Monday, 11 August 2008


New release from me coming out Thursday 20th August 2008 exclusively on Beatport. Exclusive not by some fancy twisted deal, but out of my laziness to create yet another account with yet another shop. So, without further ado here is "Fire Water" and "Mayonnaise" ... and odd combination, but it is BBQ season.

These two new releases are part of an ongoing master plan ... each month prior to my set at Yumla,I'll be releasing 2 of the tracks I'd put together for the set. Full explanation here and here.

I hate offering one track over another but for the sake of marketing "Fire Water" would be the a-side ... proggy without being progressive. Hell yes, all we need is another genre. Neo-prog. Long open bass, hypnotic kick drum groove, sweeping white noise jammily crafted into pads and all about three minutes longer than it needs to be. No issue ... I write tracks with Traktor users in mind, so that extra meandering length is easily dealt with as necessary. Or not.

Flip duties fall on "Mayonnaise" ... quite silly ... a never ending melodic synth / bass build unpinned by comedy drums and a lovely kick drum. More white noise. Just can't enough of that. This track is a little bit rocky, but the work 'rock' gets thrown around in electronic music circles too much so I'd prefer to avoid using that as a descriptor. An overdriven synth is not rock. It's a gay little fuzzy synth. Anyway, clarifying my use of the word: This track does have a subby bass which eventually morphs into a clipped electric bass guitar and there are comedy live drums being shoddily played by yours truly. But that's it. Fun track to brighten up techno lives. It's summer.

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Blandf said...

Another solid release... x 2. Looking forward to the 20th, good stuff Dan.