Saturday, 24 October 2009

[ADAN SPEAKS ... ] All rhodes lead home

Pardon my absence from these pages as of late, I've been tangled up inside the wiring of electronics for a spell, LEDs in my eyes, and resistors in my hands. And I've recently been spending an unhealthy amount of time back in the studio, home and proper, enjoying a long overdue reunion with my former production partner Sifter, and working on a punk/dance hybrid project. The beat obsessed never leave for long, I guess.

Fortuitous timing and the universe have a way of always bringing one back to the effort and the loop. And as we continue, headlong into eternity, whether we find ourselves at the intro, or at the break, it's sometimes necessary to reach for the pause, to catch our breath for a moment, before the build hits all the right notes and brings us back home to the moment where we began. Music junkie and bass monkey forever and ever amen (breaks).

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