Thursday, 5 March 2009

Zodiac Cartel : Weapons of Choice #01 [Franz Ferdinand]

It's no secret that many of us here @ the Manifesto have been bigging up the Cartel now for months & months, and may we now thank the cloth-eared berks at Domino for electing not to use this awesome remix from Zod on their official Franz Ferdinand single release ... because, as a result, it has given rise to a brand new series for 2009, that is being labelled 'Weapons of Choice' and will be featuring no fewer than 6 mighty reworkings from ZC. There are no further details of what's to come in the series, but no doubt their SOUNDCLOUD and MYSPACE pages will be the first to leak the next in the series, which is due to hit the blogs at the beginning of May, and is rumoured to be a massive remake of 'L.E.S. Artistes' by Santogold.

Meanwhile, Zodiac Cartel have been busy working on some original tracks, and with a single to come in April on U&A ('We Don't Play That') and then a further single in late May due to drop on Lee Mortimer's Wearhouse Music as well as remixes for Jack Union, Lot49, Dirty Funker and Jackknife, expect a global takeover by the summer solstice!

DOWNLOAD : Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls (Zodiac Cartel Extended Mix) [Weapons of Choice #01]

DOWNLOAD : Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls (Zodiac Cartel Mix - Radio Edit) [Weapons of Choice #01]


Kristian Dando said...

That tune is absurd! I wonder which remixes made the final cut if that didn't?!

elite force said...

Whatever it was, I bet it's haircut was more Nathan Barley.