Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Elite Force - Law of Life (Nom De Strip Mix) [VIDEO]

Just put this video together from footage taken on a recent trip out to China & Hong Kong. As ever, good times were had out in the Far East with special BIG THANK YOU to my China Stylus crew for the grand hospitality (as ever!). The soundtrack is the Nom De Strip remix of 'Law of Life' which is out now exclusively at BEATPORT.

Remixes also come from the twisted minds of The Loops of Fury and Access Denied, both of which I'd urge you to check out on Soundcloud if you have the slightest doubt about adding them to your sonic weaponary :)

Law Of Life (Loops Of Fury Remix) TASTER by Elite Force

Law Of Life (Access Denied remix) TASTER by Elite Force


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