Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Jesse Brooks & Ken Rangkuty - ISTF

Artist: Jesse Brooks & Ken Rangkuty
Release: ISTF w/ Rmxs by Zodiac Cartel and MO7S
Label: Monism

DJ Jesse Brooks and Ken Rangkuty have crafted a banger of a Big Room Electro House tune out now on solid newcomer label, Monism Recordings. The loop in the Original is relentless enough for the tougher tech types while still rooted in the fidget flavour for the new massive. This one is perfect for trackier sets deadset on locking a crowd into the stomp. This is the house of the present, highly focused on jackin’, yet co-opting the past and digging into the now with a need to reinvent itself and shed the current overreaching of retro trends that do little to propel genres into their next evolutionary phase. But I digress.

‘ISTF’ scores big by including a remix from up to the minute sound manipulator and man of mystery, Zodiac Cartel. This rub further showcases the breadth of the ZC palette, eschewing the over the top peak time sound for a hypnotic jaunt through the finer points of tech house. There’s a tinge of fidget to the beats that slightly connects this mix to the Original, but otherwise, it’s almost a wholly stripped reinterpretation that should simmer quite a few floors. Monism brings it back home with MO7S for the close. MO7S delves further into the tech house milieu, extracting quite a bit from the common tonal thread of the release. The half way point of this cut grabs with a twistedness to the elements and a break on the kick that’ll do a nice number on the more subjective party goers. Dig. Solid all around for Monism.

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