Friday, 5 September 2008

Bleek @ Barsoma

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a big social person, sure I’m willing to meet people, but it’s generally if there’s a reason for it, or if they are a friend of a friend. Going out to have a good time and meeting people? That’s not generally my thing. So, only having turned 18 in the past few months, I told myself that I would go out clubbing, but with a catch: I’d only go if there was an act that I wanted to see. This meant for the past few months, everything had been relatively quiet in Brisbane, until Meat Katie touched down last Saturday at Barsoma.

I was a little worried about my first night out on the town, as I didn’t know what to expect. However with my newfound friends Hyperion and Bitrok by my side, it certainly made the night one of the best I’ve had in ages. The trio of Meat Katie, Hyperion and Bitrok sounds like the best way to begin one’s clubbing experience, and it was. Meat Katie being one of my influences and heroes, I got to thank him and even give him a manly pat on the shoulder (Whilst cheering like a fanboy in my head).

Meat Katie obliterated the dance floors by opening his set up with Miles Dyson’s grinding electro remix of Elite Force’s Melodik Hypnotik. The rest of his set consisted of some tracks I hadn’t heard of and some tracks that you thought you knew but didn’t (At one stage I thought he was bringing in ZC’s remix of FCB’s Beaver Blink) However, most of his set consisted of grinding electro thumpers, such as Blende’s remix of Aaran San’s Ozlow Nyzz, and obviously the highlights of the night, which were Hyperion’s remix of Dylan Rhymes ‘I Am Sweet’ and their original due out on U&A soon ‘Gotta Hold It’. Having experienced the whole “underage” dance parties in my time and having no clue what the hell the DJ was actually playing, this was one of the best changes as I stomped on the dance floor enjoying myself, as well as screaming like a girl when a track I knew was blasted about. (See the video I attached with Meat Katie slamming Hyperion’s Remix of Rhymes) Apparently, my friend said there were chicks behind me pointing and asking “What the hell is wrong with this guy?”

Do I care? Not one bit, because I was waiting for Hyperion to jump on the decks and show everyone why they are Brisbane’s best new producers around at the moment.

Max wasn’t too sure whether replaying the tracks Mark (Meat Katie) played was a good idea, and I guess I’d question it as well; does the dance floor need to hear it again? Of course it did! Being a little weary of moving closer to the DJ booth, I took the plunge and started filming on the side and eventually made my way into the booth for a couple of seconds. The boys slammed down their own tracks, including Gotta Hold It and their remix of I Am Sweet and I’m glad they did, as they continued to lay waste to the dance floor as the audience just kept on moving. Later in their set, Max came over to me and said “Nick, you’re gonna love this, mate!” Max patted me on the shoulder accompanied by the biggest grin he could present and moved back over to the CDJ’s in the middle of the booth. Soon after, I heard the main synths from Groove Armada’s ‘Get Down’ kick in and I instantly knew that they were playing one of my favourite remixes of last year / this year. Elite Force’s sadly overlooked breaks, electro rework of Get Down. This one hit me personally, I doubt that Max & Jim knew it, but I felt as though they did a personal song request from me and played it to the audience, who absolutely loved it.

What a fantastic way to start my clubbing experience, by watching one of my heroes play and watch my newfound heroes show everyone what they’ve got. Thanks Mark, Max & Jim!

My HUGE apologies to Ryan & Oli from Bitrok for missing their set. I really wanted to see it, but I had work about 2 hours after Hyperion closed their set. You have my word that next time I see you guys, I’ll shout you both a beer and I’ll stay and watch you guys tear the place apart.

Photo's via Inthemix.

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