Monday, 22 September 2008

A Spanish Conquest ...

Just back from a fun weekend - started out with the Future Music party at the Scala where I got to hook up for a hoedown with 30Hz & Kid Blue and then after a couple of hours kip, drove back up to Stansted for a mass meet-up with Asad, Rennie, General MIDI and a whole host of others for the trip out to Spain.

The only complaint I'd have about the party was that the configuration of the second stage really wasn't ideal, given that there was a huge swimming pool infront of you while you were playing, and it was that that enjoyed the best of the sound all night (!), but as per usual the Spanish crowd showed that when it comes to the partay, there are few crowds as up-for-it and impassioned as they are. I'm back out in Spain in a few weeks times. Can't wait! :)

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