Sunday, 21 November 2010

Nero - BBC Radio1 Essential Mix

Came across this absolutely fantastic mix from dubstep superhumans Nero. Which our very own Elite Force added his touch to with his revamp of their stunning remix of MJ Cole's 'Sincere'.

Spot this though, there's some killer tunes on there. Apart from the Skrillex, but that's just me. P.S Did anyone see Skrillex & Mau5trap dominate the Beatport charts a few weeks ago? I found it kind of odd; but it's nice to see it getting back to normal.


Nero - BBC Radio1 Essential Mix 11/13/2010 by Ear Cande

Friday, 19 November 2010

Mike Hulme - Live at Wickerman 2010

The whole U&A family took over a Big Top at Scotland's most excellent Wickerman Festival this summer & smashed it both nights, with killer sets from Zodiac Cartel, The Loops of Fury, Calvertron, Vandal, Rektchordz, Simon Jackson, Resistance, and this massive workout from Mike Hulme.

Mike's been a busy boy of late with a huge remix competition well under way for U&A, and a single that dropped this week featuring the gorgeous modular bliss of 'Set The Controls' / 'Sweet Inspiration'. You can pick it up on BEATPORT now.

You can catch Mike in action at the last ever DIM SUM in London this weekend, and to get a feel for what he's likely to drop, check out his latest DJ CHART for some top notch techno-burners.


Mike Hulme Live @ Wickerman July 2010 [U&A BigTop] by U&A Recordings

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Lee Coombs Techfunk Podcast Episode #8

It would seem Lee Coombs got the bit between his teeth when it comes to his podcast now, he steps up once again for some upfront techfunk with some blinding new stuff and some golden tunes from days of old!

1.Napt – Gotta have more Cowbell – Funkatech
2.Benga – 26 Basslines – Elite Force Refix – CDR
3.Oood – Oddball – Hedflux remix – Broken robot
4.Lee Coombs – Djembe – Thrust Recordings Promo
5.Orbital – Lush – Herves tree and leaf remix – Music Response
6.Iguana DJs – Nasty Night – Lee Coombs remix – Iguana
7.Sharooz – Get Off – Miles Dyson Breakfest edit – Plasmapool
8.Reset Robot – V3 – Sprout
9.Scott Grooves, Parliament Funkadelic – Mothership Connection – Daft Punk remix - Soma

Monday, 8 November 2010

[INTRODUCING ...] Micah - October Promo Mix

Micah's a bit of a legend in Western Australia & deserves much broader exposure ... which is where we come in at TFM. He's been resident at the mighty Ambar in Perth for as long as I've been going out there to play, and he's one of those inspiring names that flies under the radar too often. So, here's a chance to check out a recent DJ mix which showcases an excellent combination of tune selection & deck skills ... show him some FACEBOOK LOVE & drop a comment on the SOUNDCLOUD LINK if you're diggin' the mix.


1. Freestylers - Cracks (CTRL-Z remix)
2. Beat Assassins - Take it to the world (Peo De Pitte remix)
3. His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong
4. Afrojack - Polkadots (Oliver Twits remix)
5. Evil 9 – Stay up
6. Crookers – Royal-T (Foamo remix)
7. So Shifty – Clap (Top Billin remix)
8. DJ Icey – Yeah Right
9. Congorock – Babylon (DJ Mania & Alif remix)
10. Andrea Doria & LXR – Freak Me (Phonat remix)
11. Headway – Onslaught (Dirty Basement remix)
12. Soulwax – E talking (Faisal remix)
13. Tim Healey, Tomcraft, Junior Red – My People (Supertrash remix)
14. Surko – Slap In The Bass (Blaze Tripp remix)
15. The Loops of Fury – Rack Em (Zodiac Cartel remix)
16. Late of the Pier – Best in the Class (Soulwax remix)
17. Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See Em (Valerna remix)
18. Kid Kenobi & Shureshock – Safe Sound (RacknRuin dub mix)
19. Doctor P – Sweet Shop (Flux Pavilion remix)
20. Rusko – Kumon Kumon
21. Spandau ve Peaches – Shake yer Ballet (Slynk’s Valentines Day B’more mix)

Micah - October Promo Mix 2010 by Micah Black

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Biscuit Reality re-fix Riva Starr

Debutantes on the Techfunk Manifesto, Biscuit Reality has a creampie to offer to all the sweet toothed, eyeball-popping enthusiasts of the techy sound.

The duo has recently done an enormous Noze/Riva Starr remix of 'I Was Drunk'. Being a great fan of schnapps, both of the guys do know what they're raving about - clear sound design with an absurd twist of humour make them a perfect complement to the ethos of Noze.

Download it free from here by subscribing to their dumb newsletter:

[FREE Download] Riva Starr feat. Noze - I Was Drunk (Biscuit Reality remix) by Biscuit Reality

Also, they've just launched their fancy little website ( the other day that contains soggy imagery about candies, cakes, confectioners and other sweet crap. Get updated about what's going on behind the white overalls and dubious beards...

More music in the fluffy candyfloss clouds >

Friday, 5 November 2010

'Hard Flaw' (Acperience 2010 Elite Force Revamp) *FREE 320*

This track is one of the reasons I make the music I do. I can remember exactly where I was on the dancefloor back in 1992 when I first heard this acid anthem. I'd been into acid house for 3 years or so, particularly the pHuture-style raw filth that to me was the PUNK of it's day. Acid House liberated people and politicized them in a way that's hard to understand nowadays ... going out dancing at the weekend was more often than not a political act, a statement of intent. This actually came out after the Criminal Justice Act became law in the UK (if I remember rightly) so it didn't necessarily soundtrack the rucks & riots & outrage that came with liking & consuming this music, but for me it was a symbol of that joyous moment of total abandonment where you forget everything and simply allow yourself to DROWN in the music. This is acid house at it's finest - an organic symphony of machines.

This version is dead simple. It's about letting the track breathe and evolve how it was always intended too. It's not about meddling, it's about gently giving it a slightly different context - a lot of work went into getting the production elements to sit comfortably and in bringing out certain elements of the original and using the stereo field to decent effect to do this. It's not rocket science, it's just an excuse to dig out this gem and play it in a current context.

'Hard Flaw' (Acperience 2010 Revamp) *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Elite Force

You can DOWNLOAD THE FULL 320 RIGHT HERE, where it forms part of a special webpage I set up to showcase my experiences at the amazing SHAMBHALA FESTIVAL in Canada this summer.

If you dig it, show your support by dropping a comment on the track & joining the 12,000 strong family on FACEBOOK.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Mike Hulme - Live in Manchester (Oct 2010)

U&A stalwart & modular freak extraordinaire, Mike Hulme has been getting plenty of attention of late thanks to an awesome new single soon to come on U&A Recordings. The single features 'Set The Controls' (check out the awesome Burning Man video) and the psychedelic symphony that is 'Sweet Inspiration'.

A remix competition to mix 'Sweet Inspiration' began earlier this week and full information can be grabbed from the WEBPAGE, not forgetting the essential 44Mb of top notch WAVs, which believe me are well worth having even if you're not planning on entering. You can DOWNLOAD THEM NOW.

So back to the business in hand, and this wicked live set was recorded little over a week ago at 'Our Friends Eclectic' in Manchester, where Mike smashed the place apart at this rare hometown show.


Mike Hulme Set @ Our Friends Eclectic, Manchester, 23rd Oct by Mike Hulme

Monday, 1 November 2010

Mike Hulme Remix Competition

Hey kidz - dead excited about this at U&A towers as it's the first remix competition we've run in forever ... now's the chance for the budding producers amongst you to get featured onU&A Recordings as part of a remix package including chart-toppers Elite Force, Hedflux and The Loops of Fury, not to mention a chance to get your hands on some amazing remix parts from modular synth wizz Mike Hulme.


Mike Hulme - 'Sweet Inspiration' *REMIX COMP* (128kbps TASTER) by Mike Hulme

Deadline is 22nd November & we can't wait to hear your very finest work.

By all means help us spread the word on Facebook by Clicking to > POST ON YOUR WALL

Much love,