Friday, 5 November 2010

'Hard Flaw' (Acperience 2010 Elite Force Revamp) *FREE 320*

This track is one of the reasons I make the music I do. I can remember exactly where I was on the dancefloor back in 1992 when I first heard this acid anthem. I'd been into acid house for 3 years or so, particularly the pHuture-style raw filth that to me was the PUNK of it's day. Acid House liberated people and politicized them in a way that's hard to understand nowadays ... going out dancing at the weekend was more often than not a political act, a statement of intent. This actually came out after the Criminal Justice Act became law in the UK (if I remember rightly) so it didn't necessarily soundtrack the rucks & riots & outrage that came with liking & consuming this music, but for me it was a symbol of that joyous moment of total abandonment where you forget everything and simply allow yourself to DROWN in the music. This is acid house at it's finest - an organic symphony of machines.

This version is dead simple. It's about letting the track breathe and evolve how it was always intended too. It's not about meddling, it's about gently giving it a slightly different context - a lot of work went into getting the production elements to sit comfortably and in bringing out certain elements of the original and using the stereo field to decent effect to do this. It's not rocket science, it's just an excuse to dig out this gem and play it in a current context.

'Hard Flaw' (Acperience 2010 Revamp) *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Elite Force

You can DOWNLOAD THE FULL 320 RIGHT HERE, where it forms part of a special webpage I set up to showcase my experiences at the amazing SHAMBHALA FESTIVAL in Canada this summer.

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