Thursday, 22 October 2009

Santiago & Bushido - 'Head Trick Remixed'

Potty Mouth has consistently been one of the U.S. labels taking up the effort to redefine house, merging the traditional with the electro sound and the British fidget, while incorporating more than a few of those lovely and trippy rave nuances (I know, that's a total oxymoron). For PMM030, the Chi town label remixes up one of my favourites from their catalog, 'Head Trick' by Santiago & Bushido.

It's an ambitious effort - including four similarly styled 4/4 rubs that never stray too far from the O V. The standouts for me being the Rework and Troydon mixes, because I just love that unapologetic rave sound. Potty Mouth expands its genre offerings with a breaks cut by Keith Mackenzie & DJ Fixx - not the best I've heard from them, but to be fair, by this point in the EP I'd really just like to hear something other than the lead line over the broken beats. Nonetheless, it'll do well in many a set. And it seems that no release these days is complete without the gratuitous dubstep cut, half timed here by Jon Kennedy, who works the lead line and vocal sample to nice effect over the genre defining (and possible Achilles heel) ultra low wobble bass.

Ultimately, I would've liked to have seen more reckless abandon in the interpretations, but it may very well be too hard to strip away the elements of a track that are essential to making it so damn good in the first place. In any case, take a listen, there's bound to be something for most jocks in this package, and definitely take the opportunity to cue up some of the other releases in the Potty Mouth catalog. Some of their previous output are quite slammin tunes, filthy and totally befitting the label's name.

Head Trick Remixes EP

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