Monday, 10 May 2010

Carol Campos :: The Engine / The Breaks

Two DJ mixes from Manifesto friendly and Brazilian Tech Funk ambassador, DJ Carol Campos, that showcase her diversity and slammin' selections. The Engine mix is a techno and electro banger, while The Breaks is a rare breakbeat specific mix. Cop 'em both from Soundcloud.

The Engine by djcarolcampos

The Engine Tracklist:
1- Elemental X - Alagada [Lo Kik Records]
2- Deepchild - Backroom (Dopamine Remix) [Trapez]
3- Benjamin Vial - The Wound (Zuul Remix) [Erase Records]
4- Odissi - Dirty Secrets (Dyno Dub remix) [Lot 49]
5- Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie feat. Iconical - Only You (Switchbox Remix) [Lot 49]
6- Z-Listers - Reckless (Benjamin Vial Remix) [Circuit Freq]
7- Home Alone - Get Away From Me (Robosapiens Remix) [Dead Famous Records]
8- Fussy Boy - Jonni (Robosapiens Remix) [Lot 49]
9- Redux - Acid Bomb (Maelstrom Remix) [Trickery Collective]
10- Rektchordz - Speaker Bump [U & A]
11- Trent Canterelle feat. Princess Superstar - Robot (Lee Coombs Analog Delayed Remix) [Sounds Like Music]
12- Umek - Dementia (Blatta & Inesha Barbarians Touch Remix) [Hell Yeah]

The Breaks by djcarolcampos

The Breaks Tracklist:
1- Mr. B - Twitch [Re: Connect]
2- Odissi - Dirty Secrets [Headflux Remix) [Lot 49]
3- Attack Release vs Robosapiens - Trip (Myagi Remix) [Dead Famous Records]

4- Atomic Hooligan - I'm Only Dancing [Abstract Logic]
5- Foamo - Centavo [Fat! Records]
6- Vandal - Tonight We Ride [Lot 49]
7- Lee Coombs - Punji [Lot 49]
8- Myagi - Smartbomb (Plaza De Funk Remix) [Pop and Lock]
9- Super DeeJay Bobzilla - IUDDD (Ben & Lex Remix) [Mutate Records]
10- Jinx - Big Fat Ass Refix (Farace's Dark Star Remix) [YellowFinger]
11- EK - Exit Enlightment (Kraymon Remix) [Dead Famous Records]
12 - Elite Force - The Law Of Life [U & A]

For more on Carol Campos visit her site:


Brian Rogers said...
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Carol Campos said...

Thanks a lot, Shack! :)