Monday, 25 August 2008

7 hour ⅋ mix set

Here's the 7 hours from Saturday 23rd. Overcooked the bass in a few places - our PA system handles it fine, the recording software didn't like it so much! Gets a bit fuzzy on a couple mixes towards the end. My bad :/

Had to split this into two files. They should replay as one in most 'gapless' media players. There are no fade-in or fade-outs, so part 2 starts very abruptly. This set doesn't make a whole lot of sense with regards flow, but people were dancing from 10-11PM until 5AM. A bit more info on my other blog or feel free to bookmark my bar's web site and keep up with future mixes. This mix was also broadcast live over the Awdio network.

links to part 1 & 2 available here

edit: Partial listing of tracks played ... this is not in order, and appears to be about 40 tracks incomplete for whatever odd reason. I simply exported a chunk of the Traktor 'recent history' database. Good enough! Next time I will ensure my software keeps a better record.

Title Artist
Colici - Sascha Dive's Dark Beat Mix Miss Fitz
Charlotte - Dubfire Remix Booka Shade
Mr Dry - Original Mix TG (Tim Green)
Mango Cookie - DJ Koze's Pink Moon Remix Sascha Funke
Danse Avec Moi - Sascha Funke Remix Noze
Fingers Do The Walking - Original Mix Kenneth James G
Black In My Soul - Tiger Stripes Dub Vox Roland Clark
Colici - Sascha Dive's Dark Beat Mix Miss Fitz
Fluier De Tigan Livio & Roby
Milkyway - Original Mix H.O.S.H., Solomun
Cure - Oil Of Mars Vs. Samim Remix Miguel Toro
Life2Live - Loco Dice Remix Layo & Bushwacka
Tout Va Bien - Original Mix Matthias Meyer
Dubnitzky My Friend Is A Skunk
Similar Colors (12'' Version) - Original Mix Ben Klock
Tout Va Bien - Original Mix Matthias Meyer
L Delay - Original Mix Andomat 3000, Jan
Mr Dry - Original Mix TG (Tim Green)
Darkroom - Original Mix Martini Bros
Basement - Ed Davenport's No Strings Remix Den
Drums Of Spring - Original Mix H.O.S.H.
Changin - Original Mix Jens Bond
Black Bag Job (737) - Original Mix Donnacha Costello
Concious Movement (Marcus Meinhardt rmx) Harada
Guided By Light feat. Earth Reeves - Zurich Dub Jokke Ilsoe
I Want You (Forever) - Deadmau5 Remix Yousef, Carl Cox
Swimming with Sharks - Noir Re Edit John Acquaviva, Zenker
Mono Turn - Original Mix Broombeck
Double Checked - Original Mix Sascha Funke
The Space Dance - Radio Slave's E-space Remix Danny Tenaglia
Troya - Original Mix Noir
Grindhouse - Dubfire Terror Planet Remix Radio Slave
Dozer - Original Mix Sander Van Doorn
Deep Side Of The Moog - Original Mix Joris Voorn
Crawl Machine - Original Mix Maetrik
E - Original Mix Johannes Heil, Gregor Tresher
California Gold - Original Mix Adam Beyer, Agaric
Disorientation - Dub Mix Guy Gerber
Burlesque - Original Mix Eye Of Style
H.O.S.H. - Steppenwolf - Diynamic H.O.S.H.
KC Flightt_Funky Junction_Voices_Fata Morgana Remix
Thick Satin - Andomat 3000's Heinzland Remix Todd Sines
My Black Sheep - Radio Slave Remix Len Faki
Soleil - Delete's Vocal Remix (Digital Only) Johnny D
Tight Laces - Original Mix Loco Dice
Don't Feel No Shame feat. Kane Luke - Workidz Minimal Fox Instrumental Mix DJ Aron, Sample Guys
Snap Into It - Original Mix Audion
Get Yourself - Original Mix Elektrochemie
Devil's House - Original Mix Dapayk Solo
Panoramix - Original Mix Laurent Garnier
Enter The Drum - Original Mix Audiojack
H-Bomb - Original Mix Style Of Eye
Rise feat. Simone Denney - Popof Remix Rhythm Code
I Do Not Like Wurst In My Soup - Stimming Remix Michel De Hey
Mantrakoma - Original Mix Dusty Kid
Shlomi Aber Remix
Crazy Madness - Luca Bacchetti Remix Paul Rich
Let It Go (Don't Worry) - Original Mix Jussi Pekka
Karambolage - Martin Eyerer Remix Marc Romboy
Monimonster - Robert Burns Burnout Remix Abel Ramos
Diablo - Original Mix Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire
QYOZA - Original Mix Carlo Lio
Toronto - Original Mix Beckers, D-Nox
You Lose - Original Mix Milton Channels
Grindhouse - Danton Eeprom Remix Radio Slave
Serotone - Radio Slave's Panorama Garage Remix Matt OBrien
Outta My Life - Instrumental Dub Deadmau5, Billy Newton Davis
Jamaica - Dubfire Remix Minilogue
Silhouette - Original Mix Stephan Bodzin
Folger - Feeling Good Remix Shin, Stephan Hinz
White Pockets - Original Mix Steve Lawler, Jimmy Hill, Slajh
Mucky Star - Original Mix Elektrochemie
Meanwhile - Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix Johnjon
Beaver Blink (Zodiac Cartel remix) Fine Cut Bodies
Torque (Original Mix) John Tejada
Swedish Silver - Paco Osuna Remix Adam Beyer
A Walking Contradiction Part 1 - Original Mix Adam Beyer
Epinikkion - Original Mix Wighnomy Brothers
Snap Into It - Original Mix Audion
Sex With Bass - Original Mix Maetrik
Sarahtov Airlines - Original Mix Benno Blome
Sexophonia - Original Mix Oel & Polygon


elite force said...

Can I pose the inevitably droll question "Tracklist?"


disuye said...

Ha! If I can find a clever way to do it automatically, then sure :)

According to Traktor (which unfortunately lists cued up tracks alongside fully played ones) there's about 160 songs in the crate ... of which I'd guess about 120-130 were fully played.

elite force said...

holy shit!!

kudos for that mate.

Urban Fabric said...

Wow! I have just recently caught on to and have been tuning in to yumla a lot. Awesome!

disuye said... is great hey? We've been working the guys since the alpha stages back in 2006, and were one of the first clubs to get the hardware installed.

The next stage in the process is automatic track ID which scans the streams, identifies the tracks then divvies advertising revenue out to the artists. On a per listener basis.