Thursday, 28 April 2011

[VIDEO] Teleparp (Jem Stone & Mischa)

Lovely piece of work from my good friends Mischa & Jem ... formerly one half of Soul of Man & the man behind Finger Lickin's amazing catalogue of artwork over the years, you should check out some of Jem Stone's recent disco jamz on SOUNDCLOUD.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Climbatize Sessions The Loops of Fury

First episode of  - Climbatize Sessions. The last month of electro according to The Loops Of Fury...

1. The Loops Of Fury - We Unfold (Plump DJs mix)
2. Lars Moston & Ben Mono - People (Tony Senghore mix)
3. Alex Metric & Steve Angello - Open Your Eyes
4. ZZT - Afrika
5. Discosamurai - No Yes
6. Punks Jump Up - Blockhead (Hey Today! edit)
7. The Loops Of Fury - I Need (Old Skool demo mix)
8. Steve Aoki & Armand Van Helden - Brrrat! (His Majesty Andre mix)
9. Oui'wack - Jungle Wars
10. Avicci & Sebastien Drums - My Feelings For You (Anger Dimas mix)
11. Chromeo - Hot Mess (Djedjotronic mix 2)
12. Felix Cartal - The Joker
13. The Loops Of Fury - Rack Em (Modek mix)
14. Gestafelstein - A Lost Era
15. Hunter Vaughan - Krakken (The Loops Of Fury mix)
16. Style Of Eye - Sexx
17. Strip Steve & Das Glow - Calcium
18. Cee Lo Green - F*uck You (Bart Bmore mix)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Elite Force Live @ Rough Tempo [18/04-11] (2-hr set)

  Elite Force Live @ Rough Tempo Radio - 18/Apr-11 by Elite Force


The first show of what will be a bi-monthly Live show on Rough Tempo Radio ... if you fancy checking out the enhanced version of the set will full video archives from the in-house webcams, then CLICK THIS LINK for download (450Mb).

Full tracklisting can be found on the Elite Force Soundcloud Page.

Monday, 18 April 2011

TFM Interview : The Plump DJs

TFM Interview by Nick Bleeker

With the recent release of the Loops of Fury's 'We Unfold' I managed to wrangle beat legends, the Plump DJs in to the Manifesto for a nice chat about what's to come, talent and blogs. But I'm not leaving you high and dry, I've got some Soundcloud linkage and some delicious video footage of the Plumps 'We Unfold' remix getting a hammering from Carl Cox at Ultra..

Lee! Andy! How are you guys?

Yeah great, all is well in the lab, just preparing for a busy summer of festivals and releases on Grand Hotel. We have more stuff from Bonsai Kat, Maximilian and Dirty Super Car planned – plus another Grand Hotel part at XOYO in May… Let me breathe for a sec.

I know we spoke a few months ago, about your “return” of sorts, after a breather with you guys developing Grand Hotel, and also your sound? Do you feel like your legs are stretched with the amazing reaction to both ‘Light Fantastic’ & the remix of The Loops of Fury’s ‘We Unfold’? How does it feel to be back in the game?

Very happy indeed, we are always trying to find new ways to make people dance and have so much more up our sleeves. It’s wicked to know that folks are digging our shit. Light Fantastic is being caned at our gigs, and the new Loops of Fury remix is being support by everyone from Carl Cox to Zinc to Kissy Sellout and beyond. That there definitely makes us feel like we’re on the right track. After leaving Fingerlickin’ and our residency at Fabric, we’ve had to do a lot of work to get a new platform for our music. After selling out XOYO in record time, feeling the new support for Grand Hotel, we are in the zone right now.

I was watching the video when Carl Cox dropped the remix of the Loops tune at Ultra. You guys probably experience it constantly, but how does it feel to have that kind of support and reaction from the world over?
Even better sometimes when it’s someone you know well that’s supporting your music. We have been lucky enough to play for Carl at Space in Ibiza for the last 4 years and hang out with him when we’re there. He’s a top bloke and we love those YouTube clips taken from folks in the crowd, whilst they don’t capture the sound quality they do capture the atmosphere. You really can feel that excited, bouncing with joy/panic kind of energy. We wish we could have been at Ultra but making music must take priority at the moment.

In saying that, with that kind of response from the greats, what’s the feeling about young talent like The Loops of Fury getting plays from artists that opens them up to some of the best exposure you could wish for?

They are very talented lads, we all DJ’d together recently at Blow Pop Bristol, so we got a chance to hang out. They remixed Dirty Super Car’s ‘Get a Grip’ for Grand Hotel last year and that found great worldwide support. We’re very happy to be able to get a chance to add our slant to their amazing ‘We Unfold.’ When the original tune you are remixing is that good, the task is made a great deal easier.

How would you nurture that exposure? What kind of advice would you give to up and coming artists that you want to help, more so on Grand Hotel? I mean, Elite Force acts as a mentor of sorts to the U&A stable, Meat Katie to Lot49. Do you think harbouring new talent is important and more prominent than it was say, 5 years ago?

With great power comes great responsibility; when bearing this in mind you have a duty to nurture new acts when they come forward. We certainly would not be where we are today if we had not been given breaks by the Fresakanova Records, Freestylers, Orbital, Steve Blonde, Kurly and Fingerlickin’ so you see what I mean! It is essential for us as experimental dance artists to keep our fingers on the pulse, you just can’t ignore the raw talent of tomorrow’s stars. They inspire us, move us and occasionally give us a well needed kick up the arse.

With blogs still a staple in getting your music out there, do you think there will be a shift in how we share music and how we broadcast what we make? If so, what do you think it’ll be?

At the moment, the power to influence seems to have grown in the hands of the radio DJs who are a consistent voice in the bewildering world of endless music.People are going to our gigs, and that for us is a sign that we are doing the right thing. If this stops, then we know we have done something wrong. It’s simple, really, we do not look too much to market research as a guiding light. Instead we play new music, and make music that excites us – generally when we do, the crowd gets excited as well; we hope this continues.

We’ll close it with the usual – upcoming tunes and tours, let’s hear them and any shouts out?

May 14th will see us at the Grand Hotel Party @ XOYO; May 16th sees the release of Plump DJs ‘Hump Rock.’ June drops Bonsai Kat’s ‘Optimo,’ and an absolutely hectic schedule of touring for all of us.

Last but not least!

Make sure you check out their promo mix for their upcoming XOYO gig on the 14th of May over on their Soundcloud! And for more information on gigs, releases, nights or anything PLUMP - Scope out their WEBSITE

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

KRS-1 - Sound of the Police (Felix Luker Old Skool Revamp)

Felix Luker (aka Oleg Voronin from the Ukraine) is a truly emerging talent on the scene. He first appeared on U&A Recordings last summer with his massive single 'Mechanical', which slayed many a crowd, from huge festivals, to tiny basement sweatboxes. Since then he's been dabbling with progressive and minimal releases, but has really found his range on the forthcoming single 'SAW' ...a great slice of hooky, grinding peaktime tech that tips its cap to the likes of Afrojack & Will Bailey whilst retaining it's own unique personality. Edgy & compulsive this is set to fill floors the world over. 

Check out all three of the mixes on the Soundcloud preview below ... 

  [UAA049] Felix Luker - Saw by U&A Recordings 

He's also been a busy lad crafting a simply blinding track for the forthcoming United / Anarchic compilation dropping in the summer (more of that at a later date!) ... but meanwhile he's just sent over a wicked free 320 bootleg for your immediate download delectation, where the old KRS-1 classic 'Sound of da Police' has gone through the shredder & come out all puff-chested and wonky. Boots. Fill 'em.... and don't forget to show him some love on his FACEBOOK PAGE. He deserves it!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Hunter Vaughan - Krakken Promo Mix

To celebrate his release, Krakken, out now exclusively on Beatport. Hunter's kindly taken the time to make a promo mix of the highest calibre. Sporting the premier talent of the Techfunk scene and beyond, including some of the peers who are championing his work at the moment, this mix typifies what he's all about. Raw, groove laden, tech-tinged breaks, electro and house! Enjoy.

... and don't forget to grab the EP RIGHT HERE.

1. Zodiac Cartel Vs Fake Blood Vs Daft Punk - Mashup On Mars [CDR]
2. Hunter Vaughan - Krakken (The Loops Of Fury Remix) [Death Proof Recordings]
3. The Loops Of Fury - Rack Em (Maelstrom Remix) [U&A Recordings]
4. Elite Force & Meat Katie - Non-Believer [U&A Recordings]
5. Stripper - Stuka [Surfer Rosa Recordings]
6. Freerange DJ's - Drop That Beat [Ape Music]
7. Peter Paul - Count Drak (Mike Hulme Remix) [N-Mitysound Records]
8. Fukkk Off - Brain Rock (Zodiac Cartel Mix) [Coco Machete]
9. Benjamin Vial - I Know Where My Fears Come From (Hunter Vaughan Remix) [Circuit Freq Records]
10. Wolfgang Gartner - Flashback (Will Bailey & Mikey Hook Remix) [CDR]
11. Mike Hulme - Set The Controls (Hedflux Remix) [U&A Recordings]
12. fRew - Murder Of The Crow [Dirty Weekends]

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

1-Hr Elite Force DJ Mix for [April 2011]

Just wanted to drop a brand new Elite Force DJ mix on you. It's a 1-hour set I did for RadioRecord in Russia, first broadcast 4/4-11 so HOT off the press!

We also just announced the second Elite Force Boat Party on the Thames in London this summer on 16th July after last year's sell out event. Don't miss out on this one - TICKETS FLYING OUT HERE

  Elite Force Mix - Radio Record (Russia) April 2011 by Elite Force


1. Umek Vs Chris Nasty - Crank it Up (an Elite Force Revamp)
2. Calvertron - Oh (Krafty Kuts Mix)
3. T.Raumschmire - Entertain Me (Dilemn Remix)
4. Plumps Vs The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows (Umbrella-Free)
5. Hunter Vaughan - Krakken (The Loops of Fury Mix)
6. Will Bailey - Grind
7. 501 - Somewhere in Time (High Rankin Vs Elite Force Revamp)
8. Elite Force & Klaus Badelt - Spazm
9. Tommy Schumacher - Bring Back Big Beat
10. Autoerotique - Turn Up The Volume (Krafty Kuts Mix)
11. Elite Force, Etienne, Gartner - No Brainer
12. Exco - Node (Bitkrusha mix)
13. Zodiac Cartel - Just Do It
14. Adele, Ghet's Noch?, Elite Force - Rumour (Revamp)
15. Congorock Vs Uppermost - Babylon (Krafty Kuts Revamp)
16. Elektronauts - Bumper Weight (Plumps Vs Plumps)
17. Felix Luker - Saw (Elite Force Remix)
18. Elite Force & Klaus Badelt - Speedball
19. Elite Force & Klaus Badelt - Loco
20. Elite Force Vs Black Ghosts & Ajapai - Warning The Ghosts [CDR]
21. Elite Force & Klaus Badelt - Shockland