Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Forecast :: Tech-Funk-Trax

The Forecast #001
A new column by Adan

The Soundcloud group Tech-Funk-Trax now includes a few hundred members and over two hundred tracks and mixes mostly residing within the broad borders of the TechFunk super genre. I've given a listen to a large chunk of the individual tracks, and will continue to do so as often as possible to help create more exposure to contributors in the group. Some of this stuff is top drawer, production wise and all that. Other tracks linked here just have that raw groove, or a solid loop or idea that could incite a crowd at the right moment.

Deep, dark and slightly off compass to start this synopsis. Be Patient digs into the techno early and hits the rave note at the half with solid results.

Be Patient by go!diva

Crzy Btch is one of those electro bangers with a catchy lead and punchy production. And it scores a little higher for me as it could very well serve as anthem for some of the more interesting lovelies I've made familiar with.

Erick Cooper - Crzy Btch (First Preview) by Erick Cooper

The sample "in the air" while already a household sample, still works over a driving lowend crafted by the prolific Ro551. Loopy for days and generous with the download.

Ro551 - Seres De La Noche (Original Mix) by RO551

One of my personal favourites I've run across in the group. It appeals to my broken beat leanings right off and tops that with acid lines, rollin bass and a party vibe.

Jurassik - Like This by Yellowfinger

This is just a small sampling of the creativity the Tech-Funk-Trax contributors have shared. Expect at least a couple more posts in the very near future showcasing more of the Soundcloud group, and if you wanna join & go into the pot for future Forecasts, then JOIN HERE.

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