Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hedflux - January Mix 2011

Hedflux (aka Steve Young) really flew last year. With remixes for U&A and Lot49 and massive selling 'Mindcell' single for Broken Robot, he has grabbed the tech-breaks sound and thrust it into a new era. His productions are detailed, precise, hi-tek but always groove-infused and cheese-free ... all hugely virtuous factors that give the breaks movement many reasons to be cheerful in 2011.

As he heads out to Australia for a major tour this month, he's just dropped a fine one-hour promo mix that features a handful of upcoming gems. He also has a brand new single out on Broken Robot & it hits Beatport today RIGHT HERE. Get it now!

1. BSD - Elektro Life [Mental Machine Musik]
2. Triple Agent - Explorer (Bad Tango remix) [Logariddim]
3. Hedflux - Rhythm Prism [Broken Robot]
4. Mike Hulme - Set the Controls (Hedflux Remix) [U&A]
5. Neurodriver - Snake Charmer (LuQas remix) [Broken Robot]
6. Hedflux - Revolve [Broken Robot]
7. Neurodriver - Battledroid [Broken Robot]
8. Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes - Rollplayer (Hedflux remix) [Lot49]
9. Big Mistake - Paradigma (Bad Tango remix) [Exogenic]
10. Monk3ylogic - Basseffex (Hedflux remix) [Liquid Records]

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