Thursday, 21 August 2008

Wave Editor - $79

Anyone who works with audio more than as just a passing hobby should appreciate this deal on right now from the chaps at Audiofile Engineering. For the price of a few rounds of drinks, you can legitimately own an absolutely pro bit of audio editing & mastering software. No, this will not make your music sound better. But if you deal with editing, format and sample rate conversion, DDP file creation ... plus a whole bunch of stuff I don't even use it for ... this application will make your life easier. Stop using that cracked copy of Bias Peak. Get Wave Editor. Mac only.

Incidentally, I think more software should be around this price bracket. Appreciated that development costs money but in the same breath it's easy to spend $50 to $100 and be able to justify it. Charge over $250 for a single application and the whole exercise starts to get pricey ... especially like me where you have a machine full of programs, many of which only get used a handful of times per year. Wave Editor on the other hand, gets used after every track.

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