Sunday, 22 November 2009

Looking Back > Going Forward #2

Looking Back > Going Forward #2

Having witnessed one of the most amazing sets in a long time at the recent Resident Advisor night at the Warehouse Project, Manchester. I thought what better way to bring in the next LB>GF instalment, than with an ode to one of the most consistent producers of recent times, Claude Vonstroke.

There's no discounting the fact this man has made a gargantuan impression on the underground dance scene over the past few years, with countless productions that have left lasting impressions on many dj's who have bought his work and the people who have got lairy to them on the dancefloors. These next 2 tracks are, in my eyes (or should I say ears?), the finest tunes from the feathered figure...

When this track was initially released there was no denying the fact I had to have it straight away, it encompassed everything I was enjoying hearing and playing at the time, quite easily my favourite remix from him. A chunky rolling drumline, elevated by some spooky synth work and a cheeky vocal sample with one of my favourite breakdowns ever, which Claude is no stranger too...


Having heard this next track prior to heading up north to check out his set at the Warehouse Project, I dont think I have ever been excited quite like I was to hear a track be played out... especially in such a venue as Manchester Picadilly Arches! The track, 'Monster Island' (Godzilla Dub Drop) leaves no prisoners, the sub bass throughout this dub techno monster melts faces, honest, I witnessed it! And the drop alone leaves a room punching the air like a ghost has just groped them! I managed to record some good footage of the tune and the response it got. Dont fgorget you'll find this on his latest album 'Bird Brain'.

'til next time. x


brett said...

Well, looks like Imma have to go grab them there. Thanks sHak

elite force said...

Not my column mate - by Paul Blandford & kudos to him for the wicked writing :)

Colin said...

This producer has been killing the dance floor since tune #1!