Monday, 2 November 2009

Looking Back > Going Forward #01

Realising I have an enviable position here on the Techfunk Manifesto with being able to push sounds, I feel I haven't taken the advantage of which a lot of you readers would. So, let's get started, good n proper!

I'll be bringing you music of old, new and the future, all containing that irrepresible techfunk sound.

In the summer of 2004 I took to my first residency at a night called SUMO, 5 long years have passed and safe to say the party atmos of the early years still lives on, irrespective of the change in sounds that now quench our hearkening thirst. I remember having the satisfaction of spending my hard earned wage on lots of amazing vinyl, not having children or a mortgage would allow this at the time! One I truly couldn't wait to let rip on the Sumo masses, was a production courtesy of JDS & Mihell, going by the oddly named 'Purple Funk Monkey'. This low-slung, bass-hungry track took no prisoners and still to this day leaves people wincing from the sub bass damaging their organs... as the past weekend's crowd found out.

The past summer has been inundated with latin/tribal/jazz enfused tunes with almost to many to choose from. But there was one that didn't leave the front of my wallet the whole way through. This rolling, tribal, tech house number, 'Asi Baba' by Signore Dito (better known as Broombeck) & the Molisans Bros. always brought amazing responses, whether it be an already throbbing dancefloor or one just kicking off. Chant along, it's addictive!

Harvey Mckay has always been under my scope with his productions, and it's hard to find any flaws with his sound at all. Throbbing melodic techno seems to be his forte, with the odd lean to tech house tendencies. This forthcoming release steeps of what I truly like about him though, deep, dark, post-3am techno. The stuff to really get your head down and elbows out too.

Nightwalker / harvey demo by harvey mckay

'til next time. x


Ryzi said...

Nice read man! Look forward to the next one ;)

Blandf said...

Thanks Ryz'.