Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Peter Paul - The Final b/w Electrolia

Artist: Peter Paul
Release: The Final b/w Electrolia
Label: N-Mity Sound

Peter Paul delivers a pair of midtempo breaks selections for N-Mity Sound. “The Final” is a dark breakbeat tune that employs large stabs and an ominous male vocal sample over nice parameter play. And I’m a fan of anything that drops a siren to good effect. The bulk of this track trades off between the main run and the twisted treatment of the elements. The AA, “Electrolia”, follows the same moody tone as the A, showcasing the same large synthwork with a more straightfoward format for the first half. The breakdown is a capable build that leads into a wholly trippy arrangement of the parts for a nice change that should do well to switch gears in a set leading towards darker or more progressive territory.

The Final


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