Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Jon Cates 'Harpo' (Monism)

Artist: Jon Cates
Release: Harpo w/ Rmxs
Label: Monism Music
Release Date: 10/30/08

Jon Cates' 'Harpo' is a dark, moody breakbeat number with slightly lilting keys riffing in the higher registers. The track holds on a minor chord and progressive tip for the most part with a disjointedness that'll keep dancefloors guessing as to where it's heading next. The dreaminess of the end loop brings to mind some ILS a good way.

'Harpo' gets properly remixed by glitch guru Si Begg who reels in some of his subversive sound for this release and delivers strong with his unique manglings. Both of Si Begg's mixes are haunting and musically engaging, the intro/outro of both are fantastic minutes long explorations of a musical depth that dancefloors dont get the chance to enjoy often enough. And would work nice for either end of a mix as well. Some Si Begg tracks take a bit to get your head around, but these are wholely accessible and can be easily incorporated into more diversified, dynamically changing sets.

U.S. Breakbeat legend Simply Jeff adds Adachi to his moniker and rounds out the remixes with the most tech funk leaning cut of the bunch. Jeff stays loopy with most of the elements, which works as a deeper track, but the bass is the standout element here. The bass gets large the last couple of minutes of the track, and in fact, that entire rinse is a bumper. One might loop it out for his own extended live mix excursions.


DJ Leto said...
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DJ Leto said...

I prefer the original and Si Begg mixes.