Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Rektchordz - Bassbin Tactics

Artist: Rektchordz
Release: Bassbin Tactics w/ Sam Hell Rmx
Label: High Grade Recordings
Release Date: End of November

Rektchordz, one of the breakbeat scenes' up and coming luminaries delivers another solid platter for High Grade Recordings (Bombtraxx offshoot). True to form, Rektchordz delivers new school breaks of the tougher variety, but does so this time with a more reserved approach. The bassline is wobbly and large enough for the bigger rooms, but the standout elements here for me are the wickedly punchy kick and the subdermal acid line that peaks in the main sections. When the acid reappears after the break, it’s almost a flashback trigger. Again, this is a more stripped down affair, but all the required pieces are there and firing off properly.

The Sam Hell rub leans heavily towards the electro house sound, and does so with an upbeat tone that translates the Original into a playfully twisted and wholly accessible interpretation. It keeps to the somewhat minimal aesthetic of the release, which puts the focus primarily on both producers’ elevated production values and abilities to churn out dance floor groovers without the use of unnecessary elements. The bassline in the remix starts off in the filter and rises quick into a digitized groove that’s made all the more infectious by slap bass accents. Add the sliced ‘yeah’ sample and a few tweaks over the incessant four to the floor and it’s a banger for the flip.

But, Rektchordz...I gotta ask, when is that ‘Jilted’ track coming out? That is one of the catchiest and more intelligent party tunes I’ve heard all year.


Rektchordz-Bassbin_Tactics_(Sam Hell Rmx)

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