Monday, 11 April 2011

Hunter Vaughan - Krakken Promo Mix

To celebrate his release, Krakken, out now exclusively on Beatport. Hunter's kindly taken the time to make a promo mix of the highest calibre. Sporting the premier talent of the Techfunk scene and beyond, including some of the peers who are championing his work at the moment, this mix typifies what he's all about. Raw, groove laden, tech-tinged breaks, electro and house! Enjoy.

... and don't forget to grab the EP RIGHT HERE.

1. Zodiac Cartel Vs Fake Blood Vs Daft Punk - Mashup On Mars [CDR]
2. Hunter Vaughan - Krakken (The Loops Of Fury Remix) [Death Proof Recordings]
3. The Loops Of Fury - Rack Em (Maelstrom Remix) [U&A Recordings]
4. Elite Force & Meat Katie - Non-Believer [U&A Recordings]
5. Stripper - Stuka [Surfer Rosa Recordings]
6. Freerange DJ's - Drop That Beat [Ape Music]
7. Peter Paul - Count Drak (Mike Hulme Remix) [N-Mitysound Records]
8. Fukkk Off - Brain Rock (Zodiac Cartel Mix) [Coco Machete]
9. Benjamin Vial - I Know Where My Fears Come From (Hunter Vaughan Remix) [Circuit Freq Records]
10. Wolfgang Gartner - Flashback (Will Bailey & Mikey Hook Remix) [CDR]
11. Mike Hulme - Set The Controls (Hedflux Remix) [U&A Recordings]
12. fRew - Murder Of The Crow [Dirty Weekends]

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