Friday, 29 August 2008

Fine Cut Bodies - the legend, the mix ....

Kevin (Fine Cut Bodies) out of Budapest is a massively underrated talent on the world stage, so we thought it was time for a bit of k-love here on the TFM as we showcase one of his legendary Radio Tilos broadcasts from back on 06 August.

>> Title: Ablak-A-Dubra RadioShow
>> By: Fine Cut Bodies
>> Date: 06/08/2008 , 20.00-22.00 (CET)
>> Radio: Radio Tilos >>
>> Region: Internet + Hungary (air - FM90,3)
>> Genre: MiniTrashHouse
>> Contact:

Ablak-A-Dubra is FineCutBodies' fortnightly show on wednesdays 20-22pm (CET). You can tune in live at or listen to the archives below...

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Actual show direct links:

All archived shows from the beginning:

..> Fine Cut Bodies at the decks

01> Dave_Aju_+_The_Invisible_Art_Trio_-_Timing_Is_Everything_-_Circus_Company-CCS021
02> Chris_Fortier_-_Belt_Seat_Fasten_(Komposit_remix)_-_EQ_Grey-
03> Marbert_Rocel_-_Beats_Like_Birds_(Wassermalfarben_remix)_-_Compost-CPT2711
04> Octogen_-_The_Emperor's_Apprentice_(part_1)_-_Soma-244
05> Luke_Solomon_-_Robots_-_Rekids-025DB
06> Layo_+_Bushwacka_-_The_Time_Was_Then_-_Olmeto-OLM018
07> Anthony_Collins_-_Da_A_Tricoter_-_Cecille-CEC005
08> Wasted_Chicago_Youth_-_Magic_Noise_Goblins_-_DotBleep-
09> Sian_-_Wear_Your_Scars_Like_Medals_(Roland_Appel_remix)_-_Aus-0810
10> Mike_Monday_-_I_Am_Plankton_(glug_glug_club_dub)_-_OM-322
11> Thomas_Schumacher_-_Pink_Boots_(Stephen_Beaupre_remix)_-_Spiel_Zeug_Schallplatten-SPIEL416
12> Zoo_Brazil_-_My_Fire_-_Gung_Ho!-GENGHISCD004
13> Lil_Tony_-_Cosmic_Afro_Pan_-_Versatile-VER059
14> Jonathan_Landossa_-_Hard_Trip_(Zodiac_Cartel_mix)_-_CDR
15> Vlad_Sokolov_-_Acid_For_Drains_(The_Bulgarian_remix)_-_Sokolov_Sounds-
16> Alex_Capelli_-_Bloody_Notes_-_Great_Stuff-GSR063
17> BSOD_-_Choplifted_-_Xfer-004
18> Cagedbaby_-_Excuse_Me_(forced_night_version)_-_CDR
19> ZZT_-_Lower_State_Of_Consciousness_(Justice_remix)_-_Turbo-043

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Tellurian said...

Kevin its about bloody time you came down to the southern hemisphere aka new zealand and showed em wot tech funk / breakbeat really is ....hit me anytime on the strongarm forum ..steve aka puppyboy LOL