Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Legendary London institution 'The End' closes it's doors

Fuck me - first it was Turnmills, and now The End have announced they are closing their doors as of 23/24th January 2009, and I for one am gutted about it. Here's what they had to say ... (more info at The End's website)

The End has announced that the club will be closing those legendary metal doors for good in January 2009. The End & AKA will be closing in style, giving the venues the send off they deserve, and the chance for the different DJs and nights to say goodbye. We will be open as normal through autumn, with September, October and November's parties rocking as usual. The farewell begins with The End's 13th birthday on December 6th, with long-time favourite Sven Vath headlining. There will follow a series of closing parties featuring The End’s closest DJs and promoters, and then a grand closing weekend on January 23rd and 24th.

For a fuller insight, check the interview with Layo & Zoe Paskin on their website.


disuye said...

Always sad when a place like this shuts down - for whatever reason.

Kristian Dando said...

Is London actually going to have any clubs left at this rate? I know there's that place from the Fabric crew, but it's on a flamin' leisure park, for gawds sake! Sad news.

disuye said...

What is fuelling the demise? Property rental increase? Lack of punters? Changing club culture? The old guard getting tired and the new comer unable to pull a venue together?

Would be interesting to find out who bought The End and if Layo & Co. use that money for another joint OR open a restaurant or something.

With the public being as fickle as they are, clubs built on music are harder to come by. You need regular supporters (especially for the early few years) just to even think about breaking even.

elite force said...

The End seems to have been doing really good business of late to be honest, and whilst the smoking ban has proved a pain-in-the-arse for many clubs (I'm sure The End included) I don't see that numbers have been down much at all on what they were. Reading the full piece, I'd suggest they just simply got to a point in their lives where they wanted new challenges, and selling the club for real estate was probably the best opportunity they had at setting themselves up with something new.

Now, as far as London goes, that pretty much leaves Fabric & MoS as the big boys, which is pretty pathetic for a city of London's size.... especially if your idea of clubbing isn't hanging out with 14-year old K-headz or fluoro-backpackers.

Tellurian said...

especially if your idea of clubbing isn't hanging out with 14-year old K-headz or fluoro-backpackers.
AHAHAAAAAA sounds like bleedin christchurch New Zealand LOL

Kristian Dando said...

Agreed on the Ministry one. Only been there once, but when me and my pals saw a glassing and a roundhouse kick delivered in the smoking courtyard as dawn broke we decided it was time to get our coats. Not safe.