Friday, 8 August 2008

Pro 7 - Over (Scientifics Remix)

Artist: Pro 7

Release: Over (Scientifics Remix)

Label: Erase Records

The Greek minimalist tech-house and progressive breaks trio The Scientifics, have been relentless with their label, VIM, and their collective and individual output as of late, and this remix for Erase is a testament to that. This one is for the headier jocks by a mile. It does well digging out of the darker corners or from the ditches of routine fodder and easily transitions to tougher or trippier material, the destination being entirely dependant on the ride and the scenery, right? It’s also a fine example of the maturation of one’s sound through tireless experimentation and the distillation of multiple genres to meld only the most necessary and classic of their elements. I mention the classic elements because either by design or by chance, this has that sound, like a track you could’ve lost your mind to a dozen or more years ago in a condemned warehouse. Devoid of the flashiness of any current trend or hook, this remix evokes a tone that bridges new and old in the techno, tech-house and bleepy beats genres. This timelessness, it's a sound or aesthetic that eludes a large percentage of producers today, who are content to create soundtracks for only the most immediate of moments. But we're all well aware of the fact that the immediate is just a strobe flash. So tunes like these are welcome additions to the ever expanding loop.

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