Friday, 22 January 2010

Looking back > Going forward #3

Looking back > Going forward #3
A column by BlandF

With the christmas and new year break firmly out of the way, a much needed musical hiatus is also now finished. So straight back in, head first to the ever astounding world of underground dance music. After reintroducing myself to some of the inform producers of 2009, seeing that in 2010 they've just carried on like the runaway trains of the previous year. It seems, there are also some new head-turners in the midst. And so we go.... The amalgamation of Zuul & Benjamin Vial, two very tech biased minds, has brought a project that promises to grow some pretty fine fruits over the coming months. Machine Electrique. And to introduce there new sound, they've made a pretty tasty re-rub of one of the finest acts ever, in my honest opinion....
Portishead - Glory Box (Machine Electrique Projet) by Machine Electrique

Lot49 have started the year with a very appreciative nod to new producers. Not only are they fronting a new compilation that consists soully of new producers but they're introducing some new flavours to their releases too. Dylan Rhymes has gone toe to toe with Tom Real for his latest release with 'Godzilla' which brought a burgeoning remix package along with it, but of this package was an unknown gent (to me anyway), Fussy Boy. He kept the unrelenting bass and turned it into a heavy indie/nurave/pull-you-around-by-the-short-&-curlies track! Totally original! Also I have great pleasure in telling you, that I'm one of them lucky finalists to grace the forthcoming compilation, I introduce The Omega Men...
Godzilla (Fussy Boy Remix) by DYLANRHYMES

The Omega Men - Gus's Pickles (TASTER - Not mastered) by blandf

It doesnt stop there, fresh out of Bristol come another new act, in the shape of Sonic 3. Not content on just starting a night in the city, they aim to overthrow the listening public with their productions too. They'll be bringing you tech laden sounds with a take-no-prisoners attitude, here's a link to a forthcoming tune to show exactly their intentions...
Sonic 3 - Sonic Lab V1 [Lobe Records] by Stan Collins

Lest we forget the days of old though, especially myself at the moment. I have been listening intently to tracks for inspiration over the past few months, for that spark to bring forth another attempt at producing that future floor filler. None more so than the following two tunes, enjoy...

'til next time. x

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