Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Burning Man Files

Following on from the success of the
Meat Katie Australian Tour Diary here on the Tech Funk Manifesto, I decided to approach a few friends to do a similar piece on the Burning Man Festival
that's recently taken place in the US, and festival devotees (christ, these guys evangelize about Burning Man as if it were the holy grail) Lee Coombs, Dylan Rhymes and DJ Icon all got back to be instantly with offers to put finger to typepad and write up the events that unfolded during their recent sojourn to Mad Mad Desert.

So, coming up over the next couple of weeks will be a whole bunch of ramblings from the frontline, along with, er, world class documentary footage of their shenanigans. I for one have the fear just thinking about it ...

1 comment:

DJ MELEE said...

Absolutely amazing times out there. Next mission, get shack out there........ ;-)