast or website for a generous helping of bay area inspired beats and a few surprises as well.

01. Yves V - The Skillz (Extended Mix)
02. Javi Mula - Come On
03. Dirty Funker - Flat Beat (Original Less Mix)
04. Dylan Rhymes - Kemptown (Sharooz Remix)
05. The Funk Out - They Call Me Sexy (Fortunes Sexy Fresh Mix)
06. DJ Assault - Ass n' Titties (Defunct Remix)
07. Jinx - Big Fat Ass (Rektchordz Remix)
08. Crackerz & Jam - Big Up Girl
09. Stanton Warriors - Precint (Plump DJs Remix)
10. Perpetual Present - Red Light On
11. Break the Box - Rock the Mic (High Eight Remix)
12. BPhreak - Firecrack (Plaza De Funk Remix)
13. The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors Remix)
14. Nick Thayer - Bonkers Banger
15. The Rogue Element - Mistakes

Download - http://bit.ly/SpaceCowboy
Website - http://deckard-dj.com/
Podcast - http://bit.ly/TMh2d

BROADCAST: Weekend Warmer

I'm alone in the mix this time, but you have lots of exclusive and massive tunes in it! Hope you'll like.
Guests coming again soon!

Makossa & Megablast - Marrakesh (Part 1 & 2) [International DeeJay Gigolo]
Paul Ritch - Carrrrramba (Monkey Mix) [Quartz]
Wehbba & Ryo Peres - El Masnou [BluFin]
Dubfire - Rabid [SCI+TEC]
Matzak - Magneto [Kompakt]
Benjamin Vial - The Eraser [CDR/Erase]
Zombie Nation - Mystery Meat Affair (Shadow Dancer Remix [Turbo]
Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - Death Suite (DJ Mehdi Simple Acid Edit) [CDR/Boysnoize]
Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club [Turbo]
Claude VonStroke feat. Bootsy Collins - Greasy Beats (Tech Funk Mix) [Dirtybird]
Frederik Olufsen - Drop That Beat (Benjamin Vial Remix) [CDR/Erase]
Flore - We Rewind (Youthman Club Mix) [CDR]
DJ Prosper & Old Skool Nemo - We Are The Bad Boys (Benjamin Vial 'Badder Than Bad' Remix) [CDR/Pig Balls]
Ajapai - What Do You Hear? [Wearhouse]
Lee Coombs & √úberzone - Right Now (Club Mix) [Lot49]
D.Ramirez, Mark Knight & Underworld - Downpipe (Dub Mix) [Toolroom]
Patrick Chardronnet - Days Like These [Poker Flat]
Bastard Beat - Chlorophylle (Rodriguez Jr Remix) [CDR/Scandium Records]
Machine Electrique - Projet: Kronos [CDR]
Alan Fitzpatrick - Static [Drumcode]
Len Faki - Death By House (Ed Davenport Remix) [Cocoon]
DJ Hell feat. P.Diddy - The DJ (Radio Slave Remix) [International DeeJay Gigolo]

Benjamin Vial - Brap FM - 23/10/09 by benjaminvial

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Krafty Kuts Free MP3 & DJ Mix

Free track from one of breakbeats' finest, the party breaks monster - Krafty Kuts. This re-edit of 'Rude Boys' by Draax & Seavers is taken from his new 2xCD comp, which includes no less than 20 scorching interpretations of some big tunes spanning a number of labels, paired with an impressive 28 track mix of Against The Grain bangers. Fair warning, this is straight up funky shit with vocals to spare. The double CD is downloading now, expect more than a few words on what's sure to be one of the bigger comps of the year.

Draax & Seavers ‘Rude Boys’ Krafty Kuts Rerub

Krafty Kuts is also offering away a DJ Mix, exclusive to and downloadable from Fenchurch Clothing, whose website already has a nice string of tailor made mixes (pun intended) available. Dig it.

Krafty Kuts DJ Mix

Track List
1. Krafty Kuts - Intro
2. Riton & Primary 1 - Who's That (Acapella)
3. The Dozens - Fake Blood (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
4. Tim Healey - Bring It Party (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
5. DJ Gant Man - Juke Dat Girl - Nadastrom Remix (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
6. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel - Armand Van Helden Remix (Krafty Kuts Re-rub)
7. Dizzie Rascal - Bonkers (Acapella)
8. Will Bailey - Hit The Club (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
9. Major Lazor - Pon De Floor
10. Don Diablo - Blow (Acapella)
11. Black Noise - Rocking It (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
12. Starkillers - Bitch Ass Tricks (Adsorb Edit)
13. Deekline Feat Tim Healey - Don't Smoke (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
14. Krafty Kuts - Children Of The Night
15. DJ Blaqstarr Feat feat Rye Rye - Shake It To The Ground (Acapella)
16. Proxy - Raven - Kazey & Bulldog Remix
17. Autodidkat - Ghetto Nonsense (Acapella)
18. Tim Healey & Tomcraft Feat DJ Assault - Electro On The Floor (KraftyKuts Re-Rub)
19. Jack Beats - Get Down VIP Mix (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Yep yep, now with the Sumo Podcast series in full swing, yours truly, STRETCH, has finally stepped up to the plate and condensed 12 tech fuelled house & techno tracks into one hour and a bit (I wanted to put more!). Download, turn the speakers up to 11 and... rock out!!



01: M.in & YNK – Le Fest (Thomas Schumacher Remix) [Frequenza]
02: Sandy Huner – Rare Tap (2000 and One Cut) [Remote Area]
03: Oliver Klein & Kolombo – Do The Right [303 Lovers]
04: DIY & Big Bully – Suck My Caulk [Tuning Spork]
05: Fabietto & Dragosh – Cala Mare (Sabb Remix) [SK Supreme]
06: Daniel Steinberg – Bailando [Front Room]
07: Santos & Alex Dolby – No Walls [Bedrock]
08: Ramon Tapia & BP – Down At The Offkeys [Jericho]
09: Radio Slave – Orchestrating Maneuvers In The Dark (Mike Monday Remix) [Om]
10: Claude VonStroke – Monster Island (Godzilla Dub Drop) [Dirtybird]
11: Format B – Redux [Formatik]
12: Nic Fanciulli & Andy Chatterley – Bottles [SCI+TEC]

[ADAN SPEAKS ... ] All rhodes lead home

Pardon my absence from these pages as of late, I've been tangled up inside the wiring of electronics for a spell, LEDs in my eyes, and resistors in my hands. And I've recently been spending an unhealthy amount of time back in the studio, home and proper, enjoying a long overdue reunion with my former production partner Sifter, and working on a punk/dance hybrid project. The beat obsessed never leave for long, I guess.

Fortuitous timing and the universe have a way of always bringing one back to the effort and the loop. And as we continue, headlong into eternity, whether we find ourselves at the intro, or at the break, it's sometimes necessary to reach for the pause, to catch our breath for a moment, before the build hits all the right notes and brings us back home to the moment where we began. Music junkie and bass monkey forever and ever amen (breaks).

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Santiago & Bushido - 'Head Trick Remixed'

Potty Mouth has consistently been one of the U.S. labels taking up the effort to redefine house, merging the traditional with the electro sound and the British fidget, while incorporating more than a few of those lovely and trippy rave nuances (I know, that's a total oxymoron). For PMM030, the Chi town label remixes up one of my favourites from their catalog, 'Head Trick' by Santiago & Bushido.

It's an ambitious effort - including four similarly styled 4/4 rubs that never stray too far from the O V. The standouts for me being the Rework and Troydon mixes, because I just love that unapologetic rave sound. Potty Mouth expands its genre offerings with a breaks cut by Keith Mackenzie & DJ Fixx - not the best I've heard from them, but to be fair, by this point in the EP I'd really just like to hear something other than the lead line over the broken beats. Nonetheless, it'll do well in many a set. And it seems that no release these days is complete without the gratuitous dubstep cut, half timed here by Jon Kennedy, who works the lead line and vocal sample to nice effect over the genre defining (and possible Achilles heel) ultra low wobble bass.

Ultimately, I would've liked to have seen more reckless abandon in the interpretations, but it may very well be too hard to strip away the elements of a track that are essential to making it so damn good in the first place. In any case, take a listen, there's bound to be something for most jocks in this package, and definitely take the opportunity to cue up some of the other releases in the Potty Mouth catalog. Some of their previous output are quite slammin tunes, filthy and totally befitting the label's name.

Head Trick Remixes EP

Backbeat Soundsystem - remixed by Rektchordz (FREE 320)

One of U&A's favourite sonz, Rektchordz, threw us a brand new 320 for free download. As the story goes, the death of a hardrive left this remix without the requisite dub version (as ever, the vocals won't be for everyone). The track, a remix of Backbeat Sounsystem - Daily Grind, sees the young tech-funk superhero on prime form, throwing down a chunky breaks roller. Enjoy - and don't forget to follow him on SOUNDCLOUD.

Backbeat soundsystem-daily grime (rektchordz mix) by rektchordz


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Hijack on the mix :: October 2009

01. Jacob London - The Pony Magic Never Ends (Intro) [Utensil]
02. The Potato Heads - Get Up (HiJack Edit) [Jack Union]
03. House Of Stank - Get Up, Yeah (HiJack Remix) [Dust Traxx]
04. Daniel Carro - In The Morning [Jack Union]
05. Rino Cerrone & Flavio Diaz - Extraordinary Wiring [Loose Records]
06. Campbell - Bad Man [Jack Union]
07. Justin Martin & Claude Vonstroke - Beat That Bird [Dirty Bird]
08. HiJack & Flinch - Spin Out
09. Trevor Loveys - Say What? [Front Room]
10. Jeff Doubleu - Click Clack (Tom EQ Remix) [DubNoir]
11. Harry Axt - Crazy [Rompecabeza]
12. Foamo - Wardance (HiJack Remix) [Skint]
13. Kink - Don't Hold Back [Dotbleep]
14. Crookers - Unknown
15. The Loops of Fury - Flick A Switch (HiJack Remix) [U&A]
16. Audio Bullys - Way Too Long (Switch Remix / HiJack Trippin Edit)
17. Chris James - Got It Goin On (Jeff Doubleu Remix) [DKR]
18. HiJack - The Beginning [Jack Union]
19. Izit - Would It? [Made To Play]
20. Jackmaster - Hey Jack [Idiothouse]
21. Pezzner - Shasta [Physical Graffiti]
22. Santiago & Bushido - For What [PMM]
23. No Assembly Firm - No Future In Your Frontin'[Robsoul]
24. Mike Dixon - House of Mouths [Classic]
25. Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You? [Guesthouse]
26. The Potato Heads - Trumpet Dance [Jack Union]
27. Genetik & Gio Martinez - Rempejack (Oliver $ Remix) [Kingdon Kome Silver]
28. Home & Garden - Domesticated ft. Derrick Carter (Pezzner Remix) [Om]
29. Style Of Eye - Road Race [Dirty Bird]
30. Sawtooth Sucka - Radio Check [Dotbleep]
31. Missy Elliot - Joy (Solid Groove Remix)
32. 3rd Face - Canto della Liberta (Kink Remix) [Classic]
33. Alternative Reality - What You Do To Me (Rene Van Munster Remix) [Prompt Digital]
34. HiJack Vs. Rene Van Munster - Bootleg
35. Malente - I Like It (Riva Starr Remix) [Fools Gold]
36. Brabe - Gravity Modulations (HiJack Remix) [Jack Union]
37. TJR - I Don't Know Where [PMM]
38. Mr. Oizo - Gay Dentist [Ed Banger]
39. Phunk Electric - Video Games Crash (Funka Mix) [Southern Fried]
40. DJ Falcon - Untitled (HiJack Bootleg)
41. Daft Punk - Revolution 909 [Virgin]
42. Analog People In a Digital World - Rose Rouge [Hysterical]
43. Blaze - My Beat (Accapella) [Slip 'n' Slide]
44. Sam Karlson & Steve O Steen - Jacob Is Going To London [Robsoul]
45. Troydon - Jam Session [Phonoshuffle]
46. Brabe - Outside [Jack Union]


Sunday, 18 October 2009


A step away from the boxroom broadcasts, brings this exclusive techfunk mix from partner in crime HIGHTOWER, enjoy....

ALL WORK NO PLAY by Hightower

Intro - District 9, Alien Interview
01. Claude Vonstroke - Vocal Chords [Dirtybird]
02. Moderat - Rusty Nails (Booka Shade Remix0 [Bpitch Control]
03. Steve Bug - Swallowed Too Much Bass (Joris Vorn Remix) [Poker Flat]
04. Poligono - Calambres (Chris James Remix) [DubNoir Music]
05. Neuroxyde - Super Extra Fat [Starlight]
06. Format: B - Hot Rod [Formatik]
07. Julian Kidd, Mr Pedros Bang THe Drums [Size Records]
08. Mike Hulme - 100mg [U&A Records]
09. Marco G - Dagobert (Spektre Remix) [Audio Therapy]
10. Meat Katie & Elite Force - Non Believer [u&A Records]
11. Meat Katie - Tension [Lot49]

Wednesday, 14 October 2009



Hightower - 1st Hour

01 iO - Matin [Diymanic]
02 DJ - Odissi - Empty Vodka Bottles (Jon Gurd Remix) [Lot49]
03 Ali Kuru - Wassa (Julian Chaptal Remix) [ThirtyOneTwemty]
04 Channel X - Mosquito [Upon You Records]
05 Audio Jack - Schizophonic [2020 Vision Records]
06 Bigger Than Jesus - Ze Kids Want Techno (Audiojack Remix) [Italo Business]
07 Sebastien Leger - Discotechno [Mistakes Music]
08 MOS - Emotional Distortion (Popof Remix) [Audio Therapy]
09 Stefano Noferini - Dollars [Deeperfect Records]
10 D-Unity - Guilty Pleasures [BeatTherapy Records]
11 Hermanez - Blister (Spektre Remix) [Ekletisch]

Deepgroove Guest Mix - 2nd Hour

Tracklisting to follow

Keep it BRAP! www.brap.fm

Monday, 12 October 2009

FRESH BLOOD : DJ Kramer : The Burning Man Mix 2009

This is DJ Kramer's legendary annual Burning Man studio mix which he hands out on the playa each year.
Kramer is something of a San Franciscan legend, playing for the likes of the Space Cowboys, The Deep End & this year Rock Bottom (along with various other sound camps).

His sets are rich, varied & in this instance a tribaltastic progressive set to keep the dust blowing through your veins.
You might also wanna check out & subscribe to his excellent PODCAST (of which this is set #23), where you can get access to a whole host of back catalogue mixes.

01. Xavi Beat - Cyclic - (D-Formation Remix)

02. Glender - Kumpo Tribe
03. Olav Basoski & Erick E - Don't Turn Your Back - (Sander van Doorn Remix)

04. DJ T - Bateria - (dOP Remix)

05. Iberican Sound - (D-Unity Tribal Tech Remix)

06. DJ Alex F - On My Dance Floor - (Glender Remix)

07. Victor Calderone & Carlos Fauvrelle - Out There (Synth Mix)

08. Paul Jays - Spiritual Battery - (DJ Chus Iberican Remix)

09. Deux - Sun Rising Up

10. Martin Brodin & Dumb Dan - Le Voie Le Soleil (Mark Trophy Remix)

11. Yvan & Dan Daniel - Enjoy The Silence (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

12. Underworld - Two Months Off (King Unique Sunspots-Vocal Mix)


Friday, 9 October 2009


''At last the time has come, as our hours and hours of hard(ish) labour have come to fruition in the shape of a tiny, square plastic case.

But, this isn't any old bit of plastic, as it is the home of '13MACHINES'...our debut artist album we have penned with fellow Bristolian, and techno stalwart, Jamie Anderson.

It is thirteen tracks of heavy beats, soaring sirens, pulsing, enormous basslines and chemical, eye rolling breakdowns.

It is the result of years of clubbing, dancing, debauchery, and euphoria siphoned through the brains of three very twisted individuals and drained into an hour of madness. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Thank you.''



Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lee Coombs Interview & Mix

Lee Coombs has been at the cutting edge of dance music for over a decade now. Whether remixing A-List acts such as New Order and Moby, or releasing seminal breaks, acid house and tech-funk cuts, his tunes have consistently rocked dancefloors around the world.

We caught up with Lee ahead of the launch party for his 'Light And Dark' album this Saturday at Hub in London (buy advance tickets here) to ask him a few questions...

Hi Lee, thanks for doing the interview. Where are you and what are you doing?

Hello there, I am at home in Florida doing DJ mixes and interviews after a crazy few days on the road. I just did a 4 gig weekend which ended up in San Francisco @ Love Evolution. One of the craziest street parties I think I have ever seen…someone said 100,000 people came this year..

Tell us a bit about your new album 'Light And Dark' - has it been a long time in the making? What kind of sound can we expect on this album?

It’s Tech Funk in all its forms really. I have tried to push the boundaries a little with some slower BPM’s but keeping the energy up there. It’s definitely the best production I have ever done and I’m very pleased with the result. Also I can’t resist making Acid House music so there are a couple of those there too. And some vocals, I did a remake of Echo and the Bunnymen – Rescue called ‘Blues I’m singing’ which gives the album an anthem style track to finish on. It a musical journey of where I have been lately.

You're now based in the US, do you think this has had an influence on the sound of 'Light And Dark'?

Yes a little, I have always been inspired by the sounds that have come out of the West coast of the US, I’m into hypnotic grooves and there is plenty of that over there. But also I’m influenced by anything that sounds good. I’m a music lover and anything that I come across can influence me at any time whether it’s dance music or not.

Check out Lee rocking the San Francisco Love Evolution party last weekend...

You're a regular at the infamous Burning Man festival which has been getting a lot of attention in the UK recently. Can you tell the readers a bit more about the festival and what impact it's had on you as a DJ and artist?

I first went to Burning Man in 2005, it blew me away with the creativity that exists over there. When you realize the effort that people go to it makes you think again about what you are doing yourself. I have friends who work for the whole year on their art pieces just so they can show it for a week in the desert. Just getting everything there and back again is an achievement. DJ’s have it easy in that respect as they just have to turn up with their Cd’s.. Most people who play music out there are part of a crew and they all have responsibilities in the running of their camps. It’s a giant community and a lot of fun to be part of. It really is another world.

What would you say are the main differences between the UK and the US club scenes?

Well it depends where you go in the US and what you are looking for. Pretty much the same as the UK really. There are a lot of clubs in the US that concentrate on VIP and bottle service, it’s business really. Then cities like San Francisco have everything to choose from pretty similar to London. Warehouse parties and underground nights as well as more upscale events and huge festivals. I would say there are more of the VIP style clubs in the US where as there are probably more Underground style clubs in the UK.

Do you have any plans to move back to the UK?

No, not at the moment. I’m just getting my Green card so I think I’ll use that for a bit.

'Right Now' has been a huge track for you over the summer, how did the collaboration with Uberzone come about?

I hit up ‘Q’ (Uberzone) a long time ago, we used to chat occasionally over email and as I moved to the US I called him to see if he would be up for it. We worked really well together and the track just seemed to write itself. Q taught me a huge amount about studio production which really helped in the writing of my album as I made the decision to do all the work myself this time. It was really cool seeing how Q processed the sounds as we made them and got them into the computer. A great lesson in ‘less is more’..

Do you have any plans for more collaborations in the future?

I have talked with Q about doing some more tracks and he is up for it, but that is it for collabs for the moment. I think I am having too much fun writing stuff on my own to feel the need to write with someone else.

It's been a long career in music for you, looking back over the past ten years what have been the highlights for you?

It’s been a huge rollercoaster of a ride, when things really started kicking off around 1998 it was very exciting. Lots of new music and good fun, I think when I started to get some big remix work was one of the biggest highlights. I could only dream of mixing bands like New Order, Lamb, Moby, Planet funk and so on..

Then when I visited San Francisco for the first time I really new I was onto something. There were so many like minded people and I fell in love with the vibe over there. That’s why I made it my home. That led on to the Burning Man experience, which can have a huge effect on your life. Well it did mine anyway.

I’ve always loved my DJing, and have consistently had great gigs all over the world. The highlights I suppose are Breakfest Perth in Australia 2005, Numerous gigs in San Francisco big and small, Burning Man every year from 2005, and recently I played Bangkok, Thailand and Osaka, Japan, which made me feel very special indeed.

And looking forward to the future, is there anything big coming up that we should be excited about?

Well I’m really looking forward to my Album release party on Saturday 10th October @ Hub, London. Will be great to see all the crew again. I have a new remix coming on Cable recordings out of San Fran very soon which I road tested last weekend. It went down very well, very futuristic techno vibes. I’ll be writing a lot more solo stuff and have some great ideas so I can wait to get cracking in the studio.

Thanks Lee! Check out Lee's latest promo mix and if you're in the area make sure you catch him at his album launch this Saturday...

Lee Coombs Light & Dark Album Launch Party Promo Mix by LOT49