Monday, 1 September 2008

Force @ Forsage : an Eastern Adventure

Just back from a belting good weekend. Friday night I was playing at Mint @ Esko in Leicester, and whilst it wasn't the busiest night I've played at this year, the atmosphere somehow still managed to be absolutely cracking, which speaks wonders for the commitment and passion of the diehard Leicester crew who must surely win the award for MOST SOUNDSYSTEM IN A CONFINED SPACE. I was sorry to have to duck out so quickly, but literally I had an hour to grab a shower & cool down before driving the 120 miles down to Heathrow to catch a flight to Kiev.

Now, the Ukraine has been quite a favoured stomping ground for me over the past few years, but you can't help but be apprehensive, especially in the summertime, where the combination of holidays and changeable weather adds an air of unpredictablity to proceedings. Any worries were ill-founded though, as the Forsage had long lines outside when we arrived, and inside the party was well and truly ON with a sweaty throng getting lowdown to some frenetic breaks, courtesy of Roma on the decks. Well, there's not much more to add other than to say how much I enjoyed playing there & how the hospitality was, as ever, second-to-none & I can't wait to come back again soon!

Journeying home was a nightmare though (thanks BA!) ... what the fuck is it with passengers who check in, go through security and simply manage not to get on the plane. We waited the 45 minutes to find their luggage (drop it in the ocean for fuck's sake) and then bad weather in London kept us grounded for an extra hour - we then had 45 minutes circling round London :-/ As I got off the plane I ran into James Zabiela, struggling to get his shit off the plane (all that storage in business class ... such a drag!) and with a face like the thunderclouds we'd just been avoiding. I feel your pain mate.

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