Thursday, 14 August 2008

Create 'Midnight Madness'

You can now contribute to the Chemical Brothers' glittering nocturnal world by taking part in a unique, all-encompassing global video project using the Google Earth application!

Ever since their start in 1993, The Chemical Brothers have sound-tracked numerous special moments in countless people's lives. Now, The Chemical Brothers are giving their loyal fans a chance to give something back.

By making a short film or photograph that revolves around the theme of 'Midnight Madness' – the name of the band's latest anthem-in-waiting – you will get to upload your work onto Google Earth via The Chemical Brothers' website, and tag it to its exact location!

All you need to do is to make a film, from 2 to 20 seconds, celebrating the insanity that goes on at the stroke of midnight and upload it onto the band's website before 25 August 2008.

For details, go to, and get ready to embrace the madness…

The best work will be edited by ace producers Nexus to form a new concept music video for 'Midnight Madness'. The film will then be streamed on the band's website and premiered as a YouTube exclusive on 1 September.

You can also tag and launch your favourite Chem's track from your location on Google Earth. So anyone passing your area can click on your location and discover which classic from the awesome duo is your favourite!

The single 'Midnight Madness' is released as a digital download on 18 August The Best of album 'Brotherhood' is released on 1 September

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