Wednesday, 19 November 2008

White Lightning Strikes


Elite Force - White Lightning [Broombeck / F.I.S. Remixes]
OUT NOW :: Exclusively at Beatport

With DJ support on this package coming in from the likes of A-Listers Sasha, Laurent Garnier, Orde Meikle, Stephan Bodzin, Satoshie Tomiie and D Ramirez, to name but a few, the Re:Vision series enters the final furlong in full flow. Here we serve up two fresh re-takes on Elite Force's 2004 classic, 'White Lightning', from the mighty Broombeck (who has recently topped the Beatport charts on several occasions with his techy-brilliance) and from newcomers and winners of the remix competition run earlier this year, 'Frogs in Socks' who have already made great strides remixing for Andrew Weatherall and winning iDJ's 'Raw Talent' contest.


"This is getting my FULL support" [Stephan Bodzin]

"This will work very well - Will definitely play it out" [Laurent Garnier]

"Solid, dark & has a wicked groove" [Sasha]

"This is awesome. Very rare." [David Eckenback]

"Great tune" [fRew (Vacation Records)]

"Wikid bumping growing grinder! For the darker moments in the night!!!" [Dylan Rhymes (Lot49)]

"Wow! Nice one. Will be dropping this this weekend for sure!" [Donald Glaude (Instereo)]

"Great great remix" [Richard Dinsdale]

"yep i'm into this big time. F*cking awesome!!" [Dopamine (Instereo/Title Fight)]

"Sounds great! will def use it :)" [Lee Coombs (Lot49)]

"Love Broombeck! This rocks!" [D Ramirez (Azuli/Slave)]

"Sick Remix!! Sounds Big, will bash this out for sure!" [Calvertron]

"Hot Hot Hot! Will definitely be hammering this one Thanks :D" [Habersham (Lobotomy)]

This is a huge priority for the label, so show us some love & grab a copy today,


Anonymous said...

the punter sales pitch - top notch

elite force said...

fair play IMO - plenty of unique content on here too mate & at the end of the day, we're not a blog that's simply about giving other people's music away then trying to live of the Google ads revenue!

Kristian said...
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Kristian Dando said...

Thing is, I haven't been able to get anything off Beatport for yonks now because they don't take common or garden Maestro cards anymore!

You have to go through Paypal, which an eejut like myself has neither the time, patience or aptitude to get my head round. DJDownload is pretty pants to be honest (save for the needle drop widgit - that's booka) as I'm seldom able to find whatever I'm looking for on it. Boo. Get your stuff on there as well boss!

elite force said...

Apologies for any issues with Beatport, but from a label & artist point of view they're about the best out there.

It is on DJ Download too mate - usually 4 weeks or so after Beatport.