Saturday, 6 September 2008

disuye084 out now

disuye084_artwork.pngd: thursday 4th september 2008
#: disuye084
1: whømp "sprinkelanlage"
2: whømp "so not so"

another pair of techno odd 'uns from the elusive mr. whømp - available now from our page at beatport.

"sprinkelanlage" was a huge favourite with former yumla resident vincent azé, who was affected by the track so much he left hong kong and started a vineyard in the south of france. this track is twitchy to say the least. words can do nothing to help us sell it. and yes, the name means 'rotary lawn sprinkler' in german, for obvious reasons. this track was first conceived in 2005, and is so far ahead of it's time ... it still doesn't fit into anyone's sets. oh well.

"so not so" is more on the dirty fuzzy electro-techno trip and sounds a bit like a unkempt pacman doing the funky chicken to the 1970's batman theme tune. just take a listen. that description does actually make sense. crowds end up looking much the same when played this track so well worth it on comedy value if nothing else.

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DJ Leto said...

More Sprinkler! I'll fit it into a set!