Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Label - Death Proof Recordings & Free Download

What started as idle talk amongst friends, quickly turned into a promising collaboration. With the broadest of mind sets, encompassing many genres, a new label's been born in Death Proof Recordings.

Home to the ever-present tech maestro Benjamin Vial, Basement-dwelling, techno fiends The Omega Men & Machine Electrique and new wonky kids on the block Creatures Of Habit, they'll also be bringing you fresh-off-the-plate producers and stalwarts of the Techno, Electro & Breaks scenes and beyond.

To celebrate the launch of Death Proof Recordings, Benjamin Vial has been kind enough to put his party-fuelled production skills to a cheeky bootleg of the highest order. Taking Beastie Boys' nutty 1986 release, 'Girls'. He's placed a rolling, bouncy, tech-laden beat underneath and chomped those famous vocals and samples to pieces. And if that aint enough, it's free! Please help yourselves and show some love. MAKE IT DEATH PROOF!


Leon J said...

fantastic! Congrats fellas - can't wait to follow the progress!

Blandf said...

Nice one Leon, exciting times ahead!