Monday, 16 March 2009

Insomnia? Damned right!


I've gotta tip my cap to the Insomnia crew up in Leeds. A year ago or so I played up there at Rios on what was surely one of the toughest weekends of the year to pull in a crowd, given that Plump DJs, Meat Katie, Evil Nine, Krafty Kuts and Digitalism were _all_ playing separate shows in the same city on the same weekend, but to their immense credit they managed to pull in over 600 people for what really was a smashing night! Afterwards, I sat in the Green Room and was regaled with tales of impending world domination & whilst I clearly felt a great deal of respect for them given what they had acheived that night, I didn't expect things to move forward for them quite as quickly as they have done.

Fast forward a year or so, and here I am on a THURSDAY NIGHT, no less, playing to well over 1200 people moments before the house lights come on for the 4am curfew. Where I come from, Thursday night precedes a SCHOOL DAY, so the sight of this sea of bona fide nutjobs still going batshit crazy filled me with shock. And awe. And Love, energy, Powerrrrrrr.

Earlier in the evening, I took a wander up to the balcony and checked out the Stanton Warriors, doing what they do best. Smacking it up.


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steve magiclantern vjs said...

was once again apleasure to see you play in leeds again

heres tyo the next time

steve magiclantern vjs